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    So I hit this a few weeks ago and been dying to share it! From a £30 deposit, got the balance up a bit playing bonanza then hit this monster on BOD!
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    Decided to do 2x £50 spins before leaving this slot and this came in!!!! Unfortunately I bust the balance but was still nice to see this slot be kind to me for once!
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    Hit this at bedtime taking a punt on doing a £10 stake and then got this. (Feature dropped in, not bought)
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    This is my favourite horse racing festival of the year above Ascot and before the community was as huge and there were just a few of us that spoke about our bets, this was a time of the year we came together and smashed the bookies! That tradition has not stopped and still to this date I am in profit for every Cheltenham festival since being on Youtube which is around 8 years albeit not a huge amount! I'll never forget watching Annie Power nosedive on the last fence while myself and toastie were waiting for a Mullins 4 timer, I still think Ruby done it on purpose and that could of been one of the biggest losses to the bookies in racing history. Lets see if we can smash them this year and share our tips and predictions for the upcoming festival
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    First time I have ever hit anything good on this game
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    If only the stake was higher.. Still epic win though.
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    got the 4 days booked off work as i do every year , meet up with 2 friends and spend the week locked away with beer and bets , different takeaway every night and taxis booked home and booked to pick up again in morning , finances not as good as they use to be but have paid in advance for all my food , beer and taxis and about £500 for betting tucked away , looking forward to the best horse racing meeting of the year , good luck to everyone having a bet !!!
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    I wish i could hit that even with 0.10 bet
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    I thought i'd start this post off by sharing my best personal experience. Started with £50 and went to the local casino. Played blackjack with the perfect pair and 21+3 side bets. Ended up getting 3 of the same card for a huge lift and then went onto the roulette tables. I had my best number 23 hit twice in a row! After 4 hours of play I walked out with £2700 Look forward to hearing everyone else's too - Comment below
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    So, instead of everyone making there own introduction topic, i thought it would be easier to have just one big introduction topic where you can introduce yourselves in a reply to this topic! In this way the forum would not be that messy with hundreds of different topics, and other future subtopics in the main ''members area'' will be easier to find. That said I'll start Name: Bjorn. Youtube/Twitch username: Bjorn_fct From: Enschede The Netherlands Age: 27 Sex: Male Hobby's: Football (FC Twente), Drinking beer, Scuba Diving, Drinking more beer, Playing slots, Drinking another beer, oh and i like food, especially meat!
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    Every day that value is present and within my guidelines, I will post a football bet of odds no less than EVENS. Enjoy making cash
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    Regular viewer here ellisofcoventry but I live in Nottingham. Get the fudge in there
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    Big up,An american now living in England(10yrs)love the vslots,love to dj.
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    Awesome hit Paul Here you can find all my Youtube content
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    Wow, great to hit on that stake. Shame the last explorer went on holiday. Bet he just walked past as well.
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    Bloodtype: Alcohol+ shoe size: XL
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    here you go mate, get this on ya asap
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    Great win lad, double that tonight
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