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    Hi All, Ive come to the conclusion that frequenting gambling forums is not the right thing for me to do at the moment. So after today I wont be coming on to any of them, here included. Over the past 6 weeks my betting has gotten way out of hand and i need to stop before i get in a hole. Ive now put in place lots of measures again that ive suggested to others, i have doctors appointment booked as i have definitely been using gambling to hide from problems i have at the moment. As most of you may relate to, this epiphany has come after doing my balls in today. The reason for not visiting sites is that it does trigger something im me, the urge to punt at times. Saturday as an example i popped on to see what was happening and ended up on the tipping thread, this made me decide i want to have a bet so did which then won and i had cash to gamble more with. That is not what i need right now and since my will power is clearly lacking then abstinence is the way forward. The same will apply to streamers, I'll clear my you tube history and avoid them, purely to avoid temptation. Im not looking for a pity party or any sympathy. Im making the announcement for myself, it will force me not to come on because ive pointedly said i wont. Hopefully when im back in control i may be able to return but to be honest i hope i never take a step backwards now. Id like to say thank you to all of you for making the site what it is. This is an amazing community, well done Rolla, Hackz and all of you that make it so, its by far the best site out there. Ive really enjoyed being on here despite my minimal contributions. @Miller26 cheers for all the interaction buddy. I wish you all the best on the journey you've started. Lastly and aptly, 100%, fuck the fobts. Take care all.
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    What has happened has happened. I can't change the past but I can reshape the present, and go on to have better life Everybody makes mistakes. I'm not alone. I have to show I have the strenght to put aside my ego and achnowledge the mistakes I made I live my life and never allow anyone to disturb my positive flow. I speak with my family and share my life goals A well as working on my own recovery. I have the golden apportunity to educate people about the dark side of this addiction. I won't find it difficult to share my thoughts and feelings because I have personnally gone throught this, I have experienced the hard way Some days I will be down. I will experience times when I feel weak, my resolve might waiver and feel tempted to go back to my addictive habits. I'm aware that it won't only be rough times when I will get those old urge This can happen because it is only human to relate substance abuse with good times. I've to remember, it takes time to overcome my mood swings However, I feel great. Inspiring others makes me confident from within. When I realize I have the potential to help others recover their lives Also, being in good shape and maintening a healthy diet is very important for me. These things take on slightly more significanse. Gambling abuse can have health effect after the last instance of cosumption. This is why coming through this addiction requires that I take care of myself All of that requires investment in just the right balance. Life after gambling can be a series of challenge and accomplishment, each leading to happiness and fulfillment. Peace!
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    What an eventful 2019 we have had. Ups and downs. Lows and highs, but we keep going and get stronger. Just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, new and old, for keeping this great community going. You are all stars in my eyes. Heres too a wonderful 2020.
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    1.50 Sand - Darebin 2.05 Winc - Song of the Sky 2.25 Sand - Hang in There 2.40 Winc - Vodka all the Way ew 3.00 Sand - Smooth Stepper 3.15 Winc - Pingshou NB 3.35 Sand - Blu Cavalier NAP Good luck everyone and welcome to all the new entrants and bring it OGs @Miller26 and @VillaLad @1pstaker you got the scoring today?
