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    The best thing about this forum is the members, the core people that are on here is what makes this site. I love that we have a wide variety of characters and opinions from past and present gamblers with deep knowledge and history in pretty much every field. I love hearing people's stories, troubles, thoughts, opinions, random posts and seeing holiday snaps! What I hate seeing is posts/replies with digs at other members, this isn't what this forum is about. I think if your a member here then that already deserves a level of respect! I'm not saying you can't voice your opinion if you disagree but do it in a constructive way. I like that this site isn't just full of big win posts every day and you do have freedom to voice an opinion about anything, but seeing some of the digs and childish behaviour has put even me off from coming on the site let alone others or newbies. Sometimes you may not even know or understand your doing it, so if you get a warning please listen to the reasoning. Respect other members or maybe this just isn't the forum for you.
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    I've just excluded all my accounts for max 5 years. I just can't do it any more guys. I can't control my gambling so now is the time to take a stance I've seen @Antonin succeed so I know it can be done. I can't really say much more
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    Today we hit 100k posts!!! Thankyou to everyone for posting, reading, contributing in anyway, I've really enjoyed reading all of them and getting to know you all a bit more! Much Love!!
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    Happy 2019 to everyone on The Gambling Community, I hope that you, your families and loved ones, all have a stellar year Big shout out, to some of the regulars and also to some of those that have made TGC a great place to be a part of, so wave goodbye to 2018 and say hello to a big bacon, pork filled, ham stuffed 2019, the "Year of the Pig" profit for us all!! @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz @Jakefraser94 @RichieFC @Crunchienut @centipede @Blampy @1pstaker @o0ORyaanO0o @Jessr @Kinkerbells @Echovoice @h0tsh0t87 @Rachyleww @Solario333 @therealwintersoldier @Nicola @4houghts @Snapdragon @Miller26 @Freddy from the hood @Denman @Brownman24 @howfin @david1111 @CherryPi @MikeysSlots @ShawSlots @jessethome @themagics92 @TheBandit @Markymark @Lighty45 @crazyrightmeow @Hackney @Marky147 @thewweEDGEHAD @phattykyle @Sirbetsalot @Player1173 @Chair Slots @Jok3st3r @Mad Slasher McGurk @Taruli @Rubyslippers @pillzandskillz @PieGamble @Roger_aka_Roger @PATTY1974 @VillaLad @Bangers + anyone who I may have forgotten! * even though I have mentioned @Rocknrolla in this piggy post, to make it fair and meat free, he has his own vegan year coming up soon.. 2067 "Year of the Radish"
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    Can't say thankyou enough, was shocked when I learnt a bit more about the glasses FUDGING LOVE EM!!!!
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    I've often been asked about my job in stream, so thought I would write about it here a little. I did talk about it a few times mainly when I had a drink or when I thought I didn't really care but as everything else about me is public I didn't really want my job to be. However I have now left this side completely so for anyone interested in what I used to do I thought I would share. Up until May last year for nearly 2 years I was manager of a charity funded unit which housed people with various physical and learning disabilities. For this role I should have had at least some years experience in it as well as a level 5 managers qualification, I had neither but signed up for the course and was trusted with the position as I had been with the organisation for some years. This role was amazing to me as not only had I just skipped basically at least 5 years worth of working with the aim to get to this role but I also knew I could turn it around and make a difference. We also helped people in the community adapt their homes and flats to accommodate their needs to be as independent as possible. The main reason I left ( I was still involved in this sector until recently) was because it was extremely demanding, not just with the residents needs but mainly with the staff who had years of grudges against the company and was near impossible to fire anyone. I would often have to help out as the staff sickness was a pisstake and because our budget was so small we couldn't bring in agency staff very often, as we would be basically be paying treble for that days wage. I was obviously doing all this casino stuff at the time as well, which had no impact on my performance but what it was bringing in from affiliation was also more than my wage, so overall just didn't make any sense to continue. So what do I do now, well as well as all this we have other lil ventures and hopefully one day poker will be my main focus!
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    @4houghts @Dave @justnathanx @Kinkerbells Heres the prize wheel spins folks, enjoy!
