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    SANDOWN 13.15 Hatcher 13.50 Goshen 14.20 L’homme presse 14.55 The brimming water 15.30 Deise aba MUSSELBURGH 14.05 Calipso collonges 14.40 socialist agenda NAP 15.45 highland hunter LEOPARDSTOWN 13.35 Fil Dor 15.15 Kemboy WETHERBY 14.30 Ahoy senor
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    i'm proper happy now that others have seen it because i got called a liar so much that i was genuinely questioning weather it happened or not haha
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    I dont think there is anything they could do. It would be lost in the ether (no pun intended).
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    gla SANDOWN 13:15 Tamaroc Du Mathan 13:50 Guard Your Dreams 14:20 Mister Coffey 14:55 Green Book Nap 15:30 Deise Aba MUSSELBURGH 14:05 Brotherly Company 14:40 Anna Bunina 15:45 The Wolf nb LEOPARDSTOWN 13:35 Fil Dor 15:15 Kemboy WETHERBY 14:30 Ahoy Senor
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    Cliff Richard singing Congratulations when @Rocknrolla hits a max on lightening roulette
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    He must be hard up for money if he has to resort to dealing Blackjack.. what’s next! Louie Spence hosting crazy time.
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    I thought earlybird @Dave had put up way to many selections when I opened the thread...but no, we have a whopping ELEVEN races from 4 different meetings on ITV this Saturday!! I might have to pretend I got a party to attend and let @Jok3st3r do the scores.... Start of a new monthly league, so get those selections in SANDOWN 13:15 THE VIRGIN BET HANDICAP CHASE 13:50 THE VIRGIN BET CONTENDERS HURDLE (LISTED) 14:20 THE VIRGIN BET SCILLY ISLES CHASE (GRADE ONE) 14:55 THE VIRGIN BET HEROES HANDICAP HURDLE (GRADE 3) 15:30 THE VIRGIN BET MASTERS HANDICAP CHASE MUSSELBURGH 14:05 THE BET365 SCOTTISH COUNTY HURDLE (HANDICAP) 14:40 THE BET365 AULD YIN COND’ JOCKEY’S VETERANS H’CAP CHASE 15:45 THE BET365 EDINBURGH NATIONAL HANDICAP LEOPARDSTOWN 13:35 THE SPRING JUVENILE HURDLE (GRADE ONE) 15:15 THE PADDY POWER IRISH GOLD CUP (GRADE ONE) WETHERBY 14:30 THE WILLIAM HILL TOWTON NOVICES CHASE (GRADE 2) @Jok3st3r @Dave @Frosty @Blampy @Kinkerbells @VillaLad @tmh91 @Cleandries @ScouseSi @philinvicta @therealwintersoldier @afclee1 @Mad Slasher McGurk @david1111 @Chrissy_M @Kev40 @Douvan @Peter clark @Markb
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    Just in case HMRC happen to read this thread, I've never owned any crypto and will not be liable for any taxes.
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    I’ve not had that. I’ve had multiple emails from coinbase though regards HMRC coming to get me or at least advanced warnings of it.
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    Thats right, so they probably cant do anything. That doesnt change the fact an MGA licenced casino doesnt take gambling issues seriously, though.
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    I dont think we do, we got the KSA but since gambling has just been legalised, I dont know. Also, those authorities are very hard to contact. The UKGC only helps with UK Casinos I assume, though? It is the KSA probably but there is no easy way to contact them and I dont know if they can do anything with foreign casinos. I assume not
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    I'm not too sure how it works in the Netherlands with player protection and stuff. Do you have like a governing body like we do here in the UK with the UKGC who will step in and help with disputes and stuff.
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    Yeh, it's weird af but quite funny when it happens
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    It depends which crypto casino just like it depends on which "normal" casino you play. I only play on one myself and I dont have anything against this one specifically and its not R or S. For the casino you are talking about I dont think people would be able to do anything if they took of with the money.
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    Surely they would want a "celebrity" that would attract custom and not those that would frighten people away
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    If that last wild just landed one notch up then you would have broke the internet. Great win albeit I thought it would have paid more for that set up.
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    Senegal did me well tonight as well, don't like backing against Rangers but I saw this coming, just need Cardiff to hold on.
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    Placed this bet in play at 0-0 Sadiooooo
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    Koi princess had something similar where you got 2 scatters and if the 3rd scatter was one away a fish used to leap out and push the scatter up. It did take the piss though as sometimes the scatter would disappear again
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    Yea, it shows him with the bazooka shooting it cinematic style, actually pretty funny.
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    @lucy_tgcI had bazooka twice and was confused the first time as well because it looks like its very rare. Never saw it before anywhere. I had all 3 random features, at least I think there are only 3.
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    Seems a common thing now. I only sold my holding because of it. Was pissed off because only had about £200 in and sold at a small loss. 24 hours later they were worth £700
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    I had the same problem with the Nationwide, account blocked twice when I tried to deposit with Binance. When I phoned customer services they told me that they weren’t happy with Binance regulations in the UK and automatically block their customers depositing with them.
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    It's santander. They wrote to me ages ago saying they were stopping deposits to them
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