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    Hi All, Sit back and relax, this is going to be a long thread So, I'm 21 years old and have been gambling in one form or another for the past 10 years, I remember when I was young (around 10 or 11 years ago) my dad used to take me to the local bowling alley and we would play the £5 jackpot fruit machines, to be honest it was great fun and me and my old man had a lot of laughs (they were good times, in a controlled manner gambling can be fun) it went on for a few years and I never really thought anything bad about it. During this time I would get my family to put me a couple of quid on the national each year but other than that had no interest in any forms of gambling and never would have thought it would have been a problem. It was a couple of nights after my 18th birthday (around 3 years ago) that the roller-coaster really started to come off the rails. I remember scrolling though the tv channels at some stupid time in the morning and stumbling across a televised roulette program (no brand names mentioned :) they offered some really rubbish deposit bonus with like 35x wagering and roulette been 15% I was too young to care about t's and c's but I thought "it looked fun" and "hey I might win" (kinda stupid when I look back at it now haha) so I proceeded to deposit a small amount and have a go. Of course I didn't win with my first £10 but hey I'm working a 40 hour week and still living at home with a large amount of disposable income what harm can another deposit do ?. I played for a few days and ended up getting around £400 of deposits to £2000. (I was 18 at the time this was like 3 months wages for me so I was buzzing as you would be) I requested to withdraw the winnings sent me ID documents as you do (multiple times I should add) and was told they were been processed waited for days to hear anything and heard nothing. I got back in touch with support only to be messed around and get automated responses. By this time I had reversed the deposits and lost the lot (if only that had taught me my lesson!) So after this I proceeded to open a couple of other accounts at online casino's I had little wins but I was loosing more than you win (that's the nature of the industry and how it survives) I took out loans borrowed money from my parents lied about my whereabouts and did everything I could to keep my habit a secret. Of course it didn't last long, my parents were quite rightly questioning why I was borrowing money from them all the time when by this time I was earning £300 a week and only paying £30 a week rent (that's £270 for myself and it should of been happy days) but happy was the last thing I was. They proceeded to open my bank statements see all these deposits and I promised them I would stop, but by this time I was hooked and I couldn't do it For the last 3 years I've been gradually getting myself deeper and deeper into debt, chasing my losses "if this hand comes in I can pay this debt off" or "i'll double down on a hand and if it comes in I can put it towards a holiday or treat my parents for all the rubbish I've put them through with my gambling" despite having a problem I like to think I'm not actually a bad kid. It's got to the point where all I can think about is gambling the spinning of the roulette wheel or the deal of a blackjack to give me a healthy return when in reality as everyone knows your only going to loose more than you win in the long run Through watching rocknrolla and TheBandit I discovered GamBan and Gamstop and have proceeded to block myself from every online casino (fantastic right?) wrong... after blocking myself from online casino's I needed another way to get the fix so I popped into my local William Hill... (after hearing Paul say the usual f%ck the FOBT's so many times on stream and with all the previous problems gambling has caused me I should have known better really. A few weeks later the FOBT's have added another £1500 to my debt and started to take over my life. It was only when the bloke behind the counter came over to me and questioned me about feeding £100's into the FOBT that I have started to realize and think about the damages that gambling has done to me during the couple of years I have been doing it in a serious way. The bloke (no names mentioned has self excluded me from all bookies and offered me his personal phone number if I need someone to talk to (There are some nice bookies out there), he also expressed he thinks FOBT's should be banned words I never thought I'd hear from a bookie haha. Step's I have taken to exclude myself from gambling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Registered with Gamban and Gamstop and am now self excluded from all online casino's - Self exluded from all bookmakers via my local bookmaker and the national self exclusion service - Now starting to realize what a tw£t I've been for wasting money that I could have put towards a mortgage on something so stupid as gambling Total Debts --------------------------------------------------- Credit Card £1500 Credit Card £1500 Credit Card £300 Credit Card £600 Overdraft £350 ------------------------------------------------------- Total Debt £4250 hoping to update these as I pay them off Rockandrolla and Bandit your both awesome and what you do.... thanks to both of you for doing what you do :P Sorry for the essay on how my life has turned into such a mess Looking forward to your replies or similar stories.
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    First of all well done for acknowledging your problem at such a young age and been so honest. You've taken the right steps to tackle your addiction and even what you have said here takes great courage. Please don't try and chase the losses as it won't happen. I started gambling hard at your age and unlike you i carried on. One loan went into another then another then another until the figure almost got to 100k in debt by the age of 30. I'm now 42 and only 8k owed and gamble very little. I'm on gamstop but I've missed out on so much like owning my house, holidays and been able to purchase expensive items. I hope what I've said will help you in the future. Good luck.