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    This evening at 4pm, we are going on a little 'family' outing to a boxing show. A little background, my 7 year old daughter has been training for around 9 months. (She is the one in my profile pic, with her fav boxer, Dillian Whyte). Now, I am her dad, and obviously I will always say she is great, but in that short time, she has gone from going because its 'something to do' to now having a one to one trainer, training with the teenagers, and going 4 times a week. It is the one thing she is super committed to (try getting her to clean the rabbit cage - no chance lol). I put pads on at home, and she shows me what she has learned, we have a big punch bag etc, and we been told 'she could have a future' at this game. Onto today, and my wife just phoned me at work, to tell me that our little girl, will need to be in her boxing gear tonight, as she will be going into the ring, to give a demonstration of her abilities and skills. She will get the full MC intro etc and basically do a 'training' session in the ring with her one on one coach. Proud aint the word, Im super excited about it, and really hope she enjoys her little moment in the limelight this afternoon ? ???
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    As some of you may know I've been gambling all my life, not recently of course but I wanted to share what was probably the craziest week of my life gambling and the lengths I went to just to get a fix. I'm not sure why I'm posting this, maybe to get it off my chest but also to highlight what others may be going through. Feel free to share similar experiences (if you have any) Around 10 years ago my gambling was out of control and I was at my very worst. I lost multiple jobs because of it, I was a loner and always skint a few days after payday. I was only young at this point (around 19/20) so was still at home with my mum who had just about had enough of my lies and bullshit lost my wallet stories. I became so used to lying I would lie about things I didn't need to lie about. I would meet random people on a night out or online and lie about my name, age, work. I would lie to my family constantly, gambling turned me in to a compulsive liar out of necessity. I found some stability at one point working in sales but I was bored out of my arse one day and just got paid so I made up some excuse to get out of work. I think I said my dad was in a car crash or some wildly bullshit story just to get out and have a gamble as I needed to scratch an itch. I had about £2000 in my bank and bought myself a few days off work in my head through my made up story so I went to the bookies and started putting £100s on the horses. I managed to get up to about £5000 and was told to leave by a few shops for winning I assume. As a young guy this was a lot of money to me so I thought I was the king. I was talking to lots of girls online at this point who were spread out across the country as I didn't really socialise with anyone other than people online as gambling had made me a creature of habit in that I would just sit on betfair pretty much all day and night reading until my money was gone and by that point I couldn't go out even if I wanted to. I decided with my winnings I would go see a girl in Birkenhead so I boarded a train with a huge wad in my pocket and met up. She was late though and of course I wandered straight to the bookies to pass time before she arrived. I lost around a grand within half an hour. No big deal I thought. Anyway, I couldn't really face going home at this point as I had missed calls from my mum and texts about working ringing up who were asking how my dad was and she was furious with my lies. She told me not to come home so I was in a bit of a shitter. I told the girl who found it hilarious and offered a place to stay for the night. Next morning I told her I was off home and would call her. I did neither. I was straight back to the bookies, although the winning streak had well and truly ended. I was down to maybe £400 within a day. Panic mode set in as I had no real home to go to. I had dozens of voicemails off family members, some of whom telling me that my clothes were spread out all over the lawn and my room emptied. I decided to message another girl I had been talking to in Warrington for a 'date' and boarded a train. I met the girl and she invited me back to hers and I made some bullshit excuse up why I couldn't go home and stayed the night there. The next day I felt like the only solution was to gamble to survive. I needed lots of money and quick as I couldn't keep relying on this girl as she had a child so I went to the bookies again. That £400 was soon down to about £40. I had lost it all and had no place to go and no family. I was stuck miles away from 'home' and had no friends. I was screwed. I spent that night on a bench by some river, couldn't give you