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    I’m 30 years old and live in South of England. I have lost over 200k and at my worst 40k in 3 months. I struggle to come to terms with those numbers still now, but I am a gambling addict. I started this chat as I have been in a group of 5 friends who 4 of us, are or were gambling addicts. To the point where losing £500 a night was seen or talked up as “not a bad night”. My life revolved around gambling. I came home with a wallet full of cash, or I stumbled home with nothing and took my anger out on those around me, not physically but emotionally. At my lowest - I gambled the money I had for my sons birthday presents, I stole £50 from my mums purse to gamble, I’ve gambled £9,000 in 45 mins leaving not a penny in my bank. Each time I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t even feel guilty. I felt numb. I scratched the itch I had. I was addicted to losing as much as winning. I battled my demons for years though. I told those closest to me to try and help. My parents my friends my partner. Ultimately I battled this addiction and myself without ever listening or doing what was needed. Tomorrow was always a new day and a chance to win back my money. If you want to give up or are struggling to give up, I know what you’re going through. I battled for years. I tried bits and bobs without ever finding the solution. I also know this is what you absolutely HAVE to do, in order to get better: 1) hand over all sources of money and income to someone you trust and cares for you. Including online banking. Leave no loopholes. We are gamblers we are addicts. 2) ban yourself from everywhere you was gambling, which is now easier than it used to be. GamStop is a must, local bookies is a must. 3) the hardest and most pivotal part - and the one I avoided for years. Attend support groups. I never attended for years because I was too proud. In reality what they do, is prove that you are not alone. You can do this and you do have people that understand you. If anyone wants to chat I know it’s a bad place you’re in. But do not give up. I promise there is a light.
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    Newbury 13:50 - Frankels Storm 14:25 - Morando (NAP) 15:00 - George William 15:35 - Safe Voyage (NB) Ripon 14:05 - Alaadel 15:15 - Vintage Brut (E/W) Newmarket 14:45 - Lethal Angel Good luck today gang
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    Newbury 13:50 - Sun Power 14:25 - Sameem (nb) 15:00 - Graphite Storm 15:35 - Flaming Spear (nap) Ripon 14:05 - Mark’s Choice (e/w) 15:15 - Muscika (e/w) Newmarket 14:45 - Chatham House
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    Newbury 13:50 - Juan Elcano (NB) 14:25 - Morando 15:00 - Love Dreams (E/W) 15:35 - Flaming Spear (E/W) Ripon 14:05 - Alaadel 15:15 - Staxton (E/W) Newmarket 14:45 - Zumurud (NAP)
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    Newbury 13.50 Sun Power NB 14.25 Sextant NAP 15.00 Toy Theatre ew 15.35 Space Traveller ew Ripon 14.05 Lucky, Lucky Man ew 15.15 Venturous ew Newmarket 14.45 Lucky Beggar ew Good luck everyone
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    Newbury 13 50 Juan Elcano 14 25 Morando Nb 15 00 Ripp Orf Nap 15 35 Sir Dancelot Newmarket 14 45 Global tango e/w Ripon 14 05 Pipers Note e/w 15 15 Summerghand e/w
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    Sat 17 - Newbury, Newmarket & Ripon Newbury 13:50 Sun Power 14:25 Durston 15:00 Ripp Orf 15:35 Sir Dancealot --Nap-- Ripon 14:05 Mark's Choice 15:15 Muscika Newmarket 14:45 Glenn Coco --Nb--
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    Newbury 13:50 Juan Elcano 14:25 Gin Palace (nap) 15:00 Battle Of Wills 15:35 Ocasio Cortez (e/w) Ripon 14:05 Royal Prospect (nb) 15:15 Dakota Gold Newmarket 14:45 Zumurud
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    71 days for me. I'm almost starting to lose count. Had a dream the other night about playing roulette. I won lol. Woke up massively relieved. Phew. I still maintain i will do the £10 poker. 6 visits in 10 weeks with profit of £195 so I'm 99.9% sure going on a Saturday night will not tilt me into doing anything else.
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    I’ve gone for 6 aways I think they’ve got a decent chance. Middlesbrough, Derby, Hull, Oldham, Plymouth, Macclesfield 3197/1 keeeeemon
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    Newbury 13:50 - Thunderous 14:25 - Durston 15:00 - Pattie 15:35 - Glorious Voyage Ripon 14:05 - Marks Choice (E/W) 15:15 - Great Prospector (NAP) Newmarket 14:45 - Lethal Angel (NB) Good luck to all today - some cracking performances last week!
