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    So as the title says I am looking into playing on a crypto site, something which I didnt think I would be doing for quite some time if at all! Nothing has been 100% decided yet but thought I would just air my thoughts on it. All the changes the UKGC implemented never really had a detrimental impact on how I played or where and even though a lot of the checks were a ball ache you could still appreciate the benefits of having those checks in place. It wasn't until about a month or so ago when my main few sites I would play on restricted me to a point where I couldn't play/deposit. I looked elsewhere for non crypto sites and have since been screwed by three out of the four I found which I'll go into more on another thread, but that was the last straw for me as those sites were utter shite anyway! Losing those sums to basically scam casinos really hurt me (my own fault) but I would never had done that had I had at least one decent place I could play. Since then I've re-evaluated the very small amount of options I have left and this is the one I'm going to have a look at and test. There's a number of ways to do it but the deal I'm looking at is to stream/make videos in return for deposit bonuses and a fee. I also wouldn't be using a vpn so would have to travel to do it. You'll no I'm no expert affiliate and do wayyyyy below even the very least you'd expect but in doing this the site costs me a lot more than it returns so I also have to consider this. As if I don't come up with a solution then the site will need to be closed down. This hasn't been a decision I've come to lightly and I know some people will leave the forum and youtube subs will also unsub but the current uk gambling situation is changing and from what I can see there's only a few left who havent gone to crypto. The likes of Neymar, Drake etc streaming crypto now with over 100,000,000 followers just on twitter alone show where its going. Some of the new regulations look to be loosening up on uk land based casinos so I'm hopeful in the future they realise what they've done and ease up a bit on online. I'll still use up my small allowance I've been given on 21casino and if I win I can possibly just stream from there until it goes negative. I'm not worried about the one site I choose but more the crypto world in general as once you signup to one it opens the door to 100's more so I won't be taking this lightly either and if I can't control then that will be the end to my crypto casino time. Like I said I'm yet to even play on one and it may not be for me but as I know is big topic at the moment wanted to be open about it with you
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    You need to understand that all of us on here appreciate the stuff you have done and the way it has brought a load of strangers together whose only common interest was watching a guy playing slots on stream. I like to feel that TGC has done a lot of good whether it was the huge sums given to charity or the support of those who were struggling where we could. As with any of these sorts of places you will always get a few rows and upsets along the way between members but although we can be a bit blokish and old fashioned (non woke/pc) in our outlook I like to think that if we were pushed into a corner we would stand together as we have proved in the past. If we see something that is really wrong we will call it out. At the end of the day I understand a place like this costs money to run and I also understand that the salary does an awful lot of good and hard work on the sites behalf and the site is lucky to have them. At the end of the day if the site was to struggle to carry on I for one would say that every minute has been (mostly) productive and has aided many people in a time of need especially during covid. I am sure that very few of the other so called streamers sites have had anywhere as much positive benefit ( especially with many of them being purely to get people to sign up). I wish that there was another way for you but at then end of the day although all the regulars and indeed anybody else can put forward our opinions and feelings on the matter it is a decision that only you who have the information such as what you are being offered and the terms can decide if you need to do it and what it will mean for your family.
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    @Rocknrolla I’m happy to support you in whatever decision you make going forward and I know it will have not been made without great consideration. the world is moving forward and crypto is the way it’s going, there are now some really decent crypto sites which will actually be better than a lot of casinos under the ukgc. like you say the streams and this site cost money and if you can get a fee & deposit bonus to help with costs it makes sense to go for it.
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    More than likely one of those scenarios where they phoned and offered him a couple of million, and Drake said who wants to hang around with that Roshtein told his agent to quote him a "not a chance" price of 100 million and some silly sod agreed to it. They could of had @MrUKHackz for the price of his old electric bill but that would not have been much of a saving though !
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    I think you’ve misunderstood a little mate, he’s getting a small fee to promote the casino which will help with streams and the running of this site & some Bonuses to be able to do more streams. He’s not going to end up like roshstien playing with Fun money.
