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    Went for a punt in a big casino in Luxemburg. In the first 5 minutes upon entry, and therefore on my first slot Dancing Drums this happened: wheeeeeeyyyy!!! Never had something like that before ^^
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    @Andymitzy @therealwintersoldier @Sgt_bilk0 @david1111 @marmite1985 @Miller @lucy_tgc @Kev40 @Douvan@Luke_B_123 @Jok3st3r (sorry if I've missed anyone) Many thanks for your kind messages and support, you are all legends. Soon as the prize gets processed I will put up a proper post and maybe a run lil mini comp for everyone to share the love abit. Catch up soon. Player1173
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    1st time I've hit this big on jammin jars
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    After getting my handpay (which takes 20 to 30 !!!!!!!!!!!! minutes which is absolutely ridiculous) i went on to play Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures and had a €850.- bonus on a €8,80 bet and then i changed to this machine, and had 2 quick decent bonuses (one of 450 and one of 1180) and managed another handpay yay me lol, on to the automatic roulette.. had to go in ballsdeep but in the end a total up of €8000 whooo
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    Arsehole forgets ole Blacko who spent last night drumming up support for he/she
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    This is not a image search it’s actually taken from his family album
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    The power of TGC....... Dunover who.....
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    What tree was that again @Kinkerbells, i'm trying to find you but there's fucking thousands of them.
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    This is why I always check out the promotions daily prior to making any deposits, I'll play the daily drop and the Free or 4 promos over at William Hill under the promotions tab. I got 5 spins at 80p, the jackpot symbol lined up across all reels and gave me 80x paying £64. Then went over to roulette had a couple of spins and now up to £104.90, I've since withdrawn £69.90 leaving £35.00 in the balance £5 for horse racing bets and £30 for playing slots at small stakes. Happy days.
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    Hi TGC, Some of you may of seen on Twitter that BTG are running a competition which started early December where entrants can sum up Bonanza in a tweet to celebrate it's 4th Birthday. They then choose a final 3 to go to a poll, for a chance to win $5,000.00. Well I've somehow managed to get my entry to this final 3, and was hoping if any fellow members who have Twitter can please have a look and kindly give my entry a vote. My Twitter name is: reel player. The comp finishes 7.00am Wednesday 13th Jan (UK time). Any support will be massively appreciated. Player1173 AKA reel player
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    Can he not just hit the “forgot password “ tab
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    Well done ,congratulations @Player1173
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    Bit suspicious that within minutes of me giving @Jok3st3rgrief @MrUKHackz arrives like a knight in shining armour to protect her
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    I don't find it is, however paying seems difficult although I had 3 x 1,000x+ hits 2020
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    Kee us updated @Player1173 if u don’t mind haha. Bet u can’t believe a tweet has won u 5 grand haha
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    Rabbie Burns, Richard Stilgoe, Walt Whitman, Homer and now @Player1173 joins this illustrious list of renowned poets. Lovely Jubbly
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    This reminds me of physics class tbh hehe. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it has to come from nature , good food .
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    Well thats shit mate .I'd ask you what you are doing but there's no point is there ha .I'm not to bad mate ,same as everyone else really . Are you planning on staying up there long ? Could do a little meet with a few others over the summer if you are .we could give that bellend chip and his mate a knock ha
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