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    Chose the second best horse Berry Max and she romped in! Keeeeemon
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    4 of the games gone the opposite to what I think to see what happens..... WaKeY WaKeY 1-5 St HeLeNs 6 - 10 HuLL kR 6 -10 cAtAlAn 11-15 LoNdOn 6 -10 SaLfOrD 11 -15 who knows?? since Salford bt Catalan 46-0 away, any score is possible, in any game.....
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    Hi all super subs picks Wakefield 11-15 Hull kr 1-5 st helens 11-15 leeds 1-5 wigan 6-10 Hull 6-10 good luck
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    @Jessr @Justnathan @Jok3st3r @h0tsh0t87 @Trashj077
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    Wakefield 1-5 St Helens 16-20 Huddersfield 1-5 Catalans 1-5 Salford 11-15 Broncos 6-10
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    Warrington 6-10 St Helens 1-5 Huddersfield 1-5 Catalans 6-10 Salford 6-10 Broncos 6-10
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    warrington 1-5 huddersfield 6-10 castleford 6-10 catalans 11-15 fc 1-5 salford 1-5
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    @Alfie Welcome to TGC. Your story has a common thread which we all share. when we were young we all believed that life would deal us a fair hand,and in your case it seems that Gambling came purely from a lack of purpose in your life. As a result the temptations of easy money have turned you into an addict. Gambling addiction can easily be overcome if you set rules that work : 1) You are young and have family around to support your pathway out of the despair. 2) Give your Parents your money to safeguard in a separate account ,and ask them to set up direct debits to clear the debts over a fixed period. 3) Allow yourself a reasonable amount of free cash to live your life simply , without the need to gamble. 4) During the period , which should be about 18 months , you must learn to stand alone. 5) Once the period is over and the debts have been cleared you must have been free of Gambling for 18 months. 6) Find alternative sources of pleasure and relaxation, make new friends, go to the gym, walk in the country, live your life fully. 7) Eat well, rest well, work hard, and stop lying about your circumstances to your family. Do not borrow, beg,or steal money . Finally the TGC runs frequent competitions which will divert your attention form the need to Gamble ,whilst engaging the need to compete. If you apply the rules laid out above you will be free , if you don't then you will have only yourself to blame. You are not a victim, your choices are obvious, and many of the people on here have had a much worse and prolonged experience of this contagion that is greed. No bullshit, no lies , no explanations necessary , just be yourself, and thank God you have a family around you , who may assist you , but ultimately its down you !!!
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    @Alfie can only reiterate what others have said so plenty of support here for you when you need it. It's so good you've acknowledged the problem at such a young age. It you keep on the right track and pay the debts off your life can be whatever you want it to be, but not if you continue to gamble. Gambling is no fun if you are gambling with the need to win rather than the hope of winning. Good advice on here so please take notice of it. There are people on here including myself who have 40 years of gambling behind them with nothing to show for it so it's probably a bit late for a fresh start. Not for you though. Embrace the change and move on with positivity and focus on the good things in life. Look forward to your next adventure, not your next deposit Good luck mate and don't forget always someone here for you.
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    Yes things are heading in the wrong direction Alfie but you are still just a young lad, the main thing here is you have identified by yourself you have a problem so that's a big positive, amazing how things can go from FUN to out of control and believe it or not when you were playing games with your old man that would have been the start and the gambling seeds were planted, over time those seeds germinated and were getting out of control but it's great that you have recognized the issue. The TGC site has a few members that are pretty much the very same age as you and have very similar stories but hopefully you will now listen to a few of us older boys that can drum some sense into you, firstly you have age very much on your side and so much living in-front of you mate, YES you maybe not like it when i say you really are just a boy but you are mate, these are the days you should really be living and having fun with pals and just embracing the good things in life and you can by getting a grip NOW not in the future. You can easily pay what you owe now back in no time at all and as I've said before to a few people RIGHT now you only need a shovel to fill in that hole you've made, BUT if you keep going that hole will get bigger and wider and before you know it You'l need a JCB. Many older guys on this site would do anything to be 21 again including me, I spent a lot of my youth going in and out detention centers then eventually various prisons and even today those times have always returned to haunt me, I've been turned down for Jobs or even sacked from the Job i got because i lied to get the job, my old man constantly warned me when i was younger but I never listened thinking I knew it all, I didn't. Only certain people can gamble and stay in control but you clearly can't, your habit is steadily spiraling out of control so basically YOU CAN'T GAMBLE! You can fix a small problem now Alfie and then start living a good normal life or you can keep going and get deeper and deeper, don't age and look back with regrets mate, those regrets can haunt you, life is short mate and one day you will look back, we all look back and think, You've already looked back in regards to you and your old man playing the £5 Jackpots, but this situation is now in your hands, you are the only person that can repair it, You have it all before you, great times or bad, we all know the right path you should take, you know it too, I wish I had taken the right path but I gambled and lost, we don't get anther life to fix what we done wrong, this is it Alfie, this is our chance, we're here once mate. Remember mate Right now TODAY, you only need a shovel, it's just a small hole, don't make it bigger.
