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    What really happened.......
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    My biggest ever hit on this slot. 60p stake, my last 60p in the account and it just kept retriggering on 10x. I must have had over 100 spins in the end.
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    ASCOT 13:50 - If You Say Run (NAP) 14:25 - Highest Sun 15:00 - Benatar 15:35 - Altior (NB) HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 - Mister Fisher 14:40 - Mohaayed 15:15 - Daklondike Good Luck Everyone!
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    firstly not a bad bonus for the stake & I pussied out on the gamble but this game has donked me loads of times so I thought the 14 is needed secondly is my slot volume too low for anyone? just testing OBS and would love you hear comments back x
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    Just going through my inbox and Virgin have randomly gave me £150 odd quid with a 1x wagering and no max cashout, I dont even play here so god knows how much the regulars get, big props to Virgin
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    Bet No Bet Price Stake W/L Profit Balance Notes 01/01/19 1 Arsenal v Fulham, Arsenal +1 goal 1.11 50.00 Won 5.24 55.24 Easily 02/01/19 2 Wolves v Palace, over 0.5 goals 1.12 55.24 Won 6.32 61.56 82nd minute goal 03/01/19 3 Man city +2 goals v Liverpool 1.13 61.56 Won 7.63 69.19 Easily 04/01/19 4 Lay Lough Salt in the 1.45 Wetherby 7.2 69.19 Won 10.64 79.83 Hit 1.41 in running 05/01/19 5 Everton v Lincoln, under 5.5 goals 1.15 79.83 Won 11.41 90.24 3 goals in first half hour (went 2.02), none after 06/01/19 6 Man city -1 goal v Rotherham 1.16 90.24 Won 13.77 104.01 Easily 07/01/19 7 Wolves +3 goals v Liverpool 1.12 104.01 Won 11.90 115.91 Easily 08/01/19 8 Lay River Glades in the 3.40 Newcastle 7.4 115.91 Won 17.27 133.18 Easily 09/01/19 9 Pacos Ferreira v Leixoes, over 0.5 goals 1.12 133.18 Won 15.24 148.42 79th minute goal 10/01/19 10 I/R over 2.5 goals in Levante v Barcelona game 1.13 148.42 Won 18.39 166.81 85th minute goal 11/01/19 11 Lay Big Bad Lol in the 4.10 Wolves 6.4 166.81 Won 29.56 196.37 5/4 ish I/R 12/01/19 12 Lay correct score Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle 8.8 196.33 Won 24.00 220.37 Easily 13/01/19 13 Spurs +2 goals v Manure 1.12 220.37 Won 25.21 245.58 0-1 14/01/19 14 Roma to win v Entella 1.15 245.58 Won 35.13 280.71 Easily 15/01/19 15 Lay Heir Encore 3.10 Ling 8.6 280.67 Won 35.22 315.93 Easily 16/01/19 16 Lay 1-1 draw in Southampton v Derby 9 315.92 Won 37.66 353.59 Easily 17/01/19 17 A. Zverev to beat J Chardy 1.13 353.59 Won 43.84 397.43 2-0 up, 2-2 then won 3-2 18/01/19 18
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    So this morning I woke up feeling ill, reeeeally ill, aching all over and a banging headache. I considered calling in sick which is unusual for me but I decided to get my arse out of bed and soldier on. First thing I did was walk into the kitchen and trod in cat shit - fresh cat shit that she'd just laid and kicked out of her fucking tray. It was soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside from the cat litter - like a fucking Dime bar. So that was a load of fun cleaning that off my foot. I punted her about 10 feet across the kitchen for that. After that I drove down my street and was faced with a flock of about 80 ducks wandering around in the road. It seemed a revving car and a loud horn wasn't enough to scare them off, so there I was at 8am running round the fucking road flapping my arms getting them to move. I was late for work because of "duckgate" and getting stuck behind a fucking school bus. And to top it all off, when I got to work I got a telling off from my boss because of my bandwidth usage (I watched Dragons' Den yesterday because I was bored). So yeah I'll probably die on the way home tonight so it was nice knowing you all.
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    Now maybe Paul will listen to me when I request this?
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    he will be on a lucky 69
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    My g getting some ass cheeks.... ? Make sure she is Craigslots down there ( bald ), or you have to go rambo in the bushes like Arnold Schwarzenegger. So she fit huh ? Somebody better call Dana White , cuz that means she can go 5 rounds of 3 minutes each like a championship fight. Make sure you get a pre-workout in before going all in head first full force no vaseline my g. Big Miller bout to fuck shit up. ...... or you go on normal date ? like eating and shit ? ... that shit so 1960's... Anyway, good luck with it my g. Enjoy.
