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    Had a little luck this week and a bird pooed on my head yesterday so thought I'd buy a few lotto tickets for the top members of the forum. If it doesn't return much I'll buy more or give it to one of the members in a random draw or add it to a Crunchie comp! My balance will refresh tomorrow but I added the photos below anyway incase the jackpot does come in and the ? in me comes out and keeps it all ? https://imgur.com/a/mnlETS7
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    I have been catching up on the forum today and have seen Blacko's post (tried calling but couldnt get through; will catch up later in the week) regarding his loss and how easy it is for anyone with an addiction to quickly lose their head over it. There are a couple of people on here who know me and also know and understand better than anyone how easy it is to lose large amounts very quickly; i know I am in the degenerate bracket when it comes to gambling. In the past I could easily turn a quick £20 flutter into a full on degen session and spending thousands. I have tried many times to "cure" myself of the illness; GA, therapy, turning to friends etc. but none of it really worked for me. I thought I had it under control until March/April last year when a £20 game of blackjack turned into a horrendous session in which I was down over £21,000 at one point and managed to pull it back by some miracle. I told Blacko as we get on very well; and he called me an idiot (which he was right to do so) but he also did something pretty decent. He sent me a key ring. A simple key ring. Which was engraved. A simple keyring that was engraved with the message "The Third Bullet". More impressively he spelt it right; which for a Korean Dictator is difficult ?. He sent it me as he knew I had bought a new car with the money I nearly blew in a casino as I couldnt trust myself not to do it again. Now when I get tempted to gamble, I don't turn to GA or friends/family (mainly because they do not understand) that simple key ring stops me. I cant play online so have to drive to the nearest casino/arcade, and every time I try to go for some reason the keyring stops me from doing something stupid. I wouldnt normally post something like this or I would just PM Blacko but I wanted him (and others) to know that the simple gesture of sending a keyring from Scotland/Korea to Liverpool has literally stopped me from potentially loosing my partner/house/job and savings. I know that you are probably feeling down over the money you lost, but want you to know that you literally saved my arse last year mate and you know where I am if you need anything. Thank you @Blacko
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    So was telling a mate I intended in making a deposit this month of £100 then doing some sports bets with the rest of my budget. This was the result.... I got VERY lucky and have cashed out the majority already to bank of Bilko. Turned the settings around during recording so bear that in mind.
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    We are nearly here, the excitement is building towards the much coveted AW racing trophy 2020. Let's have a look through the entries. @Denman 5/2 (with a run) From the poshest stable in the land with a good track record. Not proven in open company but could bully his way to victory if he shows up. @Crunchie 11/2 One of only two triple winners in the field, in fine form of late with a couple of big wins. Can be very inconsistent in open company. Will the real Crunchie stand up. @therealwintersoldier 6/1 The other triple winner in the field. Strong consistent sort with plenty of placed efforts. Possible the handicapper has caught up after leading and fading late on recently. @Frosty 13/2 In cracking form of late with a number of placed efforts. Will he freeze his rivals out? @4houghts 17/2 Decent win record at level stakes. Improvement needed on recent open company efforts. @Solario333 9/1 Proven performer winning the stamina sapping Saturday tipping contest. Does he have the needed speed? @MrUKHackz 10/1 Highly ranked and knows how to get stuff done. Though will need to improve to take a hand. @spursman 12/1 Bit of a dark horse, lack of form is a worry but is known to put the odd decent shift in. @Mad Slasher McGurk 14/1 Possibilities though not a proven winner. Likes to take a hand late on and cut through the opposition. @Fredthedog1 16/1 Unknown ability level, rumours are he could walk it. @Jessr 16/1 Unproven over this distance, only