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    Jumpman Gaming

    I am a customer at Amazon Slot which is part of the Jumpman Gaming Group. I had my account verified in August 2021, allowing me to withdraw funds and have made numerous deposits since. This was based on the understanding and trust that I would be able to make future withdrawals. However, when I tried to make a withdrawal this week, my account is showing as unverified again. This is not acceptable. Has anyone else had these problems please? Janet56
  2. Janet56


    Casumo finally released my funds. I emailed the CEO and lo and behold they were released the next day. Just a tip - her name is Shelly Sutter-Hadad. you can google the email address
  3. Janet56


    Casumo have still not released my funds after all verification documents uploaded and accepted. The verification tab shows that I am fully verified The withdrawal tab shows that further verification documents are required Casumo have not given me a response to my internal complaint Casumo are not responding to my recent emails Casumo have not provided any indication of when my funds will be released I have uploaded a screen shot of the two screens showing the conflicting information: Fully verified/Verification required