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    Hit these couple days ago, £0.20 stake.
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    Not saying it's real or not, but those numbers are easily editable.
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    Unfortunately I’ve fell way down the standings but don’t tell anyone. Thinking of starting my own YouTube slots channel to crawl back up again
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    I’m still skint
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    Will be updating list again.
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    I'll stick up a few pics at night when we are chillin Be great to get a break / home leave Place we've booked is really private Man needs a rest, those cards today were cruel and not good for a gamblers sanity but that is the nature of the game and not the end of the world. Later dude
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    Hi guys Someone has commented on one of my videos and asked if I am playing with virtual or real money. So, I decided to share a quick video with you guys to show my transaction history page for one of the many casinos I play at. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br8LDd99L9o I hope you guys enjoy the videos I shared with you.
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    I agree the figures are easily editable but All British Casino don't do fake money or we wouldn't endorse them so that's something in his favour.
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    Last horse for 7 days and 7 nights Backed the winner when the selection last ran that being back on 20th Aug, not sure if I stuck up the evidence, AnyWHO I was really taken on the way this gelding chased home the winner that day and did breeze up and threatened but thankfully the winner found a little bit extra. Trained by Marcus Tregoning and this is his only runner on the card BUT the unknown is it's first racing appearance on turf, his only 3 races have all been at Kempton but I'm prepared to take my chances, he was with David Elsworth for his debut run but then changed yards residing now with M.T. He's out of Canford Cliffs and taking into consideration how long he was off the track I was pretty impressed with his return performance and stuck him into the NB, it's not a strong looking race but I'm still playing safe by going E/w on this but still with a fruity stake. 14:30 Sandown - The Turpinator E/w Bet.
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    You can watch my channel if you want tips. Search Roshtein.
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    Was thinking of a name. A descriptive name for my ethical stance and slots after but @Hideous Slots has it already
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    Time I took up knitting or something shit at footy shit at horses . I make a awful a gambler
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    @Blacko Is Trump your idol?
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    Seen this posted today, do we think this is a good or bad thing? 888-Acquisition-of-William-Hill-International-Statement.pdf
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    Hills have already been bought out by Caesars Entertainments. These assets are not wanted by them (they only want the US arm) They paid 2.9 billion for Hills and have sold this part off for 2.2 billion thus getting the US assets they wanted for a net 700 million. I would not be surprised to see 888 sell off a number of the shops to reduce their own cost as well. I know that Boylesport are interested in the shops
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    I know Hills were focusing on getting heavily into the American sector, don’t know if it’s anything to do with that. I thought Hills would have bought out 888 and not vice versa.
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    St Helens - 16-20 Wigan - 11-15 Warrington - 26-30 Catalans - 26-30 Hull KR - 11-15 Wakefield- 16-20 Try’s 48
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    I like him myself and fair play on the Beatles ketwig!
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    So I’ll post as it’s ledger week. Gone for a big outsider today you just never know and the horse at Chelmsford purely gone for the name and plus Louis is on it.and made think of rolla lol.
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    Just plain head fecks mate @Gkell727 Said he left a teddy behind in Thailand and has been kind enough to pay for an all expenses holiday for us to go over and pick it up and deliver it back to him. Which was so kind of him
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    St Helens 21-25 Wigan 11-15 Warrington 11-15 Catalans 21-25 Castleford 11-15 Wakefield 11-15 43 trys Good luck @Blampy
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    I'm more in favour of you doing all the future slot reviews rather than @MrUKHackz