time will tell if she has won yet. @Kev40 20/1 Likeable sort though certain performances have been underwhelming. Chances if anything fishy goes on. @Sgt_bilk0 20/1 Northern challenger does the form correlate. We don't think so. @Dave 25/1 Consistent sort at a lower level. Can he take this step up in grade? @1pstaker 25/1 Lucky winner of the doubles competition. Looked like he was carried by his partner. Form patchy of late. @Hacko 1 33/1 Would need some of the favourites to falter to have a chance. Wouldn't be the biggest surprise. @Jok3st3r 33/1 Funny individual who can be in and out. Much loved by her adoring fans. Place possibilities with a bit of luck. @Peter clark 50/1 Rather unknown quantity. @crazyrightmeow 50/1 Possibly purring a bit out of their depth in this contest. @RichieFC 66/1 Northern challenger with little course form. Price could tumble if his fan club get involved. @adamuk 100/1 No form to go on. Probably best to shelve this one for know and save for another time. @Blacko 100/1 related to okcalb. Not up to this level on all known form. Will bomb out at some point. @Rocknrolla 100/1 Used to be a consistent sort but very rarely seen these days. Recently changed stables and possibilities if he shows up. @Sir Gnome 150/1 Possible non runner, no form and seems full of it. Avoid. @VillaLad 250/1 Amazingly won this event last year! Shocking form in all outings since. Not one to rely on. @Cheryl T 250/1 Self proclaimed lovely looking filly, yet to be seen if this is a true reflection. Look elsewhere before seeing this. @Miller26 500/1 Trainer reckons this is his best at home! Never proven anything within competition and extremely unlikely to change.
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    It's the best time of the month again, thats right, it's time for the TGC Prize Wheel Spins.... No not those sort of wheel spins, these sort of wheel spins, don't scroll down too far as it will spoil the result for you...Good Luck if you're on there! . . . . . Jokester - £25 cash RB91 - £25 Free Bet Solario - £150 Amazon Vouchers Mad Slasher McGurk - £25 Amazon Voucher Kev40 - £100 Cash TRWS - £25 Cash Crunchie/Richie - TGC Hoody Crunchie - £100 Cash
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    OK, so following a call to help from @Solario333 a number of you fine people have put in the pot to get me a computer for streaming. One, hopefully, that doesn't make me want to put my fist through the screen. Anyway, I've been bugging a number of people these last few days in order to try and make sure I didn't make the mistake I did when buying my laptop. Which was basically "ooooooh big screen" "ooooh on sale" wheeeeey. The person I have bugged the most is CraigSlots, in fact I think he just wanted some peace and quiet and threw in another big donation to top the pot off and cover a set up he put together (he has said this is a gift to both me and the TGC Community from him / GamblersDen as a viewer of RichieFM himself) I just want to thank everyone, it does really mean a lot. As I have said on the other thread I would never have even thought about asking anyone for help. As a result and in all honesty it would likely have meant me stopping the streams which would have been a hard decision because I enjoy doing them. So to both @Solario333 and @adamuk for starting the wheels turning, to @LaTeRzuk, @Malkychamp, @TGC GNOME, @Kev40, @Mad Slasher McGurk, @Normski, @margate1985, @slots4fun777, @Blampy, @Blacko, @Sgt_bilk0, @TheBingoKingx, @Jok3st3r, @Nick, @centipede, @Brownman24, @MrUKHackz, @DEVIL4POSTER, @therealwintersoldier, @Miller26, CraigSlots, and of course the man himself @Rocknrolla for their generous donations and also just to these & the rest of the community for any help, advice (such as @Mrs love !), well wishes etc. Please if I missed anyone from that donator list, forgive me, I went through the other thread the best I could but, well, for a time it went off the tracks eh. I started the channel with this community year's ago, and I'm happy that others have joined us on the way. Whether it be a Laptop struggling or a person in need this community shows it's true colours and the cream rises to the top. I for one am proud to be a part of it, thank you all again and I hope to see you cracking open a beer with me whenever the next stream may be
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    Jammin paying, but I made a new account on a casino and took 100% deposit bonus and just entered the bonus money but fuck it Ill wager those €1750, wish me luck Keeeemon.
