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  1. The proof: https://youtu.be/f4C7MBZoGY4 Am really surprised that the video and topic did not gain more traction among the forum members. Did you all know (beyond a suspicion) that LR was predetermined and used magnets to achieve this predetermined outcome? This video clearly provides evidential proof of the use of magnets.. Is this (predetermined & magnets) acceptable to players and has this been disclosed by Evolution? If you look at the LR description on the Evolution website the closest one gets to disclosure is a mention of: 'advanced RNG gameplay' but nothing more of substance.. Have a look yourself: https://www.evolution.com/our-games/lightning-roulette
  2. Came across this YT video (posted Jan' 2021, apologies if this is old news for some) that IMO objectively proves that magnets are used in Lightning Roulette. As/if this is the case, one could argue that the r' ball can be manipulated/controlled to land on a certain number or table section based on the total player betting amounts to maximise casino profit. Subjectively, (this notion is unproven/has no proof) with r' ball control, players could be 'allowed' to win at the LR table based on a 'player profile model' that is calculated to ensure greater profits over time... This is my first post, am far more comfortable as a 'lurker' > I joined (probably temporarily) as this video should be of interest and want to see the response from a clued up (mostly gambling related forum.. Happy Easter to one & all