the name but it was a long night. My phone was dead, I had no food and no clothes. Stupidly I walked right back in to the bookies as soon as they opened. The only thing on was virtual racing. I was putting £2 bets on for no reason whatsoever as the payout wouldn't of been enough to do anything with. Down to £12 I decided to go for longer odds. I put a tricast on for numbers 7-1-3 to come in. It won and I got 715 back. I had enough to get some clothes and get a hotel room. The next day I was feeling pretty good although I knew it wouldn't last forever. I charged my phone and messaged some girl I had been talking to on MySpace some years back. She lived in Peterborough so again, I got on a train and went to see her. When I arrived she was also keen on me to stay over so I ended up staying a week with her. I was doing pretty well, I had food and somewhere to stay and paid her money for that week. That week I lost the majority again by going to get some food and stopping by the bookies. I couldn't face her so decided to roll the dice again by gambling further. This time I lost the lot. I ended up being homeless for about a week this time, sleeping by a coca cola factory on an industrial estate and eating nothing but a box of hobnob flapjacks I had stolen from a local tesco (haha). I decided to man up and call the only family member who would bail me out who was my aunty. I was in tears on the phone, she sent me over some money to get back and I booked a train home. I had about £20 excess after buying the ticket so I went to the bookies again. I won big and ended up with around 800. Instead of getting the train home I figured I may as well go all out and see my last remaining girl contact who lived in Edinburgh. I stayed with her a month, she was looking after me and treated me pretty well but I caved in again to gambling and we had a fall out and kicked me out. It was nearly Christmas and I had blown it. I was homeless again and it didn't look like I would ever learn my lesson. I spent most of my days up there in a local library. I was searching for other girls I could charm/con in to letting me stay with them all day. However, one girl stood out in my quest for the idiot who would let me stay with them for free. One girl offered to pay for my ticket home which I took her up on. I was fed up and sick of being cold and wet so I had no choice actually but she seemed like she really cared even though I was a gambling addicted hobo. She lived close to where I was living with my mum too which was a plus because at this point I was wanting to reconcile and be honest about what I had done and the problems I had. She sent me the money and I actually got the train this time. I didn't pay for it though, I was riding the train for free dodging the ticket man in the view of gambling the money when I got near. About 2 stops away from home I decided to jump off the train and head to the bookies one last time. A horse was running called just for men in pink colours. It was 14/1 and its number was my birthday. I was long teased for being gay even though I actually wasn't but found it quite funny so I blindly put the £150 on she gave me for one last punt. In my head I was thinking if I lose then I go back to the street. If I win I would quit and be honest and have at least money to start rebuilding my life. The horse won and I finished the train journey and ended up having a child with that girl and was with her for 6 years. No one knows about this as I decided not to tell anyone in the end. The lengths I used to go to just to gamble were extreme and its just a warning on how your life can change in an instant if you get out of control. The above is probably not even the worst of it as I have had many more times like this in my life. Gambling made me homeless more times than this. Gambling turned me in to reckless idiot. Don't be like me. /pointless post
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    Currently in Dublin for the Unibet Open. Although feeling like crap I crawled over to the venue and made good profit in cash games and came third in a small side event, unfortunately it wasn't a very big field but still won £8,600. Even though I scared most with my black eye it may have worked in intimidating some to my favour ha!
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    So last night I deposited £103 at Casumo (couldn't get the slider to stop on £100!) I got it to £200 on Blackjack and then played some slots £1.20 a spin hanging around the £200, upped it to £2.40 for a few and this wild desire hit carried on at £2.40 and hit this and moved on to Genie Jackpots 30-40 spins at £2 and the genie popped out with wild megaways for over 200x! Moved on to Fruitinator at £2.50 a spin and hit £150 with the oranges carried on, thought Id do 5x £5 spins and hit another £120 on the first press! Ended the evening on £1300, made a nice change!
