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    Deposit £100 +£100 bonus https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/fW3pl5rFsq
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    Event 2 of 5 in the TGC Summer Cup is Euro 2020(1). The scoring for this may seem convoluted, but I have done comps at work for previous World Cups/Euros and it has seemed to work quite well. At first glance you may think everyone will pick the same, but that has NEVER happened so I have faith I know its early to put this up, but the scoring from my side is a bit more complicated, so id prefer to spread it out rather than a surge of entries in one go. Anyone getting their selections in early will have the opportunity to change a selected PLAYER should they be INJURED or otherwise withdrawn from the tournament, any time prior to kick off of the first game of the tournament. The rules for entry are simple: - Select ANY 8 teams - Select ANY 3 players you think will score goals And that is it. Scoring: - Team Goals 10pts per goal 25pt bonus if team scores 3 or more in a single game (Bonus is applied each individual time a team scores 3 or more) Example - England win 4-0. Anyone selecting England receives 65 points (10 per goal, 25 extra as they scored 3 or more in the game) - Player goals 50pts per goal 50pt bonus if scoring a hattrick NB: Goals scored in Extra time WILL count for scoring purposes. However, goals in penalty shoot outs DO NOT. Other team points : 25pts awarded for a team win (Extra time DOES NOT count for result purposes) 10 pts awarded for a team draw 50 pts awarded to a team winning their group 25 pts awarded to a team runner up in their group And there you have it. Any questions, fire away I will be happy to answer.
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    This thread inspired me to ask my dad if he still had the fishing shit we used to use when we went fishing when a was a waine. He did. So we went fishing in Glasgow down the Clyde. As none of us have touched it in years just getting the hooks set and the rods set up was a challenge in itself. Bit of a bodge job but got it working but as usual when you fish the Clyde all you catch are stinking Eels which chew up half the line. Was fun none the less. Going to go looking for a better rod and gear and go illegal fishing up Busby or Lynn Park where there are lovely trouts to catch at some point.
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    thanks @1pstaker, @Douvan and the OG @Brownman24 gl @Solario333 @Sgt_bilk0
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    Cauliflower cheese with Asparagus !! ..Plated...
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    Shuve your fine dining up your arse roll and crisp beats all
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    Listen hardman! I couldn’t give two shiny shites about cryptocurrency... ole @MrUKHackz put up the doge and I stuck a torn fiver into the pot. I’ve watched doge go up and down like a tarts knickers and have got my moneys worth out of the soap opera that has ensued. Just about everyone who invests in dogecoin realises it’s smash and grab, I just root for the TGC natives to make a quick buck and run for the hills, doesn’t need to develop into a fucking soap opera.
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    Firestick peperami... Love those bad boys
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    Thanks to @1pstaker for his hardwork and time on this by way of thanks I’d like to place a £10 footy bet of his choice for next weekend with all winnings to going to him goodluck to sarge and Solario tomorrow
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    Defo a side is cauliflower cheese, yours looks awesome @Solario333 Heres my dinner, I call it an "Airdrie Feast"
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    So I had a great few hours fishing on the canal today. Was hoping for a big perch but could not stop catching pike on my ultra light lure set up it seems the pike wanted a ned rig today, Ended up with 9 pike and 2 perch biggest pike about 4lb but great fun on a super light set up. Any other TGC people get out fishing this weekend?
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    Disappointed with Elon. He had a great opportunity to promote doge and instead had a Gerald Ratner moment calling doge a hustle
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    @ISlot Get in mate, what a run!!
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    mate sent me this also, not too sure what to make of it.. is it bullish or bearish, bearish would be taking profits from doge to fund it but bullish because of the news. We'll soon find out.
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    29 minutes for me please
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    18 mins please
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    I would then add some chopped bacon , and roasted onions !!
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    stay tuned the meat will follow next week !!! courgettes willing ...
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    200x pachinko, was gutted cos I have a minimum £3 on them normally but I’m on small stakes and a tight leash these days boys!
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    There are no judges here . We all are gamblers in various degrees of autonomous disillusion, and have vast experience of online trickery and mischief by various operators. you are welcome here .
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    Faster finger first this month, next month ole pickle rick could have a package coming
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    This was this Wednesday evening, meant to post it while I was there. Went after some big bream and tench after the few warm days we'd had but still a bit early for them and didn't have a knock. Will wait another month. That bloody swan needs shooting. There are 2 that torment me every session. The lake has 40 rescue swans on and all bar the 2 stay on the other side of the lake where people feed them. These 2 though stay on the fishing bank and just swim back and forth through your lines looking for scraps you might have thrown in... nothing puts them off. They've wiped my rods out more times than I can imagine, one managed to even get the line wrapped round its head thought I was gonna decapitate it. The bank is about 500 yards long to give some context, the worst is when some nob decides to feed these two 5 yards from my swim. Rant over...
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    That is a right fat bastard innit!, what do you use for bait... Guinness?
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