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    If you play with your own money I dont see a problem if you play on crypto. Regarding gamstop and gamban, you cannot protect everyone from themselves. If we look at this thing from that prespective, we should ban pubs as well and stop supporting everyone that drinks. So many people die every year because that, but we still go to pubs or buy alcohol and share it on forum or social media. By doing that we help the whole industry create and influence more alcohol addicts right? You see the hipocracy? It is same shit or even worse since health and life is more important than money. I could state even more examples but I think you get the point. I also see crypto casinos as the future of online gambling unless somehow some power will shut it down by I dont see how. Imo they already took.over the industry, even slot providers are giving exclusive promotions and collabing with crypto streamers when new slots come out. Imo do what you have to do if it is the only way to go in the future as a streamer and a gambler.
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    This was always going to generate different opinions, I think what everyone can agree on is you’re a decent bloke and if the ukgc hadn’t closed all doors on you that you would still be on the casinos you’ve played on for years. The whole crypto thing is new to many and people don’t like change, I’m sure the exact same opinions were voiced by punters when online casinos game around and all people had before that we’re betting shops. I think you’re doing the right thing and change is needed to move forward. But If I see you growing your hair and wearing a fedora hat I will be suspicious until then bring on the streams! I think you’re making the right choice.
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    I understand your need to have a bet @Rocknrolla but as you have found out this is a very murky world where you have been turned over for some serious funds when you stray off the safe path. I know there are some supposedly "better" crypto casinos but lets be honest many of these are only setting up to get around the restrictions to allow people to bet who are being restricted by the regulations in the UK. I believe that many of the streaming people are playing on there due to the deals they are getting and like I said on the other thread to keep the money coming in because they do not fancy rejoining "the real world of proper jobs". I accept that the site costs a lot of money to run but I think many people follow you because they trust your judgement and accept the you are a decent guy who is not just in it to make as much as he can from his followers. The problem I see is that many if not all of the sites will not just allow those who are being restricted like your self who do not have conventional incomes and so find it harder to get through the UKGC hoops but also people who have self excluded or are on GAMSTOP and GAMBAN thus exposing all of those people to get themselves in trouble again. To be honest even though I use the site a lot I ( and I mean no disrespect to @MrUKHackz) I would rather see the site closed down than see followers exposed to the dangers of unregulated sites. I hope that you manage to find a solution that works for you and I accept that by the time the government gets its act together with its gambling review it could be too long to be left in limbo.
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    Surely to fuck nobody needs a 100 million that bad !
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    Bless her I've been strutting my legs in high heels replicating her dance tonight as I have often over the years, She was a survivor. A lady respected by so many,
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    Jockeys view on the track
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    Lads I thought I’d have a go on the dogs £5 tricast 15/8 ish 6/1 10/1 on the off BISH BASH BOSH GTFIT
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    Final week of May, and a whopping 10 races on ITV this Saturday. League table included so you see who is battling it out for monthly honours. SATURDAY 27TH MAY 2023 - LIVE RACING - 1300 - 1600, ITV4 HAYDOCK 13:15 Betfred supports Jack Berry House Handicap - 1m 4f 13:50 Betfred TV Nell Hook Handicap - 2m 14:25 Betfred Silver Bowl Handicap - 1m 15:00 Betfred Sandy Lane Stakes (Group 2) - 6f 15:35 Betfred Temple Stakes (Group 2) - 5f GOODWOOD 13:30 William Hill Festival Stakes 1m 2f 14:05 William Hill Harroways Handicap 7f YORK 14:40 William Hill Epic Boost Handicap 5f 15:15 William Hill Brontë Cup - 1m 6f CURRAGH 15:40 Irish 2000 Guineas (Group 1) - 1m @stressfree @Blampy @Chrissy_M @afclee1 @Aarongeorge1989 @afclee1 @Jok3st3r @philinvicta @VillaLad @therealwintersoldier @ScouseSi
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    I messaged bandit about talking to them for me then got sidetracked talking about all this crypto stuff. I'll still chase that up as well
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    In terms of someone playing there that shouldnt and not getting paid is one of the scenarios I'll be asking whatever site I use. In terms of encouraging I think it's quite broad as I've been accused and been blamed for people losing on roulette, slots, poker, fobts the lot and thats been regardless of where I've played. I think the majority of my audience is very different to most and would all have similar journeys to people on here and I can't imagine any of you that are against crypto streams are suddenly going to be signing up to one because I have. Yes when winning big majority of the time I've been sensible but the losses add up over time so there isnt a big sum sitting there, I still have a mortage. The last six months I did mostly give up gambling and found it pretty impossible to fill that gap with anything that comes to the thrill of it.
