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    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    rough day for most us, looking forward to AW champs more my thing. Also a quick heads up for any midlanders, Wolves AW free entry all of January

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Warwick13:50 - Ok Corral14:25 - Finawn Bawn15:00 - Callett Mad (NAP)15:35 - First Assignment NBKempton Park14:05 - Top Notch14:40 - Kloud Gate15:15 - Barney Dwan good luck all s

    Today’s selections

    Since November he has been over Japan, only had 20 or so rides, mixed prices from odds on to 50/1s, not one winner. 46 rides since his last win

    Millers & Pokers Benefit Twilight All Weather Racing Trophy

    Im in. sounds good

    Bdo Darts World championship

    The BDO event generating some nice profit for me. Adam Smith Neale played yesterday with a cast on his leg and basically played a walkover for his prize money. I got on late at 3 0 mcgrath at 5/2. However, another pretty solid bet is De Graaf to win 2-0 in the ladies event. If anyone has watched Jacklin play before you will understand why this is a good bet. Her highest lakeside avg is 66, De Graaf is a much better player and those odds are a steal. videoplayback_(1).mp4

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    Great Competition, i expected the Tabor Colours to beat my selection, typical it drifted and I laid the gamble. Good luck the remaining 3, plenty to pick from tomorrow

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    1.7.30 Dundalk Ciao 2.12.45 Wetherby The Knit is Tied 3 1.15 Lingfield Midnight Glory Just in time, been on an early at work

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    How about something similar to the below. For example we could call it a 7 furlong race. The aim of the game is to get 7pts of profit, therefore the incentive to lay shorter prices is there, maybe if you have a loser, you go back a furlong ( a point), therefore no one gets knocked out, and unlikely for someone to find a few odds on in a row and fluke a win?

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    1. 1.30 Southwell Miss Crick 2. 3.10 Southwell Robero 3. 1.15 Ludlow Oxwich bay

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    1. 2.20 Wolves Michele Strogoff 2. 1.10 Wolves Benny and the Jets 3. 2.30 Hereford Go Long The first two picks are not the shortest price, but the odds on at Hereford im not too confident on so that will go last if the others drift

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    Sorry, Just woke up and forgot about this. Of its not too late, id prefer 1.nemean Lion 3.20 Catterick currently EVS 2.Always lion 3.25 Musselburgh 3. 3.50 Cheltenham Glory and fortune
  12. Surely the bet for the final has to be Smith to hit more 180s than MVG. For todays match v Aspinall he was 2/7 most 180s, if he is the wrong side of evs on Tuesday I will be lumping on
  13. New years day about 7ish
  14. I had a request a bet both to checkout over 100.5, and over 25.5 180s in the match at 3/1. Considering there was only 7 sets played, you would assume the 180s would have landed, MVG highest out shot was only 93!
  15. The match of the tournament will hopefully be the MVG Anderson match. Good Luck to @Mad Slasher McGurk and @VillaLad cheering on their perspective players. There's only really one bet for tonights game if anyone is interested. Anderson and Smith both to hit most 180s in their games as a double at around EVS. Anderson is a solid 180 hitter, while Mvg will often go t19s with his last dart. Smith leads with most 180s in tournament, impressive considering no one has won more than 2 sets against him