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    Discipline starts with a sharp dose of reality . For me it was thirty years ago ...and a week of eating Jacobs cream crackers for lunch and dinner every day. I learnt the hard way .... and earlier that day I had won 1100 in one shoe of blackjack at Cromwells mint casino .....I went on to lose 3k cash in two hours ..... all because of emotion . It wasn't the gambling it was the whole lifestyle . Life without purpose is no life at all. Put people in your life and keep them there . Make positive days out of desperation and treat money with respect. Then you will learn to find a new hope and new journey .... Life can be very hard , but you are the author of your own script , no-one else will write it . So change the stance and learn to love yourself for the right reasons .... for all of us fail ,and fall down , but we find the strength to give and keep giving to those we love ...and that is what you must now do . Learn to accept what you are and make it better , make it more honest , more reliable, less self indulgent, less thoughtless and less angry .....then you cannot lose for you will win back your own heart and become one again. I am a master of wisdom ......and I have paid a very hard price .... so please listen and save your future for someone who deserves it --- YOU
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    SANDOWN13:50 - johnbb14:25 - Son of Camas nap15:00- Burtons well15:35 - Smarty Wild nbWINCANTON14:05 - Sanitemilion 14:40 - silver kayr e/w15:15 - As De Mee good luck all. Xx
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Johnbb 14:25 - Hang in There 15:00 - Burtons Well 15:35 - Totterdown (nap) WINCANTON 14:05 - Saintemilion (nb) 14:40 - Rootless Tree 15:15 - Gala Ball
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    I Sir Gnome will also pick. I've read that one of your own feels these are certain winners. He also swears by his selections! Locker room talk 1.50 Son of camas 2.25 Kings odyssey 3.00 Gunnery 3.35 Molineaux 2.05 nap Sir Ivan 2.40 As De mee 3.15
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    If its not too late for me to join as I've just noticed this thread. Sandown 1.50 darebin 2.25 fiddler on the roof 3.00 Regal flow 3.35 rucana Wincanton 2.05 ar mest NAP 2.40 nifty at fifty 3.15 valdez NB
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Delire D’estruval 14:25 - Hang In There 15:00 - Caroles Destrier - EW 15:35 - Blu Cavalier - EW WINCANTON 14:05 - Molineaux 14:40 - Nifty at Fifty - NB 15:15 - As De Mee - NAP
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Delire D'Estruval 14:25 - Silver Hallmark (Nb) 15:00- Theatre Guide 15:35 -Blue Cavalier WINCANTON 14:05 - Song Of The Sky 14:40 - Nifty At Fifty (NAP) 15:15 - Le Rocher
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    13:50 Sandown - Darebin 14:25 Sandown - Son of Canas 15:00 Sandown - Vieux Lion Rouge 15:35 Sandown - Totterdown NAP 14:05 Wincanton - Admirals Secret 14:40 Wincanton - Nifty at Fifty 15:15 Wincanton - As De Mee NB
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    13:50 Sandown - Johnbb 14:25 Sandown - Fiddlerontheroof 15:00 Sandown - Theatre Guide (NAP) 15:35 Sandown - Gunnery 14:05 Wincanton - Saintemilion 14:40 Wincanton - Maypole Class 15:15 Wincanton - Valdez (NB)
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Johnbb nb 14:25 - Fiddlerontheroof 15:00 - Shanroe Santos - EW 15:35 - Eldorado Allen WINCANTON 14:05 - Molineaux Nap 14:40 - Maypole Class 15:15 - Pingshou
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Darebin 14:25 - Fiddlerontheroof NB 15:00 - Caroles Destrier E/W 15:35 - Smarty Wild WINCANTON 14:05 - Molineaux 14:40 - Maypole Class 15:15 - As De Mee NAP Best of luck TGC!
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - Locker Room Talk 14:25 - Son of Camas 15:00- Kings Odyssey 15:35 - Smarty Wild WINCANTON 14:05 - Sanitemilion NB 14:40 - Flying Tiger NAP 15:15 - As De Mee Best of luck TGC massive!
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    This is about as good as picture your gonna get lol. Happy New you sexy bastards. Thank fuck 2019 is nearly over. Love you all so very much. Xxx
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    It cought me by surprise since I didnt know that random feature existanother cashout today I guess
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    Locker room talk 1.50 Son of camas 2.25 Kings odyssey 3.00 Gunnery 3.35 Molineaux 2.05 nap Sir Ivan 2.40 As De mee 3.15 Me and solariio have backed the same bloody horses. Sorry mate
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    SANDOWN 13:50 - johnBB 14:25 - Son of Camas 15:00- Kings Odyssey 15:35 -Gunnery WINCANTON 14:05 - molineux NB 14:40 - rootless tree 15:15 - As De Mee NAP GOOD LUCK ALL TGC
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    SANDOWN 13:50 Darebin 14:25 Calva D'auge 15:00 King's Odyssey _nap_ 15:35 Eldorado Allen -nb- WINCANTON 14:05 Admiral's Secret 14:40 Horse Force One 15:15 Le Rocher Gla we need it this year
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    Just a little message to say thank you for all the support. You are all the most fantastic people and i hope you have an amazing 2020.
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    Finally it payed something, second best symbol 5 of them.