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    All in one : My story from the start!! My name is Antonin, I'm 25 years old, I come from France and I am a compulsive gambler in recovery (6 months gamble free) My life has never been easy for me because as a kid I was a bit shy and I never had many friend because of that I had a lack of confidence in myself I didn't want to talk to anybody and the only thing I wanted to do was to go on my computer and play video games I had a gaming addiction, the only game I wanted to play was FIFA 07 to 14 (song) (completly stopped at 19 years old) I always thought nobody was like me At school before 15 years old, while everyone enjoyed to play sports and talk to each other, I used to stay on my own I thought that I could never be a "normal" person At 15 years old, I used to talk a bit more and I had some really good friends I used to play soccer a lot, I was very good at it Some people wanted me to play in a club but I was still a bit shy so I never did When I look back now, I regret it ... At 20 years old, One day, my father told me : "Antonin, if you want to do something with your life you must learn English , it's very useful" Few months later after we found a place where to go, I was in england to learn the language No need to tell you how hard it was to speak english but I had no choice and I should manage this on my own After 7 months over there, I'm not bilingual yet but I can have a conversation with an english person So, I came back to France ... At 21 years old, After all these years, I've experienced traumas in childhood including : Parents getting divorced and Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) I found a job so I could earn my own money but I was introduced to online gambling not long after my first pay check And here started the worst period of my life When I look back, I escalated into a compulsive gambler very quickly I had money in my bank that I could spend with no thought I had no idea what the gambling addiction was On a night I had been winning more than €6000, it was like a dream , I thought I could make a living from gambling ... I can still recall that high feeling I ended up losing it all. I always wanted to get it all back, no matter what I always chased my losses . I always thought I was smarter than the Casino I've spent all that time and energy gambling online, dealt with emotional lows of bad beats I sacrificed food and sleep. I was gambling to make some money As we all know, it doesn't work that way, it couldn't be the case ... I used to make large bets €400, €600, €1500 on a roulette spin. I was hoping for a hot streak. By then, I was usually exhausted and just really wanted to get my money back or losing it all More than often, I would lose it all I would always minimize my losses, saying I lost €400 when in reality that was €3000 At the end I lost arround 30k in total At 25 years old, 4 March 2019, I finally quit gambling, and since then my life has improved a lot When looking at the difficulties that I have faced I can see in retrospect that these challenges ultimately made me stronger and taught me some important lessons ** The benefits ** - I've got confident in myself and clearly a different person - Money in the bank to do whatever I want - Family now trusts me - I've plans - No more mood swings - More time to see my loved ones - More time to do hobbies I liked before (soccer, bike, design) But why I was gambling I was gambling in order to escape from negative emotions. These emotions include loneliness and boredom I was rushing off to my gambling site to "de-stress" after a hectic day at work Once the session had begun, this intense focus on play is a powerful distraction, and personal problems seemed to miraculously disappear Gambling is such an effective means of distraction, a powerful means of escape, that I didn't see my gambling as a problem in my life I believed it was a part of the solution ... The reality though, is that gambling plays a detrimental role in the lives of gamblers. It can cause a range of harms, financial, health issues and emotional problems Understanding why I couldn't stop once I had started is a crucial step in quitting gambling Every now and then, I get the urge to gamble but it's far less as it used be and now not a problem If I ever get the urge, I know the consequences and that's enough not to gamble Where I am now I'm living ultimately a better live The fact I quit gambling is a huge thing I don't get worried to pay my rent and bills I stay busy all the time so I don't think to gambling The peace I have now without gambling is enough to stay away from it A friend of mine couldn't believe how much I'd changed during all that time The message I have to tell to the compulsive gamblers : One thing that makes your dream become impossible : the fear of failure If your determination is fixed, I suggest you do not despair The great things are performed by perseverance Say to yourself every single day : "I can acheive EVERYTHING I want to do" It's not easy but you're better than that YOU want a better life but nothing can happen if you don't want it. Only you can change. I was like all of you, not better, not worst, I thought