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    I I was waiting for this for a long time and also my mining profits are doubling or some hours even tripling now because all the the transactions that are happening and when you mine you are also confirming those transactions. And for all those in panic and thinking its a bad thing, swings like this are normal in crypto and we all knew its coming It was just a matter of time. Its also good if you want to buy more when this happens.
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    As I've said many times in open forums for a while now. https://bettingandgamingcouncil.com/news/black-market-sites BETTING AND GAMING COUNCIL WARNS ABOUT ‘DANGERS OF COMPLACENCY’ AS NUMBER OF BRITISH PUNTERS USING BLACK MARKET SITES MORE THAN DOUBLES The number of British punters using black market websites to place bets has more than doubled, a new report reveals today. It comes as the Betting and Gaming Council warns of "the dangers of complacency" about the threat from unlicensed and illegal gambling operators. The report commissioned by the Betting and Gaming Council from PwC published in full today – ‘Review of unlicensed online gambling in the UK’ - is a brand new 66-page document based on data collected during November and December 2020. It highlights a series of worrying trends, including a doubling of the money staked with unlicensed operators – a jump from £1.4bn to £2.8bn – compared to a similar study in 2019. The new data also shows the number of customers using an unlicensed betting website has grown from 210,000 two years ago to 460,000. The report also highlights worrying global trends that show the size of the black market in other countries. The findings came as the Government conducts a Gambling Review, which has formally and specifically asked for information about the black market as part of its ‘Call for Evidence’, following widespread concerns raised by a number of parliamentarians (see notes to editors). Fears have also been expressed, including from senior horseracing figures, that the ongoing Gambling Commission consultation on affordability risks forcing ordinary punters towards the black market if checks on their income are too intrusive and onerous. The BGC, the industry’s standards body, continues to support further changes to the regulated industry, but is urging ministers to make sure any brought forward as a result of the Gambling Review are carefully thought out. Michael Dugher, the BGC’s chief executive, said: “This new report by PwC is an impressive and comprehensive piece of work which demonstrates how the unsafe, unregulated black market is a growing threat to British punters. “These illicit sites have none of the regulated sector’s consumer protections in place, such as strict ID and age verification checks, safer gambling messages and the ability to set deposit limits.” Mr Dugher said that as head of the standards body representing the regulated betting and gaming industry he welcomes wholeheartedly the Government’s Gambling Review. And he added: “It is important to stress that the big increase in the black market is not an argument against more changes to the regulated industry, but an argument that we need to get them right.” On the number of British punters using black market sites, the report by PwC report says: “Based on our survey, the proportion of UK online gamblers using an unlicensed operator has increased from 2.2 per cent to 4.5 per cent in the last 1-2 years. This equates to an increase from c210,000 players in 2018-19 to c460,000 in 2020.” It goes on: “A sizable and growing share of stakes is placed with unlicensed sites, growing over the last 1-2 years broadly in line with usage (ie doubling). Those that gamble with unlicensed operators still almost always gamble with licensed operators as well. “Our survey found that share of online stakes with unlicensed operators had grown from 1.2 per cent in 2018/19 to 2.3 per cent. This corresponds to a doubling of stakes with unlicensed online operators from £1.4bn to £2.8bn.” The new report also suggests that the size of the online black market is larger in countries where the regulated betting and gaming sector is less competitive. It points to countries including France, Norway, Italy and Spain - which have tougher restrictions on licensed operators - as examples of nations where the black market share is bigger than in the UK. The report says: “This analysis suggests that the UK has a more ‘open’ online gambling market and currently has a smaller unlicensed market share than our European benchmarks. “Whilst it is not possible to isolate the impact of individual regulatory characteristics, the above assessment suggests that jurisdictions with a higher unlicensed market share tend to exhibit one or more restrictive regulatory or licensing characteristics.” Mr Dugher added: “I know this evidence is inconvenient to those who seek to dismiss and play down the threat of the black market, but there is a real danger of complacency. “The UK risks sleep walking into changes where the main beneficiary is the unlicensed black market. We all have an interest in getting future changes right, so must take heed of this latest evidence and look at what is happening elsewhere around the world.”
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    sucks but it 500x
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    Seriously worrying news, these unlicensed casinos are a complete fraud. What do we do in situations like these?.
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    Now crypto going down
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    you'll be fine with videoslots.. allow them to do their thing.
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    SoW has been filled in and approved yesterday. I sent them documents related to the source of funds to speed up the process, again this was done yesterday.
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    Perhaps you are right , but more likely they are applying a SOW process to see you are legitimately depositing . Give them time to sort it out ... and then update us with any progress .
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    Congratulations. Looked cool!
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    If Blampy fell in the Thames he'd come out with a Salmon between his teeth and a bottle of Chateau D'YQUEM
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    Most payment methods will have a fee for deposits and withdrawals from a online casino. You should choose the one with the lowest fees of your standards. Good luck :D
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    Cheers @Gkell727 thats a better return than the bank pays. Cashed it out
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    I've been playing this game on 20p and have been unable to bonus it, I tried again today and gave it just over 500 spins still no bonus spent about £35. I placed a £2.50 e/w double on the horses and both won at decent prices returning £383.00. Following the win I went over to San Quentin on 80p stake set it off for 100 autos and on the 52nd spin got the bonus. 4 Scatter bonus 80p Stake San Quentin
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    @groundiskey You do what you want mate, don't listen to the miserable fudger chair
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    It's all good I don't mind if they do, especially someone like @groundiskey who's been here since the start and obviously not using the forum just for that
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    Jammy old Villabloke @VillaLad Seriously though congrats champ great result I see @therealwintersoldier and @Fredthedog1 scored points on all accounts. Well done champs Top job @1pstaker and great comp. @Bangers this was all 1p
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    FUUUUCK so close to be in top 3 finally after all the years in comps. Well at least Im getting closer and for not knowing shit about horse racing I guess Im getting better so there is that and also three top lads are at the top! Congrats mates! @VillaLad @therealwintersoldier @Fredthedog1
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    Right so the £3,100 is split 3 ways to these lucky charities who get £1,033 each! Demelza suggested by @Frankos1885 https://www.demelza.org.uk/ Donna Louise by @Stokie1993 https://www.thedonnalouise.org/ FLOOF by @kirsty0312 https://www.fortheloveofourfrenchies.net/about And then for the British Lung Foundation £650 replacement donation I'm going to pick G.E.S.H as I know Maureen will fully appreciate the money and it will make a huge difference. Cheers TGC for the suggestions
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    Great donating to charities. I know it's a gambling channel but nobody forces this channel to donate. Just goes to show what great people are on this channel donating to good causes. Well done and keep up the good work.
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    I need that money after getting some bad news. I am tired of letting them do their thing. I might as well just jump off a bridge and at least bring them some bad publicity.
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    I pay a premium to be in a group of about 20 high roller traders who share their signals and calls with the members. Some of them are biggish players, I posted one of their portfolios the other day. Anyway, seeing as I pay for them. I thought I would share with you guys, please note theyre best done on exchanges and require a little knowledge of how to trade on them to set target points and stop losses. Stop losses are important. If you do follow like I am, please don't ape into these, stick to 5% or something, even less if you want. Any profit is good profit. UNI/BTC Kumo breakout, cloud's top retest. Tight SL, betting on a bullish trend continuation here. Entry: 51500 SL: 47070 TP1: 75780 TP2: 93499 TP3: 105800
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