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    So this just happened... Cant believe it my biggest 'x' win. All withdrawn, and will be spent on some home improvments I've got coming up. GTFIT!
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    It's been nearly 2 years since TGC opened its doors. Theres been many ups and a few downs but love it or hate it, its been a beacon of truth in the gambling world. I personally want to thank Paul for allowing people to express there own opinions even if they differ from his own The mods Crunchie and richie for staying calm in the face of adversity Hackz for being the backbone of the forum But most of all, the people who make me laugh, give me excellent advice and occasionally annoy me. The members Happy birthday tgc
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Sam Brown 14:25 - Regal Encore 15:00 - Air Horse One 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - West Approach NAP 15:15 - One for Arthur
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Sam Brown 14:25 - Like the Sound (e/w) 15:00 - The Con Man (nb) 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - The Worlds End (nap) 15:15 - The Two Amigos
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    ASCOT 13:50 - two for gold 14:25 - valtor nap 15:00 - prudhomme 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - west approach nb 15:15 - Yala Enki
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Copperhead nb 14:25 - Domiaine De L'Isle 15:00 - Dorking Boy e/w 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - The Worlds End 15:15 - The Two Amigos Nap WINCANTON IS OFF FOLKS
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    I suppose the question for me is would i of carried on betting and slotting if it hadn't been for the people on tgc. The answer is probably a yes. I know it's down to the individual but without the help and support here i would be in a financial mess. Thank you.
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    Happy birthday @RichieFC mate, you are a top lad, hope you have a great day! Mrs Bilko drew you .... with glasses!
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    Ascot 13.50 - Danny Whizzbang EW 14.25 - Domain De L’isle 15.00 - Eden Du Houx 15.35 - Cyrname - NB Haydock 14.05 - Emitom 15.15 - Sir Psycho - NAP
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Sam Brown NAP 14:25 - Valtor 15:00 - The Con Man 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - West Approach 15:15 - Yala Enki NB WINCANTON 14:45 - Song For Someone
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Copperhead 14:25 - Red Indian NB 15:00 - Eden du houx 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - Emitom 15:15 - Lord Du Mesnil WINCANTON 14:45 - Calgary Tiger NAP (250/1 LOL) Good Luck all
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    Not sure why I was the lucky one chosen or indeed the best person for this job mainly because I think Valentine's Day is a load of commercial BS! Having read some of your posts I have to say I quite liked the funny ones..... now these come with a stipulation that thet were completely in love with their partners and it was purely for comedic purposes. So shout out to... @Blacko @Denman @Dave @Peter clark @Gkell727 Also... special mentions to @Kev40 (although minus points for the after thought) @1pstaker (thats magic) @Blampy (old skool romantic) Pure cheese factor goes to.... @Sgt_bilk0 @Player1173 @Fredthedog1 Newbie @Mike Litoris Special face palm award for @VillaLad @Cheryl T you go girl! I'm unsure where @Miller26 belongs in this list, he must still be thinking. Everyone be afraid of @Hacko 1 and @Mad Slasher McGurk Late to the party, @Crunchie, now if you were singing that yourself then you would have been in with a shout. There was only one winner for me then colour me up came along so I propose two winners and that's @david1111 and @ColourMeUp..... if you're with someone.... make everyday love day....❤❤❤ Mic drop!