it was impossible to quit BUT I was wrong ... IT IS POSSIBLE TO QUIT!! To this day, 30 august 2019, I hope that anyone who suffers from this evil addiction gets the faith to quit Gambling ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ This community TGC is now like a part of my life and I will always be thankful because I have met people that I couldn't ever met in my real life Well done and thanks to the owner of this site for making this happen @Rocknrolla. One of the most kindest person Thanks to the mods and admins, especially @MrUKHackz You're doing a fantastic job Thank you to the members, ALL of them, especially @david1111 you're amazing, no matter what, you've always been by my side and @Bangers to show me the way with the others who have followed my thread : Everything is lost again : I'm lost!! Thanks a MILLION!!! Much LOVE ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
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    Since I posted in the first time for a while the other day on the fruity slots 'scandal' I've noticed a huge amount of streamer/affiiliate hating posts. A lot of these posts seem to be negative without any point. If these people were bothered about problem gamblers and trying to help the community then a solution would be put forward with the hate but there is none. I urge the 'haters' to look at the positive. Indeed, I was probably the biggest affiliate hater some time ago but things have changed. I can only assume those so angry and against affiliation in general have been scorn by casinos/addiction previously which is understandable but blind hate isn't the answer. Streamers and affiliates are merely promoting a product. Your hate around bet size and irresponsible gambling should be aimed at the casinos who facilitate this. Hate should be directed towards the UKGC who leave this kind of stuff unregulated. There's no strict guidelines to adhere to so each individual is bound by their own moral compass alone it seems. Don't like £50 spins and affiliate links on these kinda videos? Make a complaint. Don't like immoral fake funds being used? Again make a complaint. I will say this, since the introduction of gamstop the streamers as influencers are in a powerful position to change someone's life. Gamstop changed mine and I wish it had been around many years ago. The ones who actively promote Gamstop and Gamban have probably saved a few lives/houses/rent for the month etc. Maybe the person viewing would be unaware these services exist without the streamer. My argument has always been that slot videos are largely viewed by addicts/ex-addicts and those who are at risk. If you're searching slot videos you already have an interest beyond what is 'normal' and its not unrealistic to say they would gamble with or without the videos. That's not to say everyone who does view is an addict but look around at similar forums to this and its quite clear a lot have got problems. If any streamers read this I would urge them to promote Gamstop as much as possible. Forget the mandatory crap such as 'gamble responsibly' and 'when the fun stops stop' messages. They mean very little to someone who is addicted. Very much like the 18+ signs you see they act as a poor deterrent. I believe it should be mandatory to push gambling prevention methods rather than some half baked message which has no effect. Streamers could set up a dedicated page on their website or at least link to others showing real life ways of getting clear of addiction. Chat moderators could guide people there and it should be the first link on videos. Gamstop could be mentioned before video starts. The power to change someone's life for the better is more important than financial gain surely so why its an after thought at the minute is beyond me. Even guiding to a site like this would be beneficial with a lot of support available real time with a real human who understands. If you put responsible gambling first then no one will begrudge you if someone plays through your links and you get a cut back. If someone enjoys your content and wants to support you then I see no problem in this and good luck to you in my eyes. I find it sad that @Rocknrolla has to suffer because of the rogue actions of others. As someone who really understands the power of gambling addiction I'm sure he's reluctant to be like the others who don't care of know about the dark side of gambling. This means all the rogues get all the financial benefits and he doesn't. This doesn't seem fair. A blanket rule must be made on all streams to ensure fair play and streamers are compensated fairly. The best earners should not be the most immoral. How many people are now living a better life because of advice they've had in a stream? Probably quite a lot. Still, it needs to be pushed by all affiliates and not just the few. I know the bandit has spoken a lot about it on his videos and love him or hate him he's helped a lot of people. People should focus on this and ways to improve this for others rather than being jealous at stakes played or being butt hurt over money they've lost. I say this as a one time hopeless addict. If you're an addict, use the tools available to you. Nowadays there's no excuse.
