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    Afternoon all, I know its hard out there at the moment - there are a lot of people out of work at the moment or loosing jobs due to the pandemic etc. The company I work for (and have done for 2.5 years now) continue to grow and we have a number of oppurtunites available at the moment. If any of these are any interest to you, drop me a PM and I will get a copy of the job description sent over. The company operates all over the UK and we currently manage over 5000 properties (anything from small industrial estates, retail parks, shopping centres to large complex mixed use sites (think Battersea powerstation) etc.) - the roles are a mixture of site based and head office roles. If admins dont have an issue with it, I will post an updated vacancies list at the start of every month. In full transparency, I am not getting any sort of bonus/incentive for this - we get positions emailed to us every week so thought it would maybe help a couple of people out as i know the job market is pretty shit at the moment. Only thing I will say - if you are successful and get to interview stage, dont say "I found out about it as it was advertised on a gambling forum" HR Advisor - Manchester HR Assistant - Birmingham Arrears Controller - Manchester Accounts Payable Clerk - Manchester AP Reconcilliations Team Coordinator - Manchester Credit Controller - Manchester Client Accountant - Birmingham Client Accountant - London Maintenance Operative - Leeds Building Manager - Chester Property Manager - London Building Supervisor - Slough Assistant Property Manager - London Estate Manager - Southwark Building Services Electrician - Watford Shopping Centre Power Platform Developer - London Caretaker - Bristol Regional Facilities Manager - London Sustainability Consultant - London Security Officer - Part Time - Warrington (Birchwood shopping centre) Security Officer - Barton Square (5 positions available) Security Officer - Northwich Security Officer - Lakeside (6 positions available) Night Security Officer - Lakeside (4 positions available) Security Team Leader - Lakeside
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    HR Advisor - @Denman HR Advisor - @Gkell727 Arrears Controller - @VillaLad Accounts Payable Clerk - @Solario333 Reconcilliations Team Coordinator @4houghts Credit Controller - @crazyrightmeow Client Accountant - @justnathanx Maintenance Operative - @Miller26 Building Manager - @Rocknrolla Property Manager - @Douvan Building Supervisor - @Kev40 Assistant Property Manager - @Jok3st3r Estate Manager - @MrUKHackz Building Services Electrician @Sparky68s Power Platform Developer @Chair Slots Regional Facilities Manager - @1pstaker Sustainability Consultant - @david1111 Security Officer - @Nicola Night Security Officer - @Poker Security Team Leader - @Crunchie What a team.....
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    I wouldn’t trust any these slippery fuckers for the night security officer position Andy, the successful candidate would end up in their office playing bonanza all night whilst the place is being robbed blind.
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    We are once again dependant upon the weather for tomorrows action, but should it hold off and allow a full programme we will have a whopping 10 races from 4 different meetings to try to find the winner of. Spreadsheet gonna need some adjusting to accommodate that!! First week of a 4 week monthly comp (Feb) so I guess we all looking for that head start. Dont forget, as an extra incentive, the ever generous @Solario333 had put up an additional prize of free Lucky 15 bet for our monthly winner!! All to play for, so get selecting. NB: Should any racing be abandoned and ITV reschedule we will of course try to accommodate any of those races but it will depend on times. If no news today of abandonments, whatever happens from then we will use the races left from above for the competition. Saturday 6th February (1300 - 1600) ITV4 SANDOWN 1:15 THE VIRGIN BET HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 2) 1:50 THE VIRGIN BET SCILLY ISLES NOVICES' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 1) 2:20 THE COTSWOLD STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) 2:55 THE VIRGIN BET WARRIORS HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 3) 3:30 THE VIRGIN BET MASTERS HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 2 MUSSELBURGH 14:05 THE bet365 EDINBURGH NATIONAL HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 2) 15:45 THE bet365 SCOTTISH COUNTY HURDLE (A HANDICAP) (CLASS 2) WETHERBY 14:35 THE WILLIAM HILL TOWTON NOVICES' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2) LEOPARDSTOWN 13:35 The Ladbrokes Dublin Chase (Grade one) 15:15 The Chanelle Parma Irish Champion Hurdle (Grade One) @Cleandries @Adam Mok @Jok3st3r @david1111 @STH2020 @therealwintersoldier @groundiskey @Peter clark @Solario333 @Douvan @Fredthedog1 @Blampy @Player1173 @Gkell727 @Dave @Frosty @Sgt_bilk0 @therealwintersoldier @Mad Slasher McGurk @Miller26 @Kev40 @ScouseSi @VillaLad @Caldracula @ColourMeUp @Kinkerbells
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    SANDOWN 1:15 Paddy's Poem 1:50 Shan Blue 2:20 Santini 2:55 Clan Legend 3:30 Danny Whizzbang NB  MUSSELBURGH 14:05 Christopher Wood 15:45 The Ferry Master WETHERBY 14:30 Itchy Feet LEOPARDSTOWN 13:35 Chacun Pour Soi 15:15 Anglers Crag NAP GL all
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    No the virus won't ever leave but I don't have enough confidence in our government at the moment to trust their decisions as to how we live with it or that enough people can behave enough. I totally appreciate the frustration felt by businesses. My brother is self employed and fell through the furlough cracks so spent a long time without a pot to piss in. You hope its nature doing it because the alternative is the Chinese and id hate the fallout if it transpires it was them all along!
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    You don't need to apologise for anything and you don't need to keep quiet about anything either, discussion and different points of view are essential, without it there is just cancel culture. Another of the negative effects of the covid narrative, people have got a lot less friendly to each other and encouraging people to view each other as germ bags waiting to kill them is never ideal.
