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    no smoke and mirrors, every spin live, so the naysayers cannot say nay, how much clearer do you want me to make it, i'm proving live that I am the worlds best roulette player that ever lived I will complete the 160,000 spin challenge, and then I will go on after that and do a million spins live
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    My strategy is to assign every number to a star in the sky, then I take the average current wind speed across Eastern Afghanistan divide that by the number of Starlink satellites I can see with the naked eye and with that number I... For the rest of the equation to this 1000% win proof system please DM to arrange payment for the low low price of 2 goats and a block of mature cheddar cheese.
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    I am currently in the process of a long project, streaming it live on youtube at Kon Tiki Roulette channel, not claiming I will win any money, it is a serious challenge. What I am trying to do initially is to once and for all try and slay the green eyed monster, so focusing on discipline and structure at the moment. It sounds a bit odd, but I am deliberately avoiding the subject of winning money. The concept is that I have designed a raft called Kon Tiki and I am trying to float on an ocean of numbers. Anyway, sounds a bit kooky but if you watch the intro it all makes sense. Any feedback on this subject would be welcome
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    Next Friday and Saturday sees the annual Breeders Cup event take place. Once again, we will be hosting the Breeders Cup competition, with 5 races on Friday the 4th, and a further 9 races on Saturday 5th, Scores will be based upon the US tote returns as has become the way in this comp, and full rules will be posted on Tues or Wed. If you fancy a crack at it, just drop an im in below.
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    So like Phil Hellmuth of roulette
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    One of my horses to follow has been entered in the following race: (I'm going e/w on it). 20:00 Wolverhampton - Come To Pass
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    Go on then, you always need someone to come last
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    I'm in, can actually watch this year as not at work!
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    Tell u what hardman there are a few ladies ( well female ) members on here, send a few shirts over and we’ll host a wet Endorphina T-shirt contest ( @Cheryl T T must be odds on favourite ). I will personally wear a fuck Spinomenal T-shirt if you can get this going.
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    I will send him a T-shirt.. if he is a real fan. So.. he needs to type IM A REAL FAN OF @ENDORPHINA. Deal? @Gkell727
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    Looks like one for the Saturday Saddos so that me in
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    Do an envelope system where winners pick a mystery prize or booby prize. One envelope has an Amazon gift card one envelope has a naked picture of Rocknrolla ect..
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    Distance travelled this stream was 4 miles + 3 spins (151 spins) Total distance travelled so far is 111 miles + 31 spins (4,138 spins) Stick that in your pipes and smoke it boyos
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    The monthly result...and todays win saw @Mad Slasher McGurk overcome those in front of him, and pounce at the last to claim victory. Very well done Slasher. Long time leader @Frosty stumbled at the last, and 2 time weekly winner @Chrissy_M had to settle for 3rd. @MrUKHackz, can you put Mad Slasher down for a small something please.
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    A fine win for @Mad Slasher McGurk , who had a slow start but then found 4 out the last 5 winners. Well played. Runner up spot for @Jok3st3r, and in 3rd today was @therealwintersoldier. Have a look through, and if all is well/after any mistakes rectified I will post the legue result in a bit
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    My autistic Brother collects all the old retro shite including Atari 2600, Commodore 64, zX Spectrum, Amiga etc.. looks a bit like my bedroom from the 80s minus the well thumbed copies of Escort and Razzle hidden under the matteress.
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    @Chrissy_M thinks I mean one of these
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    At least you have one thing in common with that lumberjack - You both need a bigger chopper!
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    @Endorphina it’s time your company sent over merchandise to keep ur loyal followers ( not me ) happy. @Gkell727 is a bit of a playboy and would love nothing better than a Endorphina T-shirt and baseball cap to wear when visiting his local nightclub.
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    Over 3100 spins played live, + 40 units, so beating house edge so far As I said, not about systems, not about making money, just optimal strategy Not difficult to get my point, no-one discusses optimal strategies on roulette, just lunatic nonsense