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    Didn't realise until I uploaded that I was pointing at the grass, was supposed to be my lovely face ha sorry
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    Hi guys, as some of you know I've recently been trying to get a bit fitter. Have started a You Tube channel (not gambling related) and decided to make my first video documenting my progress Any feedback or pelters will be appreciated, cheers Hackz for letting me post the link. Bilko
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    It did continue on the next day, £150 bets etc. So this is it again for me, my new day 1 starting 08/07/2019 the first day of the rest of my life gamble free My names James, and I am a former gambling addict
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    MASSIVE PRIZE GIVEAWAY.. yes Paul is giving away his House Car Collection of Vintage Cabbages a cheap old £2 lottery ticket.. BUT if your names on this list, it could be MILLIONS! You have to be in it to win it!! @david1111 @Crunchienut @Miller26 @Blampy @MrUKHackz @centipede @Poker @Bangers @Kinkerbells @Denman @VillaLad @Markymark @Solario333 @howfin @Brownman24 @4houghts @h0tsh0t87 @Mad Slasher McGurk @RichieFC @Sirbetsalot @therealwintersoldier @Jakefraser94 @1pstaker @spursman @Player1173 @Nicola @Shades111 @Freddy from the hood @McSplooger @Marky147 @Jessr @cant_moaning @crazyrightmeow @o0ORyaanO0o @AndyL1987 @Legendary Hamster @Chair Slots @groundiskey @Dave @ShawSlots @TheBingoKingx @CherryPi @PieGamble @thewweEDGEHAD @Rubyslippers @Rachyleww @TJFF
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    So after some confusion with flights, hotel, dates etc I ended up in Prague last night! Decided to venture over for some cash games where I was told they only except Czech Krona (I only have euros) for cash games and only euros for the tournaments?! Had a look at the tourneys and theres was a 10k highroller and a €135 satellite for the 1k mtt I was aiming for on the Saturday so went for that. Without trying to sound arrogant (I know I'm still a fish) it was pretty easy, even to the point of folding K,Q on a flop of K,Q,J (all hearts) after the initial raiser check raised my flop bet ( he showed 9,10 of hearts). It was a different setup where once you had a 100k stack you won a ticket but any chips you had leftover you could keep playing to try and win more, I won 1 and lost a flip for a 2nd (William Kassouf won 3 tickets). So Saturdays €1.1k ept National event I got in for €135 and didnt bother with cash games as my bank wouldn't allow a big enough withdrawal in Czech Krona to make it worth it. Day 1a, starting stack 30k chips. After calling down a few bluffs I had 38k chips which was pretty good considering there was just a big blind of 100 at that level. I then got into a bit of a big preflop battle with a pretty loose player, I had K,10 both spades and pot was already at 6k. Flop comes 6,10,10 (two diamonds), I'm in position, he bets 4k and I just call (mainly as I thought I had by far the best hand and wanted him to bluff away some more chips at it). Turn comes Q of clubs, he checks and I bet 8k, he then shoves which I call and he turns his cards over showing J,9 both diamonds. River comes a 3 of diamonds and I'm down to 3.6k in chips. 3.6k in chips is pretty poor but at this stage its still around 20 big blinds. I contemplated just shoving anything as I could still rebuy for the original 1.1k I planned to anyway but decided to grind away at it and after 6 hours got back to 38k. Then 10mins before dinner break I have AK in the small blind, UTG bets 2k (blinds are 500,1k at this point), it gets folded round to the button who shoves 30k all in. This player had shown previously in his play he did these sort of things when he had hands he wasn't sure how to play with his chip stack, so was putting him on hands of AQ, AJ or smaller pocket pair so at worse against him I would be flipping. I go all in and UTG tanks for a minute then calls with JJ and the button shows KQ, so I'm dominating one and flipping against the jacks! Flop comes 2,3,5 so I picked up another out but turn is a 9 and river a 6 ? 680 odd players entered and I ended up 340th with top 100 getting cash and into day2, so had I won that flip I would of had a huge stack to play with and a good chance at making it. I still feel good as playing on with the short stack I ended up with a good go at it and saved myself another 1.1k buyin which I will now use to play in the day1 b event tomorrow for another shot into day2. Went and had a veggie mcdonalds then back to hotel as I don't know anybody here. Watched some poker, had no alcohol and now getting an early ish night ready for tomorrow to hopefully at least enjoy another days poker action! Much love!