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    Always with own money, even if I wanted to it would be easy to see
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    You may feel they are trustworthy but you must remember that if as a UK resident if you gamble with a UK licenced casino then they have to pay you and if they do not you can sue them. I am sure that many of these casinos are not UK licenced and people have no comeback.. How many of these so called reputable crypto trading sites have disappeared with people money.
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    Money wise I'm yet to see or be offered anything crazy, I'm quite known to most but more as a non affiliate whistle blower then anything ha
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    That's probably the first time I've seen you quite animated @1pstaker. You obviously feel strongly about it. I've watched crypto streamers before and my god you can lose a shed load of money very very quickly. Imo you need a huge bankroll to sustain it
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    Playing Crypto site at your own risk is one thing. And if thats what you want to do to satisfy your own degenarate gambling, the risks associated with it are yours to take. Basically advertising it, or god forbid, asking for sign ups, is something else entirely. Most reasoning been highlighted already so I wont repeat it. I get the impression Bandit is already exploring it via someone called lucky devil slots, who is my opinion in some way sponsored by Bandit. You had Jimbo and Craig do it, and very blatantly too, giving a step by step guide on how to use a VPN ffs. Disgusting behaviour from them two. What will your action be when one of your sign ups approaches you saying "I deposited 5k the last 3 month and finally got lucky and won 6k today. However, they telling me as I use a VPN I cant withdraw and have closed my account". I tell you what it will be, nothing, as there is zero you can do. But I put this to you Rolla, unlike the others fudgers out there, you will feel something called guilt for encouraging someone to play there. Can you live with that for money? That is not who you are. And one other thing...I dont expect answers as it is personal, but you been very sensible (or at least said you have been and I believe you) in that when you have won big, you have given the majority of it to the Mrs. Now you have had some HUGE hits down the years, and if that is the case, you Mrs must be sitting on a pretty hefty sum of money for your future. As such, my suggestion is, forget gambling altogether, live your life, enjoy your kids growing up, and leave this all behind. You only got one life, most of us here have ruined our own in some form or another through gambling. Be what you always were, different. Wake up tomorrow, close the site down close every gambling account down, and say bonjour to it all.
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    Rolla you are been unique casino streamer since beginning of the stream days and you always been special for legit playing with real money and showing the emotions and living with it not just being braindead paid actor to roll slots and scream like a retard after win, you all know what i mean here... anyways im just bit scared if you decide the crypto route that you could end up like the other crypto streamers becouse im pretty sure you'll get your ass paid off with $$$ if you "sell" yourself to them. Anyways still gonna watch you as far as i can, becouse you also have helped me and probably many others to NOT play degen.. Trying to watch these fake streams gives me nothing expect disgust, but you, i can live within your playing and feel excited and bad etc for you. blabla but yeah.. Hope you don't get changed!!
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    I'm still not sure how to react myself, never really had a good word to say about crypto gambling and still think is a dirty place at the moment but I also never thought I'd get to a point where I couldn't play anywhere in the uk. I also think had I not had the recent experiences of other non crypto uk online casinos then this scenario would be a lot further down the line if at all!
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    Not mine (obviously) but lucky bollox strikes again
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    At Sandown tonight if anyone got any hotpots...mate has a part share (nostril hair) in a horse in the last....Star Player, but he hasn't had any info about it's chances
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