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  1. Jamitay

    Celtic v Valencia tip

    For decent live footy there’s a page on Twitter that post links to every game. Called planet streams. @TEAM_PSTM
  2. Jamitay

    Celtic v Valencia tip

  3. Jamitay

    Celtic v Valencia tip

  4. Jamitay

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    1. Bonanza 2. Raging Rex 3. Star Quest
  5. Jamitay

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    Count me in
  6. Jamitay

    Impossible Luck

    One for the good guys! Get in, well done
  7. Sorry to hear that pal, feel better soon I think it was me that knocked Paul out, it’s hard to remember tho as I knocked out almost half the field
  8. Where was you pal? You was missed
  9. Was a fun little game, and glad to do my bit for TGC. 6 knockouts and the win made it a profitable one too. Finding myself up against my nemesis from last years poker league player r5669 who I come second to was a great heads up. headed to slots and grinded up to $300 which was cashed for another day. hopefully there’s more players in the next one and of course TGC wins again. Lastly, nice try Bandit with the old ‘I’m all in I gotta go’ patter lol
  10. Jamitay

    ***Heads up poker tournament for BIAM and TGC***

    I’m in. any details as yet?
  11. Jamitay


    When you playing and what’s your Pokerstars username for those that want to watch?
  12. Jamitay

    Two big wins , two days in a row

    Nice work, I’m glad someone is getting paid off Bonanza as thst game is dead to me! for well over 7000 spins now in 3 sessions I’ve not had a bonus, a good win, nothing! its made worse when you see certain youtuber who moan a lot apparently get half a dozen bonuses in a single sitting Still, like the daft sods we are I’ll be back on it soon, after all it’s due....right!? I’m right, right.
  13. Jamitay

    Supercasino Channel 5

    Exactly, loaded with all the betting information to know where’s the Most profitable numbers.
  14. Jamitay

    Supercasino Channel 5

    Magnets can work both ways, so as much as a magnet can attract something, it can also force it away. That’s why certain balls jump out once landed..... This example is truly awful and needs investigating.
  15. Well If there’s a ‘subs bench’ for entering this, can I be on it? fanx if possible Im sure my good friend h0tsh0t87 would put me forward