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    Sue me @Roger_aka_Roger. https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateTalentedTaroDoritosChip
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    Well tomorrow its been 14 weeks since I had a gamble. I have no temptation to play slots whatsoever, which was my nemesis to be honest. Not out of the woods though after a few beers and/or rums im always tempted to deposit a chunk and go to table games. Dont really know why as I only played these on the odd occasion. Kind of like I want to just have a blow out I suppose. If it wernt for this damn lockdown I would have had a proper blow out by now i.e proper night with the boys which always helps clear my head a few times a year!
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    Fantastic job mate. All I can say really is you've stayed strong for this long so don't spoil all the hard work. Not easy I know but 14 weeks is a great achievement
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    Lets just hope that they remove affiliation altogether.
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    Haha Freddy you bastard Nicky making me do horror games every Saturday now
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    All out of shape and scared to touch each other with a life’s too short philosophy- BTTS anyone?
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    Employers can require workers to take holiday while on furlough, provided the requisite notice requirements are met. It is also suggested that employers should first “engage with their workforce” and explain their reasons for wanting them to take leave. However, the guidance then goes on to include the following paragraph: If an employer requires a worker to take holiday while on furlough, the employer should consider whether any restrictions the worker is under, such as the need to socially distance or self-isolate, would prevent the worker from resting, relaxing and enjoying leisure time, which is the fundamental purpose of holiday. Holiday entitlement and pay during coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance This paragraph appears to be making reference to case law from the European Court of Justice, which emphasises that annual leave must allow a worker to rest and enjoy a period of relaxation and leisure. Since it seems that this paragraph could apply to the majority of us in the country right now, it is hard to know quite what the government is saying by this. On the one hand, it could be taken to suggest that the circumstances of, and restrictions placed on, someone on furlough may mean this definition is not met. However, the guidance then goes on to say that “workers who are on furlough are unlikely to need to carry forward statutory annual leave, as they will be able to take it during furlough”, which seems to imply that the government does not believe furloughed workers will be prevented from resting and relaxing while on holiday. It appears that the government is hedging its bets, and leaving it up to the courts to decide what the final position should be on whether employers can require furloughed workers to take holiday. Since it could take several years for a case on this point to reach even a first tier employment tribunal, this is not terribly satisfactory for employers who understandably will be looking for clarity while the furlough scheme is still in operation. On balance, it seems likely that, in the majority of cases, employers will be able to show that workers are still able to have rest and relaxation even during lockdown (especially now the rules are starting to be relaxed), and so will be able to require furloughed workers to take holiday. However, our strong advice for anyone seeking to do this, would be to remain mindful of people’s individual circumstances and give proper consideration to any concerns raised by individuals about taking holiday at the current time. In addition, for employers who only have part of their workforce on furlough, it would be advisable to try to maintain parity in terms of how holiday entitlement between the two groups is treated, since any difference (eg requiring one group to take holiday but not the other) could lead to resentment between the two groups, and so create problems in the long run. That clears things up
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    Just think how you'll feel in 1 year. I let you guess ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . On top of the world!!!!
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    Cheers David wise words as always. Definately feel better having not gambled thats for sure.
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    Fuck that m8, I backed Blacko at Cheltenham and the fucker finished nearly last.
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    I suppose nothing is normal at the moment, but thinking about it I'm sure they would have checked their legal position before sending the letters
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    Im betting hold up horses for sure
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    The EU is considering max bets too though. And the UK is a huge market, and UK affiliates probably skew heavily towards UK players.
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    There is no point hating on anything imo, it just leads to being an unhappy person. I think affiliate streamers and youtuber have flown under the RG radar and, in fact, online casinos have too. That is changing now and I personally think its a good thing. Nothing against affiliate streamers. I think what they do is generally immoral and I would not do it personally but it doesn't mean I hate them or that they are fair game for abuse. There are also scales of affiliate streamers/youtubers. Guys like Paul OSC slots do youtube videos and affiliation but he does so responsibly and doesn't ram links down your throat. Then there are the vast majority who skirt a fine line between ethically promoting gambling and not. And then there are some who are just awful (we all know who they are) and will do anything for a pound note. I think a £2 max stake online would be the biggest change to the online casino landscape in a LONG time and I think it will seriously damage affiliate incomes. I think that is a good thing from a selfish perspective because I want to watch real gamblers and not just affiliates. I also think it will be good for the community as I think having affiliates promote these casinos in an unregulated way causes more problem gambling than if they didn't exist. I don't judge people too harshly if they are totally hateful of affiliates though, even if I personally don't hate them. That is the industry the affiliates chose to enter. If I watched nickslots be happy as fuck on his stream for years (because he isn't really gambling - just running a casino business) and then I signed up (as an immature 19 year old or something) and did my bollocks them I would probably be resentful of that person. It is only natural. And affiliates have basically made a deal with the devil to get into the industry and promote gambling knowing some who they introduce to it will have their lives ruined. All to make some money. They are making bank whilst others lives are ruined, so them taking a little bit of hate is understandable, although obviously not a good thing.
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    I like the way you put your point across mate. Too many have come on forums bashing streamers with pure hatred and passion and post with little thought into what they are saying and lack common sense.
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    No doubt mate. They will be making bank currently. This is like the last chance to load up before it is over for them though. The huge rise in online gambling has been noticed and reported. The politicians will now have even more reason to go in hard on the industry when it comes to Responsible gambling. £2 max bet for online slots will be very soon imo, it is more likely now thanks to the lockdown and so much online gambling.
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    Affiliation is a point of discussion for the same Parliamentary group proposing the online £2 stakes. So don't be so sure. TGC will be moving to Malta next door to Roshtein if that ever happens...
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    Its like the lottery except on the lottery millions contribute just £2. whereas 1000s contribute £100 + daily on BTG ,and then someone scoops the pool with a huge bonus ,and often its the players who have the wherewithal to play the most spins ..... and regardless of stake have an advantage over the player who spins 200 spins a week ,or a day . Since those with a greater bankroll may play 1000s of spins a day on a slot and grind with near impunity it is mathematically obvious that they are winning more ......... of course they may give it back on other slots or table games . Its difficult to see the big picture because transparency is removed when high variance is in play . there is no proof that an RTP is reached ever . It takes billions of spins to even measure the server response .
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    On a lighter note thought I'd take a pic of this.
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    Something i saw today and had to take a picture
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    Yeah I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes how generous she was with buying someone a bike that was never stolen and funding a complete plebs holiday to DISNEYLAND! SOME PERSON!!! The b*tch
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    I've edited the title mate, nice win
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    Yeah I know Kim’s a popular figure on here but I see him as another bandit. Using massive amounts of affiliation money to play. No jeopardy when you do that and when it gets to that stage it’s no longer fun to watch
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