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    Fancy Flower of Scotland in the 5.15 Newcastle tomorrow, looked unlucky at Kempton last time out. Giving a better start I can’t see it getting beat.
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    Let us know how it works out
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    He's famous for being a dodgy jumper but he looked comfortable for most of the race. I'm sure with a bit more intensive schooling he should be fine.
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    Many thanks for that, I will stay on here as I know how addictive it is and I’m genuinely worried I will slip back into it, though I am steadfast I will not, I know I’ll need to learn from those who have succeeded before and that will help ensure I too succeed and kick this habit completely. Thank you
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    @MemphisGurl85 please remember that only you are responsible for your actions. You are not a victim. Gambling is a dangerous and invasive habit that can take over your life , and many on this forum have vast and varied experience of the pitfalls . From your detail so far it would appear that you have already recognised the desperation and entrapped nature of current online casinos, and now only need some support to move forward . The mistake many make now is to go it alone , believing they have mastered the issue and have intellectually made the recognition... this does not solve the problem. You have to replace the time spent gambling with a purposeful hobby, or pastime that does not include financial risk , or you will simply go round and round until you fail again. please do not hesitate to interact with us going forward and we shall try to help you along the way .
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    I will indeed! Thanks!
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    Thanks so much, I’ll do that! thanks again, glad to hear you got your money back too, it seems like it’s worthwhile to pursue, thanks again.
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    people need to learn from boxing with regards to this and not sign up. In the early days of pay per view boxing somebody said if people signed up you could say goodbye to seeing big fights for free and that was exactly what happened. I can see a future where if sky thought they could get away with it instead of a general subscription service they would end up charging people extortionate amounts to watch games. Once it is set up this will also mean the clubs have an avenue for charging non attending fans to watch their games thus increasing the gap between the bigger and smaller clubs revenue generation. i fear once the genie is out if the bottle it will be impossible to get back in with regards to this
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    A new manager perhaps? Not that it is his fault. Harry redknapp loves a deal on deadline day, perhaps you'll get him.
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    I like Luke Shaw but he was nowhere to be seen in that game. Harry Maguire should be dropped, but he won't be. Pogba needs a holiday or something. What I didn't like was after the red card they pretty much just gave up. They didn't even try to just shut up shop. I am not sure if Spurs are good, I honestly think in that game that United were absolutely appalling and most teams in the Premiership would have dicked them. The Liverpool result was a nice tonic. Last week on Sky, Roy Keane made a comment about Liverpool's defending being a bit dodgy in the talk with Klopp and Klopp instantly shut him down. Van Dijk is not that good and his partners are even worse than Utds defenders!
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    When the wheels fall off they really fall off.
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    Radical proposals for the reform of English football could have a "damaging impact" on the game, says the Premier League. Under the proposals, led by Liverpool and Manchester United, the English top flight would be cut to 18 teams. The plans would see the Premier League hand over the £250m bailout required by the Football League to stave off a financial disaster among its 72 clubs. The Premier League would also hand over 25% of its annual income to the EFL. EFL chief Parry: 'Reforms will benefit game as a whole' The proposals, dubbed Project Big Picture, would see: The Premier League cut from 20 to 18 clubs, with the Championship, League One and League Two each retaining 24 teams. The bottom two teams in the Premier League relegated automatically with the 16th-placed team joining the Championship play-offs. The League Cup and Community Shield abolished. Parachute payments scrapped. A £250m rescue fund made immediately available to the EFL £100m paid to the FA to make up for lost revenue. Nine clubs given 'special voting rights' on certain issues, based on their extended runs in the Premier League. But the plans have been criticised by the Premier League, the government and supporters' groups. "English football is the world's most watched, and has a vibrant, dynamic and competitive league structure that drives interest around the globe," a Premier League statement said. "To maintain this position, it is important that we all work together. Both the Premier League and the FA support a wide-ranging discussion on the future of the game, including its competition structures, calendar and overall financing particularly in light of the effects of Covid-19. "Football has many stakeholders, therefore this work should be carried out through the proper channels enabling all clubs and stakeholders the opportunity to contribute." Under the proposals, the EFL Cup in its present form would be abolished and the Community Shield scrapped. In addition, the top flight's 14-club majority voting system would change