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    Been a while but finally a 1000x win!
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    5.05 Wilkommen 6.10 It Must be faith. 6.40 Mr Carbonator 7.10 That is the Spirit WIN ONLY Please, good luck everyone
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    Euromillions hotpicks big win, spent £30, won 1.5k
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    Krafla 5:40 Wolverhampton - Win Calder Prince 7:10 Wolverhampton - Win Pink Jazz 7:40 Wolverhampton - Win Latent Heat 2:30 Southwell - Win
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    13:30 Red Stripes 14:00 Sur Mer 17:05 Power Home 18:10 It Must Be Faith £10 Win Lucky 15 £150 Total
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    14.30 Equidae 16.00 Decision Maker 17.40 Mount Mogan 19.10 Ghaith win L15
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    This is so tough all these class 5 and 6's. Gone with a jock who has been doing well on the A/W this year. 6:10 Precious Plum 6:40 Mr Carbonator 7:40 Red Jasper 8:10 Dark Phoenix £10 win L15 Good luck all
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    5.05 Running cloud 6.10 knockabout queen 6.40 sunshineandbubbles 7.40 red jasper £10 win lucky 15 Good luck everyone.
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Call Me Lord 14:25 - Laurina 15:00 - Limited Reserve 15:35 - Le Rocher NB  MUSSELBURGH 14:05 - Ashington NAP 15:15 - Carole's Destrier WETHERBY 14:45 - Newtide
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Eldorado Allen 14:25 - Laurina 15:00 - Remastered NAP 15:35 - Diable De Sivola MUSSELBURGH 14:05 - Sir Chauvelin 15:15 - Sumkindofking WETHERBY 14:45 - Ardlethen Good luck everyone!
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    I was a little bored so made a deposit on Pokerstars of what was left of my weekly allowance on there of 17.77 cents ( I allow myself max 50 dollars a week). Did a couple of bets bet on the horses and was left with around 8 dollars to do some spins with. After a couple of winners on the horses and a bit of luck I was up to around 80 dollars so I said I would start a Lil Devil session . I had 4 hearts on 30 cents so I said I would take it up to halfway for another day. I got to halfway and during the run had a nice hit for just under 70 dollars when I got a line across with 2 8x multipliers. As I was on around 140 dollars I said I would do a cash out but Pokerstars said that that I could not cash out for 24 hours after a deposit under their new policy to prevent fraud (never happened to me before). I was a bit cheesed off played a couple of other slots with no luck and decided to go back to Lil Devil and try and get to the end and also start off a 20 cent run as well. I got to the top of the top of the 30 cent one and went for the gates one and got a Jack to go with the heart and managed 2 retriggers This was the result All I can say is thank you pokerstars and I will be cashing it out tomorrow Just to say I also had a bit of luck the other day off their 5 freespins which I get for Friday Sat and Sun I got a nice win of about 5 dollars and managed to spin that up to 150 dollars which I cashed out and also had several hours of spins
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    Equidae 230 Southwell Brains 300 Southwell Willkomen 505 Wolverhampton Godfather 540 Wolverhampton 5 quid each way Lucky 15
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    SANDOWN13:50 - Call me Lord14:25 - Laurina NAP15:00 - Agrapart EW15:35 - Ami Desbois NBMUSSELBURGH14:05 - Seaborough EW15:15 - Little BruceWETHERBY14:45 - Newtide
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    SANDOWN 13:50 Call Me Lord 14:25 Good Boy Bobby 15:00 Golan Fortune _NAP_ 15:35 As De Mee MUSSELBURGH 14:05 Seaborough _nb_ 15:15 Wonderful Charm WETHERBY 14:45 Boldmere
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    I promise one day I will beat the wager ?
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    CHELTENHAM 13:50 - My Way 14:25 - Slate House NAP 15:00 - House Island 15:35 - Paisley Park DONCASTER 14:05 - Eva's Oskar 14:40 - Lady Buttons 15:15 - Chidswell NB