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    After my win last week, im giving away £200 to the forum. £100 is for the weekly horse racing comp that you will be able to read the rules and enter on on this thread from friday: And the other £100 is a random giveaway for anyone with over 200 reputation points I want people to predict the total combined time of all the 1st goals in all 12 of the league 2 games this Saturday at 3pm. for example, if the 1st goal is timed at 3 minutes in one game and 19 minutes in a second game, that would equal 22 minutes total. Obviously there is another 10 games on top of that that you have to account for! You just need to post in this thread with a number between 12 and 1080 No duplicates if someone else has picked that number, ill try and keep a record as up to date as possible if people can't be arsed to read back! For scoring purposes, all relevant goals in stoppage time will be awarded at either 45 or 90 minutes And in case of any discrepancies in the exact minute, all times will be taken from Flashscores website. Whoever has the nearest guess to the correct amount will win £100, if 2 people are an equal amount away it will be split £50 each
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    I was just going to put the top 50 names in a random type generator for the winner but then realised some of those names are no longer here and some may also not want to enter. Any of those spots can also be filled with members with a 200+ points on their reputation. It was for a £300 buy on Rainbow Riches Megaways however some may also prefer a non gambling prize, so if you wanted to be entered into this comp just comment below and whoever the winner is will get the option to choose.
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    Someone messaged me on here and I still have email notifications on so I couldn't help but get suckered in to this mess. I've read pretty much all responses and there's a lot or holes in the story (excuse) that has been given. As someone who used to work doing freelance SEO work for small businesses I can tell you with absolute confidence that this was not some mistake. Firstly why were they trying to rank highly for search terms including 'casinos not on gamstop' etc. The excuse that it was someone else's article rewritten is a weak one as plagiarism has been cracked down massively over the past few years. You can't just change a few words around and expect to rank anymore. Anyone with appropriate experience in SEO would not be simply stealing other people's work to boost their own keyword rank as it doesn't work anymore. Secondly, you have to actually write the article and at least have some understanding of what you're saying. The excuse that the person wrote a few thousand words and didn't have a single clue what any of the words meant is pretty pathetic. Was he doing it blindfolded and without the use of a brain? You used to see bots being put to use to gain rank in Google but if that was the case it would be ineligible. There is a human behind the post who knew damn well what gamstop was all about and how it could gather traffic to the site. Simply put they seen a gap in the market for such a post which would allow them to gain traffic. 'Non gamstop casinos' would be a highly sought after search term so that's the purpose of the article - to rank highly for that search result to pull some poor fudger off Google in who can't control themselves. Thirdly, the fact that there was no link provided to the listed casinos is irrelevant. The fact is that the person who created the article wanted someone who couldn't control themselves to visit the site is enough evidence to suggest the purpose was financial and not to rank the site overall. This is further evidenced by the fact the 'top casino' and indeed the first casino you view on their site is a non gamstop one. I won't mention the name but its a pretty clever trick to put your top casino as some dodgy ass one with no gamstop. In reality this is not the top casino out there, nowhere near. To those who have reported to the ASA I would probably say its pointless. They are 100% in breach of advertisement guidelines as no gambling content should be aimed at vulnerable people. However, the punishments and fines are usually dished out to the casinos themselves and in this case we can't see which casino is responsible as there isn't one in particular that is. What should happen is that all casinos should dissassociate with Fruity Slots as they clearly cannot be trusted as a reputable affiliate and target the most vulnerable. I see @JackSparks has already done this his side. Others should follow. The problem here and indeed with all gambling affiliation is that the casinos using these streamers and sites cannot control the content of the ads. They can set guidelines for the affiliates but most affiliates break some terms so expect further clampdowns in the future. Many casinos are bailing out of the game and its not too difficult to believe that this indeed is the beginning of the end. Practices like this not only damage the brand of the individual but they kill the entire sector. How many casinos if they get hit by more fines are going to stick around? Potentially getting hit with more fines and damaging their own brand too. I have no bad feeling towards Josh at all. On the occasions I have spoken to him I believe he is a good guy. He's also in the business of making money and it doesn't seem to matter who they tread on to get what they want. Setting up your own business and venture is admirable but the real cost in the gambling affiliation sector is furthering addiction, leaving people without food, families and potential suicide. Streamers as influencers should be more dilligent in their approach. They need to realise that their audience has a large percentage of addicts and ex addicts viewing who may or may not be trying to not gamble and the consequences of lost money is far higher than that of normal people. People sign up to gamstop for a reason and this was truly an awful act. Is anyone particularly surprised though? I wish Josh and Jamie good luck in the future. This was an awful thing to do but at least they have taken time to respond. A bit more honesty is needed though in my opinion, maybe their website guy is the one lying to them though and denying all knowledge. Who knows. Anyway I'm back to affiliate hating retirement now. Hope everyone is well. I couldn't help myself not to reply. Soz.
