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    2023 is sure to be a year of great changes ..... and so I extend best wishes to all TGC members and guests ,past and present , that you all achieve your goals and meet your needs as the year progresses. Do not be surprised if world and Uk events are unusually turbulent , but remain positive as Love will win the day and triumph over disaster .
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    Lang may yer lums reek. Get a steak pie and a whisky in yer bellies and be merry. According to blind mystic Baba Vanga 2023 will bring Biological War, a nuclear attack, solar tsunami, and an alien attack of all things so get a drink down ur neck tonight and enjoy yourselves.
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    11,000x + on mental https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/nunedesiyoba?device=desktop&language=en
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    Lovely hit, watch ur step with those steep bonus buys though. I’ve tried like fuck to get a tune out this slot but it has never delivered shit.
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    Happy New Year @Solario333 and all, make this year your best, and good luck.
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    Happy new year @Solario333 and to all the lovely TGC members, past and present.
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    Well played @Mad Slasher McGurk @Jok3st3r cheers Dan @1pstaker
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    Happy New year @Solario333 and to all the good folk of TGC
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    @Jok3st3r claims the monthly, a consistent performance through the month sealing the deal. Well played @MrUKHackz can you put @Jok3st3r down for a small prize please. And the tri-monthly, it is @Mad Slasher McGurk who reigns supreme, with that last race winner today proving the difference between success and failure, and it saw him overhaul @Jok3st3r by just 3 points. Well done @Mad Slasher McGurk, consistent stuff rewarded. @MrUKHackz can Slasher be put down for a bigger prize please. Thanks all for taking part this year, I hope next week and a new year motivates a few more into playing again, or a few newbies joining in. Have a great evening anyone celebrating, happy new year.
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    6 Scatter DHV - proper rare never actually seen it! Bonus paid just under 300x.
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    Well done @Jok3st3r and @Mad Slasher McGurk
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    Well done @Mad Slasher McGurk Thanks as always @1pstaker Wheres that year gone
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    First hit of the new year..
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    Well done @Jok3st3r, thanks as ever @1pstaker
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    Congrats @Jok3st3r, @Mad Slash McGurk and Cheers @1pstaker
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    Well done @Jok3st3r @Mad Slasher McGurk and cheers @1pstaker.
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    Congrats @Jok3st3r & @Mad Slasher McGurk thanks as always @1pstaker Happy New year everyone
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    And yourself pal. Hope it’s a good one
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    yes my Saturdays are now reserved for family , and my Boxing Day was spent on box hill.
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