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    HORSES 13:40 Doncaster - Alpen Rose (4/6) 17:35 Newmarket - Mutamaasik (4/6) FOOTY (Over 1.5 Goals) (Courtesy of @Douvan ) English National League 15:00 - Boreham Wood v Sutton (1/3) 15:00 - Dover v Torquay (2/7) 15:00 - Solihull v Ebbsfleet United (1/4) FOOTY (match betting) Premier League 12:30 - Arsenal (1/3) 15:00 - West Ham (19/10) 15:00 - Liverpool (1/2) Scottish League 15:00 - Celtic (1/20) 15:00 - Hibernian (2/7) German Bundesliga 14:30 - Dortmund (1/6) 14:30 - Bayer Leverkusen (1/4) Dutch Eredivisie 17:30 - Ajax (1/7) Portuguese Super Liga 19:00 - Benfica (2/11) 21:30 - Porto (2/13) £1.00 15 Fold Accumulator @ 104.92/1 Potential return: £105.93
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    Please vote for your 3 preferred charities this month, the top 3 get a donation and the bottom 2 roll over to next month's poll, all donations are courtesy of 21casino. Thankyou for your vote If you would like to suggest a charity please email your suggestion to charitysuggestions@gmail.com
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    My likes=Winning Dislikes=Losing On/In=Couldn’t give a feck as long as it = winning
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    Thanks for filling in @Jok3st3r and I’m sorry that I stopped contributing to the comp @RichieFC but I hope you understand. Good luck all and I’ll keep an eye on this epic comp
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    After personally naming @Roger_aka_Roger's team...only waiting on the team name of @Douvan and @Markymark. anyhoo, these will be the official Rules GAME RULES..... DAY 1. WEDNESDAY - 100 points between you.... 4 selections DAY 2. THURSDAY - 100 points per player .... Best 2 selections from each player count. Max 4, Min 2 selections per player. DAY 3. FRIDAY - 100 points per player .... all selections count. Max 4 per player, minimum 2. All selections to be made in multiples of 10. Races at York only. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY team mates CANNOT duplicate selections, but you CAN have different horses in the same race. The Strategy you wish to employ is all yours. It is a case of trial and error and see how things work for the shorter 2/3 day festivals in the future. If one team player is a no show on Thursday and Friday I will allow a sub, else you will only be able to score half the available points I guess. Cheers. @justnathanx & @adamuk - CANNON & FALL @Kinkerbells & @jollyman77 - HOOVES UP FOR IT? @Jok3st3r & @Crunchienut - THE ROCKIN' HORSES @Denman & @MrUKHackz - STEG -0 - SAW -US @Solario333 & @Blampy - THE GOLDEN OLDIES @Jessr & @philinvicta - NEIGH CHANCE @therealwintersoldier & @1pstaker - THE NEARLY MEN @VillaLad & @centipede - THE DIRTY NAPPERS @Chdl1990 & @Kev40 - THE NEWBIES @Mad Slasher McGurk & @Fredthedog1 - TOO DARN HOT @4houghts & @howfin - THE HONKIN' JOBBIES @Frosty & @crazyrightmeow - THE FROZEN PUSSIES @Markymark & @Douvan - STEPHEN HAWKING'S SCHOOL OF DANCE @RichieFC & @Roger_aka_Roger - THE DAAAAMN SONS @Hacko 1 & @Player1173 SUFFOLK N' CLOSE @Dave & @Sgt_bilk0 - FASHIONABLY LATE
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    I've always said they are the absolute scum of the gambling community! And some of the shit that they promote baffles me . Curacao licence! They obviously don't give a fuck about their sign ups or any kind of player protection.
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    Got one retrigger and the big hit was an expansion of 4 bearded fudgers/merlin/who gives a shit what its called when its a 1000x keeeeemon!
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    aston villa, newcastle, west ham trixie west ham look the most overpriced today imo
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    Mine for today. Same as last week...6 folds draws from 8 selections. I've gone for a goals bet this time instead of btts and win as well.
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    Newbury 13:50 - Sun Power 14:25 - Morando 15:00 - Ripp Orf. Nap 15:35 - Donjuan Triumphant. Nb Ripon 14:05 - Royal Brave (E/W) 15:15 - Ice Age (EW) Newmarket 14:45 - Case Key Good luck everyone
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    Pays 2.14/1. if anyone want a bigger one for a Saturday fun one then let me know and how many fold you want.
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    couple of random bets for tomorrow guys.... Leeds 8/11, Lincoln 8/11, Blackpool 11/10, Fleetwood 11/5, Norwich 6/5 £2 gives £88 QPR 11/4, Port Vale 13/5 , Charlton 11/4 and Lincoln 8/11 £1...gives £87 Good Luck
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    I say London, why you ask? Because Berlin is full of Germans!
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    You’re loyal to Fruity Slots Ben, I’ve seen you when I occasionally pop into the chat. And being loyal you’ll probably know Jamie and Josh better than anyone that’s jumping on this bandwagon, and as a result will defend them to the hilt. But sometimes loyalty can be blind - can you even see how serious this is? Content like this doesn’t just appear on your own web page - you write it. And even if you’ve paid someone to write it for you, you would make sure they had an adequate understanding of the gambling industry and had a grasp of the basic dos and dont’s. You’re a pretty level headed guy. Surely this pushes even your loyalty to Fruity Slots too far?
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