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    For a while now, probably about 6 months, I haven’t been right. Ordinarily I’m a barrel of laughs, I try to make people laugh, I’m a clown and genuinely a sincere and happy person but something has changed in me and I don’t know what it is. It’s not my home life because I love my wife dearly and my child equally so. My wife never complains, she cooks and cleans and irons and washes etc. She’s a brilliant mother and an even better wife. It’s not my work life because I love my job, I work 7 days when I can because overtime isn’t all year round and that normally pays for us to go on holiday and help clear our debts. I don’t think it’s money as I’ve never had it to miss it. It all got too much for me the other morning when I got in the car for work at 5am and I just sat there and sobbed for a good 10 minutes. I don’t know why, all I knew is I needed to get it out. I want to be alone a lot of the time and I don’t want to speak to people. I’m sat in Tesco car park because I don’t want to drag my wife’s mood down by my sour face sat there, she doesn’t deserve that. A couple of weeks ago I had a massive shaking attack I thought I was just cold because I felt cold so I left it. The following night if happened again but not as severe and it’s happened again a few times since. I’ve been informed they’re panic attacks. Anyway, I phoned 111 on the way home from work and they said, the best they could, that it’s anxiety and depression and to get to a doctor. Been to the doctor and now I’m waiting for my referral for counselling. Life is weird ya know...I’ve spent 41 years being happy as a pig in shit, I’m so chilled all the time, nothing ever ruffles me, I don’t panic or get frustrated but suddenly, bam, I’m a shadow of myself. Not looking for sympathy, just needed to say it because I haven’t explained it all to my wife. She knows something is wrong but she doesn’t know what. All she knows is that it’s not her. With me working a lot atm I don’t want her burdened with my issues because she works, then she’s a homemaker all whilst looking after a highly demanding 6 year old so worrying about how I’m feeling is not something she needs in her plate. Hopefully speaking to someone will help because I don’t like feeling like this. I wanna go back to being a playful twat.
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    Testing this out for a review and got these 2 bonuses back to back, 944x and 433x both on £1 stake and under 50 spins for the pair of them!!!
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    Oh wow thanks @Rocknrolla just watched it back. Actually lost for words! Top man, top place.... much love ❤
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    90 Days Gamble Free. Journey continues, next target 120
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    2nd spin in the base game!!!