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    Sandown 1.15 Dolos 1:50 Shan blue 2:20 Native river (NB) 2.55 Clan legend 3:30 Dominateur Musselburgh 2:05 Newtown Boy (NAP) 3:45 Dino boy Wetherby 2:30 Third wind Leopardstown 1:35 Chacun por soi 3:15 Honeysuckle
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    The video scene is HItler in his bunker berating his Generals as he realises the war is lost, @Denman has entered alternative subtitles reflecting on @ryans_slots meltdown at the UKGC changes in gambling laws. Kinks, I think your getting Hitler mixed up with the bloke in the sitcom On the Buses
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    SANDOWN 1:15 Dolos 1:50 ame De Compagnie 2:20 Santini 2:55 Benatar Nap 3:30 Coo Star Sivola MUSSELBURGH 14:05 Blakeney Point 15:45 The Ferry Master nb WETHERBY 14:35 Ask Dillon LEOPARDSTOWN 13:35 Notebook 15:15 Sharjah ggla
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    @MrUKHackz thinking about frankie dettori nearly winning him a million pound 6fold
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    Sustainability!! My ex wife won't agree
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    His strike rate at Wolverhampton is unbelievable mate .
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    Behave urself laddie, we need another argumentative fucker to keep @Gkell727 company
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    Leave bonanza alone. That’s netted me 6 ton the day from a no deposit bonus on paddy power.
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    Real speculative one for tonight, been 12 matches since Norwich have conceded more than one goal but Swansea are going well themselves and can go within 2 points of Norwich with a game in hand if they can turn them over tonight.  £5.00 Double @ 21.5/1 Potential Returns: £112.50 Cash Out £5.00 Notifications Today  Fri 18:00 Lincoln and Yes @ 11/4 Full Time Result and Both Teams To Score Gillingham v Lincoln  Fri 20:15 Swansea and Yes @ 5/1 Full Time Result and Both Teams To Score Swansea v Norwich
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    You only have to look at the governments own ONS statistics to get an idea of the reality of the situation, only 300 people under the age of 60 with no pre-existing medical conditions have died of covid since February 2020 and there is no mention made of anything that might put them at a disadvantage like their weight, they might be 40 stone land whales for all we know. There was a massive outcry at the 100,000 death mark being reached but this has been going on for a year now and if you divide 100,000 by 365 that works out at 274 deaths per day a figure well in line with the 1600 people that die on average every day. Again according to the ONS figures the average age of death is 82.4, the average fatality has an average of 2.4 serious pre existing comorbidities and a full 50% of all fatalies are in care homes. To get an average age of 82.4 there must be people a lot older than this dying to make the average this high so not to sound heartless but when was it decided that 90 year olds in care homes who have only a couple of months to live anyway must now live forever. People die that's just part of living and with lockdowns nobody is living they are just existing. Covid is currently the 11th biggest killer in the UK, in the warmer summer months it dropped to being the 22nd biggest killer in the UK. You now have to bear in mind the fallout from the policy of lockdown, all those with the real killers, cancer, heart disease etc that are being denied treatments and consultations because the National Heath Service has become the National Covid Service and we now have to stay away and save them instead of paying them to save us, a fraction of the money spent on covid measues would sort out the years of underfunding that has blighted the NHS. What about those with altzheimers and dementia being denied access to their support stucture of family and friends and all those who died frightened and alone denied their family around them or the rise in suicides from those who have now lost everything. Like I say it's all about focus on deaths over here while completely ignoring all the deaths over there. And there will inevitabley be the unintended consequences, the one thing we know kills is poverty and there have been plenty who were previously doing fine now plunged into poverty, also the hard work and entrpreneurial ethic will have been eroded, people who would normally start up businesses will now be saying "what's the point?" if lockdown is now the precedent every time a new virus appears on the scene and they could just have everything snatched from them. Young peoples hopes and aspirations will also suffer from the exact same "what's the point?" attitude and I'm sure substance abuse must have risen massively. Like I say only time will tell and we won't know the truth until a few years time but it may well be if we are doing compassion purely on a numbers basis that people have their hand wringing priorities all wrong.
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    I'd written several eloquent paragraphs about why lockdowns don't work, but tbh I can't be bothered arguing with average IQ simps on the Internet. Come back to this thread in a years time and tell me if you still have the same opinion.
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    The study headnotes really explain why death is linked to gambling and generally it's just common sense, dont understand why people would have a problem believing it? "Gambling is associated with higher financial distress and lower financial inclusion and planning, and with negative lifestyle, health, well-being and leisure outcomes. It also found a negative association between gambling and self-care, including spending on education, hobbies and fitness, and that those spending more with bookmakers travelled less and were more likely to spend at night." The only downside about these studies is that you cant read them yourself without having to pay £9 to access the study in full or take a media outlets overview instead like the daily mail.
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    How do you directly and accurately link gambling addiction with death though? I agree with the sentiment of the article but I’m not convinced over the stats they suggest. If it was drug abuse then I get it, because that would show up in a post-mortem. I can’t help but think articles like that are scare-mongering. And it is the Daily Mail after all.
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    It was a very long day. Next time you’re up and there is no restrictions, showing up @Miller26 champ. I’m only 10 minutes from @therealwintersoldier - he can get drinks in.
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    My dad had the vaccine today .he said he was in and out in minutes and has had 0 side effects. Very efficient
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    Right so for January I've split the £2000 like this... Trussel trust food bank £700 https://www.trusselltrust.org/ Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire No Reg Charity No. Greyhound Trust £650 https://www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk/ British Lung Foundation £650 https://www.blf.org.uk/ and Dogs trust to replace Panda from last month £1000 https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/ Thanks for the votes folks and anyone missing out will be in the February Donation
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