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    Got this on Christmas Eve
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    Looks like the max bet, currently £100, is gonna get sliced to £2. Thats a huge decrease per play. The bookies are saying the knock-on effect will be for sporting events not to receive the sponsoring cash that they once provided. Events, jobs in limbo. What does everyone think about this?...
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    Any chance of an Arcade, 20+ games? Leaderboard etc, they are always fun... TJFF...
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    Hi all. I'm travelling to las Vegas in June from the UK. Been looking at the best way to take money over to gamble with. Should I take cash (bit risky if stolen) , card only. (Not sure if I can take a decent amount out of cash point or over the counter at casino). Has anyone been recently who could give me some advice. Cheers and happy winnings.
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    Finally! We have a site to degen away on! Props to the big man for finally sorting it.
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    I'd rather a Gamble Ladder :-p
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    I always think that they should make you verify before you can deposit...
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    Glad you asked buddy Basically they're completely impartial and their focus is to help you understand your (honest) financial situation and then discuss options available to you... Literally everyone I spoke to whenever I called was excellent, non-judgemental and to the point. Other than those I spoke to through Gamcare, they were the first people I spoke about my problem with - that split from YOUR world made a huge difference as they only knew as much as I wanted to tell them (about my gambling) but it meant that when talking debt I didn't feel the need to miss anything out so when they asked about what I owed then I was comfortable in telling them EVERYTHING. So once everything was out in the open and they'd asked me about everything, including what I'd not even considered to be a debt (like my multiple phone contracts which I taken out and then sold the phone) we moved on to a statement of affairs (SOA). An SOA is basically a look at what you have coming in and what you need each month to pay your priority bills and have a degree of quality of life. They told me to be realistic and not too strict, so a weekly food shop might be £35 (just me at this point) as opposed to the £15 I had been living off etc. Then after this they came to a single one off payment amount which I had to agree to being affordable. Affordable for me as it turned out was a debt management plan (DMP) £400 per month which meant that I had £1100 pcm to cover rent, food, fuel bills, clothing and all that stuff (including £100 pcm for social stuff) and then they sent it to each of my creditors. The best of it was all those payday loans had to stop charging fees and interest, as did my credit cards and other unsecured lenders which IMMEDIATELY lifted so much stress from my shoulders it was unreal - forget having a holiday this was Amazing! Now it wasn't all easy... I did have to contact my creditors to tell them about the my DMP and a couple of those 'friendly' creditors turned out to be the least pleasant - Very for example were horrible while Wonga were awesome! And for a few months I did get letters about defaults but when I did I'd call Step Change and they'd say "meh, it's no big deal but thanks for letting us know" haha A few months later and everything settled down, I went to work and got paid at the end of the month at which point a single payment left for Step Change and the rest was mine! A year(ish) later and I was able to get a contract phone with O2 - life was normalising... Even when I had a 'blip' and couldn't afford to make a full months payment it was no biggie as I told them and they'd say "meh, no biggie just reduce your payments for a bit" - sometimes I made no payment but it wasn't often and I always had to tell them to keep them informed - again, at no time were they judgemental. I've waffled somewhat and missed a few things out but for me, not having to stress about money while trying to get my head around my gambling problem was massive and I know I wouldn't be in my current position now if not for them...
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    WOW, I think thats the biggest slot win in terms of stake/win ratio I have ever seen to date! Can I ask how did you win so much, does it have an insane multiplier or something? Thats crazy!!
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    Hello everyone.. Have a been a frequent watcher for a while now, mainly on YouTube on my TV so not interacting too much with the chat but having a good laugh when it all kicks off in the twitch chat! Currently using Gamban cause I was fairly degen and thanks to Paul's promo code been able to keep myself under control and setting monthly limits on pokerstars which if you have installed before you install Gamban you can still play on. Quite happy about that as I like to dabble in low stakes poker now and then but pretty sure it's an unintended feature (don't tell them to fix it ?). Just wanna say thanks for the great content Paul and maybe see you in the home game Sunday!
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    £50 spins !! crazy.. get in there... rocknrolla!!!
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    Nice base game hit, shame he fudged off on the 5th reel though
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    Wheyyyyyyyyyy!!! Hello Everyone! Nice site Paul
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    Book of dead, venture and stones always worth a shot for epic payouts
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    fav time of the year footpads a cert best jumper of a fence in ireland though no secret and duly a 6\4 chance, at a price was told to back cloudy dream for the ryanair my 2 cents anyway
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    Tried lower stakes?? Sometimes its hard when your used to a stake on certain slots to the point if you get a big win at a lower stake can be somewhat gutting! But I've found there are sooo many slots out there that there is only a couple now I found hard to not do high stakes on
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    Dope win tobad i fell in sleep
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    Tamas Priskin top Watford player, love to Hungary!!