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    So today it was raining for a while so left the beach and had a flutter on bonanza.... and so I turned the 150 into this -----------------------Prawn Cocktail , Brandy and Chablis .................and ..........Steak frites.................and .............Ice ~cream... Money well spent !!!!
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    Ohmy, what a rollercoaster last night was. From -€4000, to +€7000 and back to -€6000 and i ended UP A MASSIVE €17.000 on the tables! Fuuuuckme Such a shame its close to impossible to go on a nice travel. Maybe a 5 day trip to germany or the czech republic though, that could be nice.
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    Each morning i take advantage of the promotional freebies Willy Hill has to offer posted up here a few months back (Bonus Explorer) https://thegamblingcommunity.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5575-freebies/ I won 20 free spins on Gonzo's Quest Megaways at 10p stake Normally I'll get between 50p - £1.50 in the way of returns of which I'll place a sports bet with. I got a 4 scatter bonus on the game relatively early on in the bonus free spins and I also got the earthquake feature where all symbols change to premium and it just kept on dropping in the wins The total return in the end was £60.93 from 10p stake 609.3x SUPER MEGA WIN
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    So thankful this was better than our last one
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    Got a bit brave and started doing pound spins, bonus landed and ended up with tacos.
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    I will be live streaming tonight on youtube you can watch me here : Will be running a small giveaway with 2 prizes : 1st Prize a slots4fun T-shirt 2nd Prize slots4fun Mug. What you need to do is to post how many x do you think the biggest bonus will pay tonight for ex : 55x, 100x, etc. Good luck All!
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    I bought my wife an Xbox today. She can’t afford one due to being furloughed for the last 6 months. I’ve been sticking a little aside without telling her so she can have one. She’s been amazing during this time raising our kid and looking after the house. She deserves a medal, could only get her an Xbox.
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    Along with Bonanza the WWBAM base game can also pay when the max ways are in play ....here is one from earlier ....
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    all night session of slots and roulette, up and down like a yoyo, high point up about £800 finally left £400 up. time to leave for a week or two now here s a couple of the spins but it got sicker than this lol
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    Getting there bud thanks. Just pretty fatigued at the moment.
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    Well feck me never knew that . I really wish these people would keep the same name . It was bad enough with that resting pilgrim bloke
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    I dont really like this game, but i got 5 freespins with 0,20€ stake so why not.
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    GET IN! Bryson Dechambeau 1st Wolff 2nd Not bad if I do say so myself
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    Final week of the September league, can anyone catch @Mad Slasher McGurk ? If he has a bad week, a few might be able take advantage, but we shall see. 7 races this week on ITV, be sure to get your selections in. SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER NEWMARKET 13:50 The Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes (Group 2) 14:25 The Juddmonte Cheveley Park Stakes (Group 1) 15:00 The Juddmonte Middle Park Stakes (Group 1) 15:35 The bet365 Cambridgeshire (Heritage Handicap) HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 The Visit racingtv.com Handicap Stakes 14:40 The Join Racing TV Now Handicap Stakes CURRAGH 15:15 The Beresford Stakes (Group 2) @Mad Slasher McGurk @Kinkerbells @Jok3st3r @david1111 @STH2020 @therealwintersoldier @groundiskey @Peter clark @Solario333 @Douvan @Fredthedog1 @Blampy @Player1173 @Gkell727 @Dave @Frosty @Sgt_bilk0 @philinvicta
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    One day I shall hand my many titles down to someone deserving. Kind of like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but instead of Caramel and Honeycomb Toffee there will be Win Singles and PornHub Premium.
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    He forgot to mention he's on about the maid, she's very co-operative!
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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/6080284/ladbrokes-gambler-suing-losses-illegal-bets-millions/ What do you think of this article?, aggrieved punter takes the magic sign on for £3 million citing his bets were placed from Spain and Ladbrokes should never have taken them, don’t know how this will play out in the courts.
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    @Dave perhaps you could let gold know!
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    To summarise Profit and Loss ...Over my lifetime (50 years) I have lost about 1.5m. Over the last 5 years I have lost about 50k . Over the last year I have changed the way I bet ,and am running a small profit . The key was to rest between bets and limit deposits .... I never redeposit and always leave 20% of any win online for another day , therefore not needing to deposit . Small stakes help a lot so 40p to £1 is my new range ....and I rarely go above unless a huge hit happens .
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    The only thing i saw similar to this was i was at Fakenham years ago and in the last race i backed a horse called maryland at 14/1. I had £50 on the nose. The horse went miles clear didn't stop and crossed the line way in front. I rushed up to the bookie and got a very hasty " no chance mate it's going to be void ". The horse and jockey had decided to go before the starter had given permission and got a 30 length lead. After about 10 minutes and my amazement an announcement came over the tanoid ' result stands '. Stupidly i did bet £110 on a void race at 1/2 but was still over the moon.
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    Maybe you have already oversold on that product. As the saying goes; been there, done that, got the... https://gyazo.com/59314198379f9e488d1cf3d6e9ba5661
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    Looking at tonights game, It's easy to just say The Saints will win,..... Well they will, but that's boring! So we've been looking at the 1st TD scorer for some Mug value... Darren Waller (TE) Raiders has 8 targets last week and caught 6.. If he gets close to the Endzone early, then the 16/1 (betfair) could be huge.... As it's a live game, I always have a player from each side.. Kamara (RB) is obviously the fave and with Michael Thomas out, then Tre'quan Smith could well step in his boots.. And at 14/1 has decent value.. Aytime TD double would be Jared Cook and Darren Waller... Both TE's for each team, they do see a lot of targets. It's been a great start to the season.. I just need a win to make it more so!!! #LetsGo
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    Well if I don’t watch you’ll get 1000x but I’m watching so I’ll say 73x
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