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    @FruitySlots I completely agree that a lot of affiliate sites, including those in the gambling industry, just list as many sites as possible to create as much revenue as they can. However, in my opinion, the game changes when you're a streamer. If I look at a generic faceless affiliate site, I usually don't believe a word it says. But sites linked to streamers aren't faceless. People watch you, talk to you, interact with you on a daily basis. That creates a relationship. And even though they know it's your business and you want to make money, they trust you. So your reviews, opinions and suggestions carry more weight to them. With that in mind, the business model of listing as many sites as possible becomes unsuitable and irresponsible. Especially when the information on your site is perceived to be your opinion but is written by somebody that hasn't got a clue what they're doing. Surely as a streamer, you must regularly speak to people with gambling issues? So don't you feel obligated to act responsibly? I run my own business, manage my own employees etc... and yes, I want to make money. But it has to be done in a responsible and ethical way. TGC and CG seem to have a better understanding of their responsibilities and only push casinos that they feel are worthy to be associated with them. NickSlots is quite open about how he dropped Highroller Casino because some of his viewers gave him negative feedback. Even though he didn't have any issues himself, he understood that his experience may be different because the casinos treat streamers better. Maybe you need to decide if you want to be mass affiliates or affiliated streamers. You may not understand the difference, but there is one.
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    Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words, messages and people who were asking after me. I really do appreciate it and I am trying to use all the positivity and kindness to help me through this difficult time. I had some very dark thoughts a few weeks ago after that loss and I am starting to come through the other side. I’ve had a bad run with this type of thing over the past year and this really done me in. looking forward to getting involved again properly and I think the vlogs might help me so I might start them and do once a week or something. cheers guys
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    Number Name Guess 1 Fredthedog1 175 2 Jokester 180 3 Freddy from the Hood 190 4 Player1173 235 5 Richie 240 6 Markymark 245 7 Dave 248 8 Brownman24 263 9 Jessr 269 10 Solario 277 11 justnathan 288 12 David1111 292 13 Kinkerbells 298 14 Welshman1968 300 15 Frosty 301 16 therealwintersoldier 311 17 Chair Slots 312 18 VillaLad 367 19 Blampy 377 20 Shades111 389 21 4houghts 444 22 Kev40 460 23 Douvan 475 24 MrUkHackz 500 25 Adamuk 511 26 philinvicta 524 27 crazyrightmeow 536 28 Sgt_Bilk0 567 29 groundiskey 701 30 Antonin 765
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    Finally I got the wild line, happy days.
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    OMG thats incredible. I never win anything. I have been on the worst downswing of my gambling life - this will make such a difference to me. What do I do next?
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    I can relate to this on so many levels at the moment now and I really am struggling right now but I suppose you posting this and being so candid might help me in the long run so thank you for sharing and I hope we can both get back to our former glory’s
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    Remember peeing myself on the waltzers, then being sick on the big wheel, crying all the way home cause I couldn't get a toffee apple luckily, the rest of the stag weekend went well.
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    hello lads i'm glad that i can announce i'm back on this forum - the last couple of months were very tough, as i had to fight through an awful illness i don't even wanna mention (you guys will know) - now i'm back, feeling healthy and well ready to have talks on this forum again hope you guys are good aswell? cheers!
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    Sandown 13.50 Heartwarming 14.25 Mr Top Hat NB 15.00 Jubiloso 15.35 Visinari Beverley 14.05 Dark Vision NAP 15.15 Ornate Chester 14.45 Stivers Good Luck Everyone!
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    Excellent story @Antonin, you might be young but your words show a maturity beyond your years. I am going to thank you personally because you my friend are the reason that I have been able to control my own gambling demons. Your absolutely spot on with the above post and I believe most if not all compulsive gamblers are trying to find an escape from their childhood experiences, for me as soon as that bookies door closed behind me I was in a fantasy land where I could escape my thoughts and when looking back now I didn’t want to open that door again and walk back into reality, @centipede will understand this about long periods stuck inside a bookies shop and the surreal feeling of walking out 8 hour later with your pockets empty. I came over to this forum from the enemy initially for the Cheltenham comp and have stayed, the reason being is for people like you and threads like this. They have and do help. Thank you Antonin and all on this forum it’s a great community
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    Please stop derailing this thread with other streamers. There's even another thread at the moment talking about casino streamers affiliates not gambling responsibly, unfair bonuses etc which would be more fitting. Anymore and again will just lock for now I would also say please be respectful of the forum, there's a fine line between a debate and just posting hate repeatedly which we don't want here, thanks
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