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    This happened few weeks ago , I was drunk as usual with 50 deposit ..... I love nolimit lol... The sound and graphics when you win is awesome https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/bohihiowogi
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    Considering it's 1 ''quadrillion'' max supply, it'll NEVER get to $1 learn marketcaps to understand where things could possibly go The total market value of a cryptocurrency's circulating supply. It is analogous to the free-float capitalization in the stock market. Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply. = ranks of coins in order etc.. all things go by marketcap. considering BTC has taken 10 years+ to get to 1 trillion USD+ market cap, Shiba INU has practically ZERO chance of reaching $1. don't just put money into things u don't know about, educate yourself on things you'll do so much better, it's not difficult to do. https://coinmarketcap.com/
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    Well My luck of 2021 continues just low rolling all year and honestly I am in profit this year about 5k without hitting anything massive , just walk away when you loose or have some decent profit , there is always another day ...
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    Tbh , I graduated in bachelors of computer science ( from LSE in London ) long time ago , now I am too lazy and drunk to learn anymore lol
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    Just joking bro , i am really not trying to educate myself on crypto , I would rather study programming instead .. crypto for me is just speculative trading which is gambling , just my views on it , I will invest something as a gamble but not trying to obtain Phd in crypto
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    I have also played this game and it is deplorable... 100-200 spins @20p -- no bonus Then after another 40 spins a day later the enhanced bonus gave me 3.98 at 20p !! So will leave it alone and go back to DHV .
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    Is anyone bought Shiba?
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    Despite all the doubters I just this minute had my second jab.
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    You’ve caught me at a good time. I’m in a wonderful mood today Still no though
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    You hurt my feelings , you shibaaaaaa
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    So it will never reach 1 dollar ? ... I have no idea about anything , just bought shiba bcoz my south Korean collague who is also my freind always scream " shibaaaa " when I annoy him .... Shiba in korean means fucker
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    I have a million of them left just incase it hits a cent which is impossible as the market cap would have to reach 1 Trillion I think Rolla said. But yeah it's like 10 bucks worth in my portfolio and the rest is pure DOGE
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    Do you think it will reach the mars ? Bought around 6M ( €50 ) shibas just to feel like a multi millionaire lol ...
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    good luck everyone hop amc go to 100
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    I did vape mate when I quit for 2 years, piled on the weight, caused receding gums from overly dry mouth with the vape and looked a total prat exhaling huge clouds like puff the magic dragon, on top of that its expensive and like crack, couldn't keep my mouth off the thing! I'm old school I guess @maradonaz I fit in on the Espania markets with the Moroccans smoking there woodbines!
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    I think we all know the reason for the surge in cases in these areas. Blackburn Bolton Bedford Burnley Leicester i wonder why . Don't know whether true or not but i heard of a family from Blackburn who recently returned from India ( I'm guessing went for so called work purposes) didn't isolate on return and sent the kids back to school.
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    Cases and hospitalization in Bolton have gone up (by only 9.) using the story of a "youngest patient is 19" as a guise to scare people. I'm assuming the rest of them are 60+ and all of them are unvaccinated. Wish they'd just come out and say it how it is, and who is it that are the reason for the massive "surge" in cases.
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    There were many more of youtubers promoting them while they knew its a scam. Its interesting why would they only charge these ones but they for sure deserve to get punished these fuckers. Imagine believing and investing in this...
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    I managed to buy some more when it dropped right down to 12, not a lot, another £700 worth. Debated selling some so I'm free rolling but then I manned up.
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    My brother lives down the road from that and I grew up on Kenmure Street as a waine. Absolute disgrace. Why is this praised in the media and the pro palestine rally in George Square also praised, yet Rangers celebrations were smeared all over the news. Sure, you can say the rangers fans were being sictarian and causing trouble, but all 3 gatherings should be condemed. This picture is in the heart of Glasgows Southside where the biggest settlement of Indians/Pakistani's reside. Its actually known as Little Pakistan/India due to the numbers residing in this specific part of Glasgow. Obviously, the hot spot of Pollokshields East/West and here we have it, nearly the whole local population gathering in one spot for a corona bath. No special team set up to arrest folks for breaching regulations. Nothing. What do we hear from politicans. Nothing. Actually condeming the home office and police for doing their jobs. Lol. As for the subject of this thread, i dont give two fucks, let people protest about Israel if they want, thats peoples right. Not during a time when covid is running rampant in Glasgow though.
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    You've come to the wrong forum Laddie, bad enough trying to get the forum members on here to love each other let alone the Israelites and Palestinians.
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    It enhanced your tilt at least if not the bonus. I played around 1.5k spins and didnt get to see a big win or a bonus yet.
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