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    Well, the final Saturday of the month is here. And lots to play for. Can I hold on this time in the monthly? Can Blampy or Phil overhaul Groundiskey in the tri monthly? 7 races from 3 meetings will decide. As I have some family commmitments this weekend, @Jok3st3r is kindly stepping in to do the scoring. Top lady SATURDAY 29TH AUGUST 2020 GOODWOOD 13:50 The Ladbrokes Prestige Stakes (Class1) (Group 3) 14:25 Brian Chattaway Celebrating 50 Years At Ladbrokes Handicap 15:00 The Ladbrokes March Stakes (Class 1) (Group 3) (In Memory Of John Dunlop) 15:35 The Ladbrokes Celebration Mile Stakes (Class 1) (Group 2) WINDSOR 14:40 The August Stakes (Class 1) (Listed Race) 15:15 The Sky Sports Racing Winter Hill Stakes (Class 1) (Group 3) NEWMARKET 14:05 The Hopeful Stakes (Class 1) (Listed Race) @Mad Slasher McGurk @Kinkerbells @Jok3st3r @david1111 @STH2020 @therealwintersoldier @groundiskey @Peter clark @Solario333 @Douvan @Fredthedog1 @Blampy @Player1173 @Gkell727 @Dave @Frosty @Sgt_bilk0 @Miller26 @philinvicta
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    Was hoping for a bit more variance but probably still better than most of their other slots
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    Morning All, Planning on having a little day out Friday and will ping a couple of videos out... haven't been out out in a while. Not doing a big pick my winners thread but I will back some TGC suggestions and keen to show some snooker bits and pieces I do if their are anyone looking to improve their game!
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    Click here to read the highly anticipated Reactoonz 2 Review!
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    I put a small deposit and was winning a few euro so decided to up my stakes a little bit and was playing The Sword and The Grail and managed a wild line on 100x
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    Thanks lads and lasses.. I’ll be in the bookies around 10:30am not £30/£40 a race stakes.. more likely tenners and £15s ill drop a video when I’m in the snooker hall and some pictures of the slips, beer and most importantly the brekkers
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    @MrUKHackz is this available now? Where can I play it xx
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    Good to see chip slowly losing views People finally had enough of his click bait nonsense
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    Hi @Tower68another golfie! I was going to write up but I haven't had much time.. For me Bryson Dechambeu is a key figure in the BMW. The course is setup REALLY long.. It should really suit the longer hitters. Dechambeu also won here about 4 years ago so has a bit of course experience. I've gone straight win on bryson. E/W on Finau just because of how long he is and he's been in some OK form this year and also Leishmann, hoping he can get back to his form now he playing a bit more regularly - if so I can see him nipping into a place @ around 100/1
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    Loving Morikawa this week at the BMW.. Had a super season and hopefully a great weekend. 24's on Betfair. If Cameron Champ keeps it straight he could be decent E/W value. Top 10 (8's Betfair Ex) 100's if you fancy the win.
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    Just logged on after 98 days absent and they've given me a $22 WCOOP spin and go ticket, the only problem is nobody else is joining the table!
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    I get those 3x a week, lol. gl in the poker guys!!
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    Also had a £50 casino bonus with 5pt wager yesterday. Wonder if its because I havent deposited for a while?
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    You lucky mofos got all those tickets while I spend thousands in tourney buyins and wagering on slots every month and they gave me 22$ ticket . Hahaha no but for real just stick to ABC poker and with a little bit of luck you can do it. @Frosty good luck!
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    PSG or Man City, City are going to pull all the stops to get him and that's where he is going imo I bet messi already had talks with Pep before he put in a request. -------- It could just be a big dick move to get certain board members to stand down.
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    Sorry about that mate. I'm taking a week off the forum. Hope your luck turns soon champ
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    Quality is abit poor on some of these. Stars Clusters has some serious potential!
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    Thanks everyone. I'm blessed! Peace!
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    This is it! I haven't gambled for 330 days!! One more month to 360 mark!! Here 17:33 in France, the sun is shining. It's very hot to say the least!! 38 degrees Celsius over there! I hope everyone is well. I'll pop up there and there but not as much as I used to do. My hard work will build a better future for me. So far, so good! I'm very happy where I'm now. I wish you a wonderful week-end! Much Love! Antonin.
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    I haven't gambled for 300 days
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    Ok right, yeah vegetables are always good for your body that's for sure. One of my new resolutions this year was to not eat Junk Food anymore ... I'll be making a new thread for the photos I will quote you so you'll see
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    Rolla said to remind you that he wants his seven bucks back
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