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    On my break deposited 50 got 6 bonus spins 5th free spin all the way up the ladder for 1500x happy days
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    Copperwell, Substantial, Knight of Honour, Iron Heart. Lucky15 will be my effort today.
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    Did anyone watch the 15:20 at Yarmouth a horse called ikhtiraaq won and yet tommo decided to call it istabraaq about 20 times in the final 2 furlongs. It was the 7/4 fav and it also won in a photo you can only imagine how happy tommo was how he gets work is beyond me he’s the worst commentator I’ve ever heard
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    ooh those can be very rewarding or very costly
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    SANDOWN 13:50 Arecibo nb 14:25 Lion Tower nap 15:00 Heredia 15:35 Native Trail HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 Nathanael Greene 14:40 Free Wind 15:15 Get Shirty
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    Chicken curry and cauliflower Bhaji …brandy … strawberries etc
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    Nice one @Dave and @Frosty Thanks as always @1pstaker