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    hi everyone , iv seen rolla and bandit promote the gamcare/gamban for people with serious gambling problems , and i would also like to help albeit with my own story and maybe some advice for anyone that is heading towards serious problems , im 50 in a few days and have been gambling since a young teenager , so i think its safe to say i understand every emotion that comes with gambling , the not so many highs and the the thousands of sickening lows , only a couple of people know my story , but seeing rolla and bandit try and help people i feel i would like to share this story , even if helps just one person it would make me happy . it all began around the age of 13 or 14 playing fruit machines , they got hold of me quick , every single penny i had for about 3 years went in those machines , wherever there was a machine in my town that i could play on at that age i would be there , i would walk or cycle miles just to play them , cafes , arcades , takeaways , anywhere . it got so bad i stole money from my parents to feed my habit , something i look back on now as just terrible . the above went on until the time i left school and got a job and then it was time for the betting shops , i was still underage at 16 but the ones i frequented did not care , not once was i ever asked for ID , and possibly the worst thing that could happen happened , i won my very first bet , £5 on Master Line at 4/1 , i still remember it , walked out of that betting shop that day about £80 up which was more than i had earned in the week i had just worked , obviously within a very short space of time im now hooked , fruit machines no longer interested me , there was a whole new world opening up to me now and i was about to get deep into it . also another place that turned a blind eye to me being underage was the local pubs , my dad was quite well known around the pubs and they all knew me through him , i was on first name terms with all the landlords way before i was 18 , at this time i was quite a gifted dart player and was building a bit of a reputation for myself , i would hussle what i could around the local pubs playing for fivers and tenners until i was pitted in against some of the best players in my area in some pretty big money matches , my dad and his friends were very big gamblers in there day and they would put large amounts of money up for me to play other players at my level , it was something i thrived on , i loved the pressure of it all and the crowds the game would draw , i won many matches and got rewarded well , this went on for a couple of years , obviously losing all my money in the betting shops along the way or in a game of 3 card brag which was the game of choice back then , but whatever , i didnt seem to care , i dont see the problem im running head on into , im still at the age where i think i know it all . from 18-21 i worked in two builders merchants which were pretty much a gold mine for me , i knew every dodgy character there was to know from my last few years frequenting the pubs , security at these places was non existent and i was making in excess of £500 a week doing dodgy deals with even dodgier people , it was money on tap and with that gave me the opportunity to travel about a bit and i was going greyhound racing and horse racing on a very regular basis , placing very large bets and winning and losing a lot of money , then came the casinos , at this stage i was totally out of control , i would have 2 or 3k in my pocket one day and skint the next , this pattern went on and on and on , the only blessing to all of this was the fact i was still living at home with parents and had not yet hit the depths of letting down people with rent and bills and losing money which should go towards house , bills and family , that was still very much in my future . my family at this stage knew what i was getting up to and knew what i had become , it was a very troubling time with a lot of arguing back and forth , eventually my parents moved to the southwest to get away from me , i knew i was about to hit rock bottom pretty soon , the next 20 years are all a bit of a blur to be honest , a lot of failed relationships , obviously all down to me , i just could not kick the habit of gambling even with all the troubles i was bringing myself , i went through a really bad FOBT addiction during this time as well , the only good thing that came out of this time was my son being born , he is now 16 and knows very little about my past , one day when the time is right i will tell him this story . so the gambling never stopped at any stage , i had lost everything good in my life , the mother of my boy had had enough and we split up , when i look back now its something i wish i could repair because she was "the one" , sadly its all too late , that ship has sailed , you will notice in my story that some of the latter years i have not spoken about , lets just say i got mixed up in circles i should never have put myself , i done some things im not proud of and paid the penalty in a pretty big way , all to feed my habit of gambling , im lucky to have one friend that has stuck by me through thick and thin , he has seen my highs and lows for the last 30 years , he is also a gambler , but hes a very sensible one , and after 30 years of talking to a brick wall i finally broke down in tears in front of him and was ready to listen , he knew it would be too much to ask for me to give up gambling completely , especially as