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    Morning All, Planning on having a little day out Friday and will ping a couple of videos out... haven't been out out in a while. Not doing a big pick my winners thread but I will back some TGC suggestions and keen to show some snooker bits and pieces I do if their are anyone looking to improve their game!
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    Going to have a nibble on Red Verdon at Deauville today, 15.35. Won a French G2 Lto, opposition today similar level barring Telecaster. However, given he is unproven at 1m4 and the very heavy ground, a proven stayer is my preference.
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    Thank you very much friends for your words. It is not the end of the world .. but it bothers enough
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    My @Peter clark lucky 15 Point in time 1.50 Desert safari 2.25 Overwrite 3.00 Beau geste 5.20
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    Good luck david . after a 1 year + self exclusion , and now 6-7 month back my advice would be to take regular time outs especially after decent wins . as my recent experiences have taught me that its not the losses that makes u want more play , its when winning and can lead you back to the " invincible" feeling . Which can bring on long bouts of amnesia and big losses All the best mate
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    Sorry to hear you spunked your winnings?/wages?. This is however, inevitable, for anyone who plays slots. The buying of bonuses has always been a talking point with varying opinions on each side. In my eye, I dont see a problem with it. Everyone playing slots, or rather, gambling in general, should have a deposit limit set on their account, to a level which is responsible for their own circumstances. That way, no matter what scum fuckery these providers/operators come up with, you're never in a position to blow a hot steaming load. If you dont play with any limits in place then there will be a time when everyone does something like this. Of course, if its got to a point where you can no longer control yourself, then you may want to seriously think about self excluding. When the fun stops, stop.
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    Maybe time To put in place some limits or take a long time out with some software ( if your country has any ) Just remember slots will always win in the end
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    Thats bad mate . All ur small stake big wins up in a puff of smoke in no time at all without any enjoyment . 100 x ur stake for a 10 x win most of the time . Thank falkirk we dont have them any more . Better off with the grind imo . Sorry to hear mate .
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    Serves you right for pulling a Denman and posting your selections 1 second befre the offs
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    Betfair didnt give me BOG on Bowderek, placed at 40/1 and I get shafted with the 12/1 I took, money back for all that, Im off to walk the dog!
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    I have no idea what any of you are going on about but celtic are playing in 40 minutes so fuck the lot of you
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    First one in at 10s. Kemooon
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    Bad shit mate, chin up and put limits in place
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    It's slots I'm afraid champ. Play them and you are in for a life time of misery. Best to just quit now and learn you lesson.
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    Sorry to hear that. I am sure it is hard at the moment but do as you say and stop gambling for a period of time to get over it and block your accounts so even if you are tempted you cannot play.
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    Horses for tomorrow 12.45 classic lord 1.15 salamanca school 1.50 urban artist 2.25 woven 3.00 Fiji 3.35 d'bai 4.10 one step too far 4.45 uther pendragon 1.00 fern owl 1.30 winfola 2.05 guardia top 2.40 dear sire 3.15 the young master 3.50 lady London 4.25 wise coco 5.00 our lucas 5.30 bucks dream 4.35 mashmoom 5.10 case key 5.49 starseed 5.20 roller 4.00 Big freeze deauville 4.35 ribot dream deauville 5.10 star of Paris deauville 1.00 wanaway. Deauville 1.35 duhail. Deauville 2.15 Mon Paris. Deauville 2.50 January. Deauville 2.15 indigo girl 2.50 ivadream 3.25 sirus slew 4.00 cmon cmon If anyone is interested which I think has the best chance at the right price, I the case key at 5.10. I've got a sneaky feeling I'm going to win fuck all again
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    Couple features £19 and £51 ... £40 on pub fruits
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    Thanks lads and lasses.. I’ll be in the bookies around 10:30am not £30/£40 a race stakes.. more likely tenners and £15s ill drop a video when I’m in the snooker hall and some pictures of the slips, beer and most importantly the brekkers
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    They could always bribe him with free walkers crisps for life and free tickets to the national space center
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    Hello .. I usually put photos of the earnings but this time I am going to write to comment that today I have unfortunately lost control and I have thrown the earnings of two weeks down the toilet .. all this because here in my country it is not prohibited the purchase of bonuses ... normally I am a low bet gambler but in purchases I have lost everything.I am to blame of course .. but also .. extra chilli, pirate kingdom megaways and fruit party. The purchase of bonuses is diabolical. Until I recover I will not gamble again. Thank you
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