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    The draw is about to take place for the first ever TGC Champions League. Fully European flavour, with competitors from Slovenia, Romania and The Netherlands taking part. Cool. Below are the 32 players taking part. They will randomly be placed in 8 groups (A to H) of 4 players. Each player during the group phase will play each other twice. so 6 games in all. The order they get picked out by @Jok3st3r will determine the order the fixtures are played. WEEK 1 1 plays 2 and 3 plays 4 WEEK 2 4 plays 1 and 2 plays 3 WEEK 3 1 plays 3 and 2 plays 4 WEEK 4 3 plays 1 and 4 plays 2 WEEK 5 2 plays 1 and 4 plays 3 WEEK 6 1 plays 4 and 3 plays 2 The top 2 in each group will go through to the Knockout stages. If points are level most 'goals' scored will progress, and then the victor of the relevant H2H will decide matters. The Knockout draw will be random, except that the Group winners will be drawn against a group runner up. But more of that later. Those taking part @Crunchie, @philinvicta, @therealwintersoldier, @adamuk, @david1111, @Hacko 1, @4houghts, @Rocknrolla, @Sgt_bilk0, @Kev40, @VillaLad, @Blampy, @Fredthedog1, @crazyrightmeow, @slots4fun777, @RB91, @Jok3st3r, @Frosty, @stone, @Dave, @CuriousCow, @jollyman77, @MrUKHackz, @RichieFC, @Triggered101, @TheBingoKingx, @Finbastard, @Solario333, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @1pstaker , @Roger_aka_Roger and finally @Cheryl T I will now assign random numbers to everyone, while jokey puts those numbers (1 to 32 ) into 8 random groups of 4
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    Hello everyone my name is James Been a lurker since about September last year and have really enjoyed some of the threads, the music section is good with lots of variety, I work nights so have got through many pages of it and will maybe contribute in the future. Thanks for having me and from what i can see happy birthday too. James
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    1.50 Danny whizzbank 2.25 ballyoptic NB 3.00 gard de juilley NAP 3.35 janika 2.05 West approach 3.15 elegant escape
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    Ascot 13.50 - Danny Whizzbang (Nb) 14.25 - Ballyoptic (NAP) 15.00 - My Place At Midnight 15.35 - Riders Of The Storm Haydock 14.05 - Clyne 15.15 - Vintage Clouds
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Danny Whizbang 14:25 - Jepeck 15:00 - Eden du houx 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - The Worlds End NB 15:15 - Geronimo EW WINCANTON 14:45 - Quel Destin NAP GL all
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Copperhead 14:25 - Valtor 15:00 - Eden du houx NAP 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - the worlds end 15:15 - Yala Enki WINCANTON 14:45 - Chitibello Good Luck all
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    Could not be disagree with that. Pretty much since I signed up to the forum I was asking for help. I honestly don't know where I could have find what I was asking for. It's been a long road but here I am. I'm glad that David did not let me down. This man is an absolute treasure. I won't forget the others who helped me along the way. I'm glad that I rebuilt my life. I'm just happy where I'm now. So massive thank you to all of you for all the support, banter, love, kindness. Long may it continue!!
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    ASCOT 13:50 Danny Whizzbang _NAP_ 14:25 Regal Encore 15:00 The Con Man _nb_ 15:35 Riders Onthe Storm HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 The Worlds End 15:15 Vintage Clouds WINCANTON 14:45 Song for Someone Gla
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    Great place indeed said it many times but I joined literally a few days after it opened but never felt inclined to join in, as I thought what an Earth could I have to offer, i have found my little niche now I think. It must be Valentines day as I would like to give a special mention to my Nemesis @Denman I initially thought he was a knob, now I have warmed to him and think he is just a twat, BUT he does speak the truth on many things and if he does indeed move to America and become less active I will in a perverse sort of way miss him (Insert so it's taken as humour Denman style) Everyone is truly amazing when there is obviously a TGC member in need and it has been heartwarming to read the support people given "strangers" on here time and time again. If I was @Rocknrolla or @MrUKHackz I would be very proud what they have achieved on here, was it what they set out to do and had it turned out how they suspected, I would think not maybe as fundamentally its a place where people can come and talk about whatever and open up to people without getting judged. For the amount of people in here the people like @Crunchie and @RichieFC do a great job, does it get heated at times? Sure but people seem to kiss and make up and say sorry. For me it will always hold a Special place in my heart. So long may it continue
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    Castleford 6-10 Huddersfield 6-10 Warrington 11-15 Leeds 11 -15 Roosters 16 -20 Wigan 11 - 15
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    Sorry folks for not posting my picks as just noticed i was in . ASCOT 1.50 two for gold nap 2.25 valtor 3.00 myplaceatmidnight 3.30 cyrname HAYDOCK 2.05 clyne 3.15 lord du mensil nb LOL keep an eye on your mirrors folks Good luck .
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    ASCOT 13:50 - Sam Brown 14:25 - Domaine De L'Isle 15:00 - Dorking Boy (E/W) 15:35 - Cyrname HAYDOCK 14:05 - West Approach 15:15 - Vintage Clouds (NAP) WINCANTON 14:45 - Quel Destin (NB)
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    I wonder what the forum will be like in 2 years time. Will @adamuk have put an easy quiz on. Will @Blacko have been assassinated. Will @therealwintersoldier get lost one of his journeys into the middle of nowhere. Will @RB91 still be king troll. Will @Solario333 have hit the jackpot. Will @Hacko 1 have took the empty Macdonald's bags out of his van. Will @VillaLad still be funny.Will @Rocknrolla have finished doing his house up. Will @Miller26 be happy and gambling free. Will we all be still here. Lets hope so.