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    Posting my weekend bets. Few different ones this week, mostly £1 stakes. Also done a TV one to hopefully keep me entertained. Still trying to find my niche to be honest I should really just pick 4 or 5 home teams but the payouts are not great on a small stake...not that I ever win anyway lol, plus I love the feeling of hitting a big winner if it does come in Good luck
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    So I have a week off work and I’ve managed to fill my days with stuff apart from the Monday. I’m away for the later part of the week and as I won’t be going mad drinkwise as it’s a Monday I’ll actually be able to give decent updates- me and my mate will probably go to a pub and watch the racing and get stuck on a blue print. anyone unfamiliar I basically take tips from tgc members and place bets and it’s just good banter to see live tips in action- I basically ‘give’ each member £15-20 to put with depending on how many takers I get. Probably won’t be a great day for racing so if anyone fancies another bet happening that day then let me know. Last time was pretty good so hoping for the same- need tips in by 10am that day
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    They are great I've been given shit loads and won lots of promos including my last one of a £2500 holiday voucher 2weeks ago
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    he doesnt want to be saying that to her
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    Not spamming the thread I promise. I've read through the entire thread and had a look at the bets most of you were doing and I've adjusted mine accordingly. I took out the draws and away wins and ive changed it to this. I kept my TV bet and the 13 fold but won't be doing the mega bets going forward, I'll stick to 4 or 5 games. Once again good luck everyone
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    Booooooooooosh!! Start of a busy week for us horse racing folk with the AW comp running in the middle of the week, but if you wanna be the best, you gotta beat the rest and dedication is what you need, if you plan on winning both of this weeks comps. Amazing levels of support for the Miller and Poker benefit AW trophy, cheers guys. 24 players is incredible. But first as a warm up, we got decent jump action from Ascot and Haydock Park this weekend. Good Luck Everyone! @howfin ,@Solario333,, @MrUKHackz, @centipede, @Kinkerbells, @Crunchienut, @Blampy, @Dave, @Sirbetsalot, @david1111, @Poker , @RichieFC @VillaLad, @4houghts, @Denman, @therealwintersoldier, @Player1173 @Marky147, @1pstaker, @Markymark , @spursman, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @DIJACKFROST and King @Miller26 Sat 19 - Ascot and Haydock Park - ITV4 ASCOT 13:50 The Olbg.Com Mares' Hurdle Race (Grade 2) 14:25 The Matchbook Holloway's Handicap Hurdle Race (Grade 3) 15:00 The Matchbook Clarence House Steeple Chase 15:35 The Bet365 Handicap Steeple Chase 2m 5f 8y HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 The Sky Bet Supreme Trial Rossington Main Novices' Hurdle Race 14:40 The New One Unibet Hurdle Race (Grade 2) 15:15 The Peter Marsh Handicap Steeple Chase (Grade 2)
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    15 spins in, 4 scatters, 5 levels, didn't go crazy, like couple huge wins, but rather plenty average wins. but that's close enough.
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    Craig1226, not sure who you are on the forum but my bounty has been transferred :).
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    This isn't aimed at anyone in here, it's just my general view. "Most of the time with addiction there's something inside that you're not dealing with, and you need to deal with it." That's what Sarah says on video on the the BBC article. And that's absolutely true. These schemes, such as GamStop, Gamban and things such as the bookies' self-exclusion facility are just there to help you with stopping your gambling. They're not a solution and they'll never be fool-proof. If you signed up to GamStop, and a few months later you're signing up to a casino by mis-spelling your name or changing your email address then I'm sorry but your efforts and energy should be focused on finding your nearest GA meeting or local counsellor, not on complaining that schemes like GamStop aren't watertight enough. Yes, the government SHOULD force tighter regulations, and they may do that in future but as we all know, gamblers always find a way to gamble. They can spoon feed us as many schemes as they want but by our very nature (again, not directed at anyone specifically in here), gamblers are devious and find ways to circumvent any obstacles put in front of us. GamStop is not a standalone solution, it's just one element of many different things you may feel you need to aid your recovery.
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    I've enjoyed reading this thread and seeing as I love football and accas ive decided to join in. I'm not great at betting but do enjoy watching it come in on a Saturday. I'll be posting my bets before but like I said I'm not very good...so no laughing looooool. Hopefully speak to some of you soon Take care all and good luck