we spend time together doing that exact same thing and i dont want to lose him as well which i know i would have to if i was to try and give up completely . it was a saturday morning 2 years ago , we went to the only betting shop in the small town i live in and he filled out self banning order for me for 5 years , we went home and i gave him access to all my betting accounts , he set deposit limits on every one , also blocking casino games on whatever site he could and also cancelling the reverse withdrawal on any site he could , all my poker accounts have been shut down apart from one , watching him do all this actually made me feel sick , not because i was losing all my power to have my bets and how much i could gamble , but because it had made me realize how low my life had got and now needed to be treated like a baby . so we are now in the phase of my last 2 years , its been hard but i have finally got some control back , my bets now range from anything from 50p up to my max bet of £8 which is always on a golf bet , 4 days of entertainment i get from that £8 so its money well spent in my eyes , i do have 2 or 3 things per year that i like to push the boat out a bit further on , one is cheltenham which is almost upon us , my bets that week will be bigger , the money is already put by and my week is payed for , or should i say in the hands of my very good friend i have mentioned in this post .i will get my betting money daily just like pocket money when i was a kid , sounds pathetic but thats how addicts need to be treated , i made this bed , i have to lye in it . i dont want this post attracting sympathy , that has not been the reason for it , i have made monumental mistakes in my life all down to the addiction of gambling , none of it can be undone , all i can do is face up to my mistakes and learn from them , i still hold some hope that my life will change for the better now i have control over my gambling . i said at the beginning that i hope this story can help at least one person , but deep down i hope it helps many more . Thankyou for reading Shades111
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    Right, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and board the gamstop bus, something I’ve been debating for a while now, this decision coming fresh from being shafted on bonanza. Even if Colchester and Grimsby come back and win for £1200, I’ll be cutting ties with online gambling, something I’m excited to do! I’ve got things I need to save for and I’m aiming to do just that now. Ive had a brief look into it but I’d appreciate a few words and a push in the right direction from someone with a bit of knowledge
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    UPDATE! As of today we have 35/36 players. Awesome.... @Rocknrolla hasn't confirmed, and I'm uncertain on Triple M @Miller26 at the moment. Im closing the comp on Sunday morning as I want to do the draw then. The Competition will again be in 2 parts. The main competition will involve picking a horse for all 30 races over the 5 days. Results are then gathered over the 5 days. Top score wins. (so if you want to win you will probably have to play for all 5 days)....with prizes for the podium positions too. Secondly, these results will then be used in a side FA Cup style knockout competition, for a further prize.... If anyone is new and wanted to see what happens check out the Cheltenham Comp thread from March. If you get knocked out of the Cup this has NO BEARING on the main competition. Also can anyone let me know if they can no longer take part. Thanks. @Miller26, @RichieFC, @Markymark, @Jok3st3r, @Ballsdeep, @therealwintersoldier, @Luke_B_123, @Blampy, @Roger_aka_Roger, @Douvan, @DIJACKFROST, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @Solario333, @Dave, @1pstaker, @4houghts, @Kev40, @philinvicta, @MrUKHackz, @Player1173, @VillaLad, @Hacko 1, @Del, @justnathanx, @groundiskey, @slots4fun777, @Chair Slots, @Sgt_bilk0, current champ @Kinkerbells, @Jessr, @jollyman77, @adamuk, @spursman and @Welshman1968 RULES OF THE COMPETITION RULES: You will be given 100 points each day to use to predict all 6 races. Multiples of 5 or 10 only allowed. You MUST have a selection on every race, but how you use your 100 points is up to you. MINIMUM BET is 10 points per race. All selections must be made prior to the first race each day (2.30pm). You will get a chance to change any NR's but if you don't you will automatically get the race favourite. Points will be added up for all 30 races to determine the winner. In the knockout you will only be playing your opponent that day, the winner progresses to the next round and so on....until 2 remain for Saturday's final. Easy peasy GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.... and look out for Sunday's draw. Cheers!
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    As crazy as it is and sounds I'm going to be putting £1,000 on Man City vs Liverpool to draw 3-3 tonight @45/1!!! If you want to know where I got my inside info for this bet it was this morning. After finishing my bowl of crunchinut I looked into the yellowy milk and saw Liverpool 3-2 up until the 93rd minute when Man city scramble a goal to make it 3-3 and keep the title race alive, I wasn't a 100% sure what I was seeing so came on here to post in the football section and then saw the banner for the section is the Crunchinut logo which confirmed it for me!! That being said if this doesn't come in it won't be the first time my cereal has lied to me!