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    Today sees the start of the second major the USPGA. One bet that stands out to me is Jordan Spieth in his 3 ball against Rory and Tiger at around 6/4. The course is said to suit players who like Augusta which all three players have form at but Spieth is also usually a fast starter and for me Tiger is way past his best and Rory seems to be struggling with parts of his game. I have also backed Spieth outright together with Matsuyama and Cam Smith. If Spieth wins he will complete the career grand slam of Majors. Also be aware because bad weather is forecast for tomorrow morning so really you want an early starter today who will be out late tomorrow
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    XRP is what i've gone for aswell but i've no idea how the price is going because i've signed out of Binance and deleted the app. I'll log back in in a few years and hope for the best
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    So I deposited 75.00 and played Big Bass for 40p -- had 2 bonuses and won £31 . Withdrew £70 and took 36 to Dead or a Wild and played 40p again. Ten spins in and hit this Bonus ...... A three VS wildlines ..... one of them 25x !!!My first tinker for a while ..... and a great result. All withdrawn bar £50 left in for later ...
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    I spent £35 on this build to get me just over half way through the heart collection. I deposited a further £100 to complete it and hit this beaut. 30p stake £835.32 win 2784.4x £962.95 Balance -£35.00 Cost -£100.00 Deposit +£827.95 Profit
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    when I did check my IP it come up as my IP in the UK lol, now I find the way I am using team viewer, all good now thanks
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    Very nice @Solario333 well done sir I doff my cap
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    It hurts now, but in a couple of days/weeks, it will pass. Most of us have/are going through it. It's a sick game that we play and we have to live with it, one way or another. The only thing that works for people like me and others are taking away the possibility to do it. If you don't have the means then you don't have to think about it. Even our favourite gambler (rolla) uses the same strategy to control himself.
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    you will always be a degenerate fudger if you think like that !!! let it go ... stop self recrimination and move on . Give yourself a break .
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    Here’s an Easter card for @Chrissy_M @Jok3st3r @Cheryl T T @kirsty0312 and @lucy_tgc.
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