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    Anyone else looking forward to this, think it's going to be an open tournament, and maybe some value bets in there too! My outsider is Joe Cullen, depends on the draw but more than able to win his Quarter, not shown much second half of the year though. Beau Greaves has qualified for the first time, and I will be keeping an eye on the draw as she will be a real contender to win her first match, won 8 women's floor tournaments in a row, beating both Ashton and Sherrock multiple times. Anyone else got any thoughts?
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    i bloody missed the second day sorry @1pstaker i know u won’t personally be bothered but the effort u put into these, i appreciate and completely forgot. thanks again tho and congrats to the winner
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    Another 1000x + on this game, believe I've hit 12 / 1,000x hits on this!
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    So many capable players nowadays it could be a very open year. I dont think its so much that the top players levels have dropped, rather those just below have improved. Having said that, it still gets nervy for those not used to it. so I expect a more established star to win it. MVG, Price or Wright.
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    Not followed too closely this year but I would go for Luke Humphries of the up and comers I would fancy MVG of the more established stars ( I do not like Price so would never back him) I also saw a youtube darts stream today and they were saying what an awful price at 20/1 or less that Josh Rock is. He has a lot of potential for the future but no real big tournament experience at all.
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    Hi all, New to site and looking forward to reading posts on here.. I just bet small amounts but often. Name is Barrington and currently living in Norfolk, UK for my sins.
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    Well observed, just testing feel free to change mods
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    Hi @Theone543 welcome to TGC I'm not sure I understand what you are wanting. You logged into a family members account and deposited? Or did you sign up in a family members name? Why don't you pay the very small amount of money back, apologise and never do it again. If I'm misunderstanding please explain what I'm missing.
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    He has been playing well on the floor tournaments, I will be looking forward to the grand slam soon, see if he gets out of the group, Wolverhampton can be hostile at times so it is a decent test
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    Not a bad return for a buckshee £1.97 balance in my account after a withdrawal.
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    Get in there! This is my favourite game at the moment.
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    Beauty mate well done!!!
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    Unluckiest man in the world.. bought a box of After Eight mints and died at half Seven.
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    Paddy in weatherspoons: ”how much is the lager” Barman says £4 a pint £7 a pitcher, Paddy says I’ll just have a pint fuck the photo
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    I wonder who you are going to upset by attaching Selma and Patty to.
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    Well done on your good fortune! make no mistake though - keep doing what you are doing and you will lose. It is a mathematical certainty.
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    I had done a TGC Simpsons character list with almost everyone on here on it.. how random is that
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    So at 10p spins your 75 units up so that makes a grand total of £7.50 after 5,555 spins I’d rather rub stinging nettles on my gonads
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    Pardon me while I get back to beating the crap out of roulette.
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