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  1. Jamitay

    Temple of treasure - Megaways

    For reference this was a natural bonus and I went for the choosing your own option. I got 10 spins at 10,000 min ways ?? Sod’s law I normally play at £1 spins ?
  2. Jamitay

    Temple of treasure - Megaways

    By free money I mean money won from the free spins you get. ?
  3. Jamitay

    Temple of treasure - Megaways

    Whilst watching Paul the other night I was low balling with my free money trying to play slot for slot whatever Paul was playing and while playing Temple of treasure I had this whopper of a feature with only a few spins left. Shame about the stake tho but hey. 2275X
  4. Jamitay

    A hand to make you scream arrrgh.

    Here’s another from a tourney I was in... I wasn’t in this hand but it was amazing to see at my table ?
  5. Jamitay

    Football, General chit chat

    Can I add tonight (tues) Chester 0 - 6 Stockport County ???? Stockport top of the league! ??
  6. Jamitay

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Cheers ?? Goes to show tho, a combined 80,000 subscribers on YouTube alone with over 30,000,000 views could be used to promote the poker a little more. it would be great to have sone decent numbers involved. saying you’ve made the final table doesn’t quite sound as good whenthe tourney only started with 10 to begin with ? im sure MrHackz could sort something? If not I’ll be happy to have a crack at making a promo? let me know ???
  7. Jamitay

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    Well that’s a shame. I had a look a few hours before this was due to start and it had only two people down to play so just thought it was another pass. so sad that two of the people with a large reach on the gambling community on twitch and YouTube don’t promote this more? ?? Just one short video from both of them would have numbers flying up. how man were actually in it last night btw?
  8. Jamitay

    Barca & Slot Comp Update!!

    Good luck mate, and be careful with them pocket 10’s....,lethal. ?
  9. Jamitay

    BIAM/TGC Home Game#4 17TH MARCH 21:00

    I’ll be there. ?? (Jamkel88)
  10. Jamitay

    2.25 Sandown

  11. Celtic - Aberdeen 4-2 Manchester City - Watford 4-0 Sheffield United - Rotherham 3-1 Huddersfield - Bournemouth 2-1 Southampton - Tottenham Hotspur 1-3 Wimbledon - Doncaster 2-2
  12. Jamitay

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    1. Bonanza 2. Raging Rex 3. Star Quest
  13. Jamitay

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    Count me in ??
  14. Jamitay

    Impossible Luck

    One for the good guys! Get in, well done ??????