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  1. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    No I sent my own nudes Certainly not a troll either
  2. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    It's pretty drastic and not me just impulsive lesson learnt here
  3. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    Despite loosing £280 am happy with the result and I'm totally done with these casinos so having my money back is good enough for me, and sorry for typo am out
  4. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    Guess whom won We have have decided to refund the deposits made to your playing account. We will pay out £405 and this will leave both the total deposits and total withdrawals at £805 on the playing account. Furthermore we strongly urge you to seek help from the following gambling exclusion and counselling organisations: I told them I would travel to Malta and murder them and they they allowed a self excluded player to play and that id pretty much start opening more accounts and charge back Been non stop harassing them sending them rude images opening 5+ chat sessions I did not disclose this at the start and I'm sorry gave them what is real documents despite being what is my other £280 it's a good result
  5. rinsedgambler


    Swear scooter should be in place of your picture haha
  6. rinsedgambler

    Mini tinkering on Lil Devil

    Seems like a nice game never got it to pay out for me but there is always possibility lol
  7. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    I try to do as best as I can with what little have at my disposal like having a credit card is a god send as I pay that and reluctant to take cash and use it for essentials can buy things I never could never buy before, I did stop gambling for 6 months had thousands in my bank but then when I got screwed by multiple people depression just hit me and it started again, like right now something positive is happening there is 4 guys redoing the roof but not paying my rent for 4 months has prompted it even though really am gonna have to pay this all back 4x £325 but that ain't an issue but it is what had to do to get it sorted.
  8. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    I gave this company an ultimatum with some serious threats too should work if it don't then I have a backup plan if it works then I'll tell you
  9. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    seems so usually if I get a win most of the times I do as i'll play different games and ones I know pay when others don't I'll close the account, and mostly now stick to one crypto casino that is regulated and even brought in blueprint and all the other major slot game dev companies games but won't allow UK Players to play saw people win 5 figures on there quite easily drop 6 Ethereum on a single bet for x2 then go played some slots and went up to 28 etherum
  10. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    In the UK they verify you via electoral roll so if details match most will accept the account, I signed up with Williamhill and after £50 deposit they blocked me but some allow you to deposit far more before blocking you, another site regal wins after depositing £1,100 they imposed £1,170 limit on me per month but no block.
  11. rinsedgambler

    Go on then coinflip

    Nice hit there hit em up scotty
  12. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    The fucks going on with some of the members here?
  13. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    Poor maria but she still has not answered me yet about if I can park a lorry in her snatch or not
  14. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    I sent them my documents well what they think are documents but really are nudes but yeah
  15. rinsedgambler

    Platincasino not paying "verification issue"

    Thanks for the advice that is useful as a few others have been but some no they aren't useful comments. And anyways if my new plan operation nude warfare don't work then it's off to Malta, and by any chance how can I source a gun in Malta if not then a Machete will do.