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    @david1111 that’s exactly what I’m thinking am I missing something? Let’s not forget this is VAR I can’t understand how they’ve got it so wrong. My heads fried
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    I cashed out because it was offering me a penny over the return and I couldn't stand the stress anymore lol
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    It's straightforward. The rule is there must be two players in front of the attacker. Usually the goalkeeper is one, hence it's usually the last defender who plays you on or off. As the goalie is ahead, there needs to be two others between Kane and the goal
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    What’s confusing me more is that none of the pundits after the game are saying anything about it redknapp said if he was a size 5 he’d be on side. Have you come down with brummie syndrome if you have nice to have you aboard
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    I need some explanation as it's just confused me. I'm questioning myself if I know the rules
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    I saw that straight away and didn't know what to think. I was waiting for someone to realise. Am I missing something
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    Well said mate. That kind of retribution is the last thing this country needs.
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    Let’s hope not., as much as Johnsons a fanny there have been too many politicians losing their lives through the actions of crackpots with demented minds. I’m certain Johnson will resign soon through the political pressure he has received in Westminster including that from his own party.
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    All the fucking morons will want to keep him because of Brexit.
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    Yeah something needs to be done. I can't bear to watch pmqs, it's cringeable. Thing is with the prime minister there has to a bit of respect, but he no longer has any and he's completely bumbled his way through and taken the piss out of us all. It may not change things drastically if he goes, but there comes a time when enough is enough
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    Let’s hope so but it won’t matter much cause whoever replaces him will be just as corrupt the whole parliament needs to be looked at and changed. Have you seen them on PM Q’s and question time all they do is blame each other and try and say how good they are themselves it’s like being in the school playground the bunch of idiots and the scary thing is that these are in charge of the country none of them live in the real world so it will never get better cause they don’t live day to day like we do.
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