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    Love this game had a few base hits like this now. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/E08XdwVhBR
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    Well done hardman, every time I bonus this fucker the bitches go into hiding, story of my life
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    Max bet is usually small enough that even if everyone does it they are winning, b*stards!
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    It was looking that way David, usually the last gasp goals bust coupons so it's nice to have one go the other way.
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    Received a telephone call from Maureen Ferrie this afternoon, GESH are having their Christmas party on Friday 17th December, they are having a knees up including an Elvis impersonator. She has personally invited any of the TGC members who wish to attend, food and drink will be provided to anyone who wants to come, this is Maureens way of thanking the community for its financial support. I understand it will probably just be me , I’m going to use it as a photo opportunity to show the community where the funding has been used.
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    Yeah mate. Bit like us all
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    Dawson City? I don't understand, that's not even an anagram of blampy
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    Half your money back. Nice saver
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    Pish!!!!! But I did have a pound e/w on my namesake which finished 4th @ 50/1
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    I got it a couple of weeks ago aswell after raising it to 96p and it was nothing but disappointing as i was expecting about 1000x minimum.
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    And it's a good way for them to lure you in as they know they will get in back. Shit, I'm starting to sound bitter!
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    @Blacko Taking into consideration the year I've had with SECONDS not You or anyone else will deprive me of sticking a Sly last minute bet on my Boy Any abuse what so ever will be met with some ultra violence in me traveling over to Chapelhell and opening you up like a packet of Golden wonder crisps It's been a day of profit be that £75
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    Nice one @afclee1 and cheers @1pstaker
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    Nice one @afclee1 well done Thanks @1pstaker
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    Great stuff @afclee1, cheers @1pstaker
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    often a good base win is far better than the bonus in this game
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    @Tricky0212@Blackothe question i want to know is have you had a finger in the bum bum since? @RichieFCloves it
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