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    Warrington (1-5) St Helens (11-15) Hull KR (6-10) Catalans (6-10) London (6-10) Salford (16-20) Good luck everyone
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    Hi all thanks for all the kind words of encouragement over the past 24 hours it really does mean a lot and helps me to fight my problems one day at a time. I have been to the bank today and deposited £850 towards my debts it could have been more if I hadn't have wasted so much money but its in the past now and I've just got to keep moving and slowly dig myself out of the hole I got myself into My debts are now the following Credit card £650 (was £1500) Credit card £1500 Credit card £300 Credit card £600 Overdraft £350 ------------------------------- Total debt £3400 (was £4250) Debt plan March : £850 DONE April : £850 May : £850 June : £850 July : £850 ------------------------- Total : £4250 = debts cleared This leaves me with around £150 a week to live on for the next month with all bills paid so shouldn't be too difficult and what I miss out on will only be for a short time. Short term pain = long time gain. 1st day free has been completed don't want to run before I can walk but its got to be a good thing right ? Cheers for your continued support
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    Wow, thanks. @Rocknrolla and @MrUKHackz Now if Paul could go 150 to 300 to 600 to 1200 to 2400 and so on, you know, how he does on his streams that would be great . Seriously though I am buzzing. xx
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    Sat at Wetherby, hour till the first race. Still recovering and off alcohol since Cheltenham! Any fancies on the card anyone? 2:10 Snookered 2:40 Sam's Gunner 3:15 isaacstown lad (nb) 3:50 dulce panem (nap) 4:20 Caraline 4:55 almazhzar Garde
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    Wakefield 6-10 St Helens 11-15 hull kr 6-10 Catalans 11-15 Salford 6-10 london 1-5
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    Hello guys, is been a while since I have not posted because something showed up and keep me busy , away from my channel and the forum. Today I was having my coffee and had a spare time so decided to play 10£ on book of dead, low stakes , then this...
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    Mine: Warrington (6-10) St Helens (6-10) Hull KR (1-5) Catalans (11-15) Salford (11-15) Hull FC (11-15) Hoping we see @Poker and @VillaLad back this week, also waiting for picks from @McSplooger @1pstaker and @Crunchienut by today's deadline please
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    That's a nice surprise- I'll have my £25 on Skiddaw Valleys to win the 2:10 Haydock, tommorrow Wednesday. SP is fine. Thanks Paul and Hackz
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    So all in all a bit of a fail of a trip. I tried to do a vlog (I'll link some of the footage below of the first couple of days, part 1) but even though I like the amateur look of youtube videos I didn't like mine. Too much talking, not being allowed to record the hands or casino action (I did get a little), couldnt get the fudging camera to zoom out mixed with losing didn't inspire me to keep the vlogging upto date, I'll just use it as a bit of a practice run for next time. I did however get to play with Barny Boatman and we analysed some hands the next day which was a massive buzz for me, well worth the big buyin just for that! I have recorded some of the big hands and analysed them a bit in footage which will probably be in part 2. I always feel bad though when the winners of the comp don't win anything (well other than the prize wheel spins) so not sure if I'll do this again. Maybe I'll cash something first before doing a little giveaway. @h0tsh0t87 @Trashj077 Congrats!! @MrUKHackz will do your progressive spins in the next day or two. Not quite sure how to split the six players tied for 3rd place @McSplooger @anton @Kinkerbells @lucy_tgc @bigbucks1983 @o0ORyaanO0oI do like the idea though of carrying everyone over (h0tsh0ts & Trashj as well) to the next tourney or basically any tourney I cash in, rather than do a random name draw to see which one of the six gets a prize wheel spin?
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    I myself try to Quit gambling. I'm currently on day 16. I've faith. And god knows it's not easy. I now ask myself every single day. Do i want to live for the thrill of gambling worth than 5 secs ? ... be poor, depressed, angry, chasing losses all my life to fuel this addiction ? Gambling is no longer fun for me. I'm remembering how much i've lost and how much it affected me. 16 days seems to be nothing ... but for a gambler ... it's a BIG achievement. And do you know what mate ? I'm more happy when i'm not gambling. If i can do 16 ... i can do 30 .. 60 days and so on ... Don't give up, it's worth it. You're not alone. You've all the support you need here trust me.
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    I can only echo what has been said above . I would add that you should try and clear your debts in some sort of order with a plan. On the largest debts pay the minimum at first at the same time you should clear the smallest card with the biggest payment you can afford. Leave yourself some money to "live" each week including having time with mates . When you have cleared a debt you will feel so much better and will start to see an end to it. Also cut up your cards to stop you using them ( maybe keep one for emergencies with your parents) Also people who do not have a gambling addiction often cannot understand the need or urge to have a bet so please do not be afraid to come on here for support or further advice as most people on here will understand it.