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    Rumour has it auld @ryans_slots used to do security at the pick and mix counter.
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    I’m going to send the both of them to fucking Curaçao and see if I can trade them for coconuts.
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    Whatever argument you have on this subject you can guarantee operators will find a loophole or getaround whether it be moral or not
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    Not just for gambling mate - forex trading is the same. I trade with a company that offers 1:500 leverage - virtually impossible to get in the UK. I was with an Australian broker; government cracked down on it in Aus a few years ago. Company just moved the service to the seychelles - all they sent out was a generic email saying if you want to keep a 1:500 leverage, click this button. Seamless transition. It will happen with curaco licenses eventually, will just move somewhere else. I am sure that streamers will happily move; rolla will probably end up streaming in a tent in the middle of a desert somewhere whilst other streamers just use a VPN lol.
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    And pays this withdrawn £300. Bonanza and Christmas Bonanza has been outrageous for me recently..nearly 800x
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    Don't you start or I will go on a tirade about how we cover all your prescrption charges hahahahahaha
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    Martin Lewis over here.
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    I would urge @1pstaker to take a leave of absence for a while and consider the great contribution he has made to this site and its competitions . it would be a sad day to lose such a principled individual in such a difficult period of time for us all . I will always regard Dan as a good and true fellow and lament this decision , although I do understand it . @Rocknrolla was clearly forced out of streaming through UK sites and has made this decision on commercial grounds which is understandable . However much we dislike the circumstances and the crypto environment , it is at the moment the only choice where gambling is , though unregulated , offering a decent value for the bets we make . Of course there are unscrupulous sharks out there , but none worse than 888, William hill or any UK licensed operation that peddle FOBTs in the high street at 80% RTP . I will stick to poker ....... for a while . and I wish both @1pstaker and @Rocknrolla good luck going forward .......
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    Hi there boys and girls, the forum seems to be a bit of a ghost town these days but I imagine most of you still drop in every now and again for an update. I’d like to address a subject that we’ve tried to avoid talking about for years on TGC and that is crypto gambling. This is my take on it as a working man with limited money to piss away, not someone who releases daily videos of starting with five figure balances. Crypto casinos sell dreams to people, they offer the opportunity to win money like you’ve never seen before, slots with multipliers reaching tens of thousands, much much more potential than the old days of playing fruit warp or reactoonz. All you have to do is deposit money and click on the bonus buy button and you’re dreams could come true… it’s as easy as that.. or is it! Before you even consider playing at a crypto casino you need to have deep pockets as there are fees you have to pay when buying crypto to deposit at the casino, you can forget it if your bankroll is any less than £/€ 100. After depositing you can now look through the vast range of games which are usually reskinned on a weekly basis. Choices, choices.. let’s give this dead canary slot a try. You start off spinning at 20c and quickly die of boredom as the bonus is never landing. Before you know it you’ve bought the standard bonus at €13.60, 5 bonus buys later and you’ve redeposited, now your considering buying the golden canary bonus at €100, maybe I can win my money back . Next thing you know you have deposited Hundreds of pounds and have only played the first slot.. you get the picture. Don’t be fooled by all this “deposited 50 and won 5k” bullshit, they will NEVER tell you how many bonus buys they have made and will never discuss losses. Slot designers these days are encouraged by their employers to create fast playing games centred on bonus buys, long gone are the days where you had games such as jumanji or steamtower which were enjoyable to watch. Most slots nowadays revolve around this grid system where you have 3 spins to fill it, boring slots such as the money train series, chaos crew and many, many others. I’ve bought the minimum bonus buy on Chaos crew, it cost me £25.80 and lasted under half a minute. Programmers have also been irresponsible by realising that not everyone can afford to buy the top bonus but don’t worry about that.. just buy the basic bonus and gamble it. Take big bamboo as an example, play that game for more than five minutes and you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t accept anything less than gold spins, this for the most of us leads to purchasing the bonus and gambling till once again you’re in bust town. Sorry for the rant folks but the reality of crypto casinos needs to be highlighted. If your wealthy enough to sit in the boozer all day and play slots in the evening then I wish you well but to the normal person it can be lethal. @Rocknrolla has just started to stream crypto and even a seasoned gambler like him is already talking about taking a break, that’s reality.
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    So this just happened.... gobsmacked isn't the word. Its been a long time coming though.
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    I should imagine there are dozens of Banana Republics who will license these fuckers to operate, money talks.
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    WH Smith is one of the very few shops in my town who have survived the rest of time. I think the older generation seem to stick to a shop they know and trust. Some folk still like to pick up a book and decide wether to buy it instead of doing it online, Morrisons also is a shop the poor pensioners stick by whilst the working class fight with each other in the aisles of LIDL. I went on Temu and filled a suitcase full of shorts and T-shirts before I went on my holiday, no complaints. Im hardly a chisel jawed style icon so I don’t give a fuck if it has a name on it or not.
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    @Rocknrollai was looking at your about section on YouTube and noticed your tag is Rocknrollax. You should of made it Paul3lp for the nostalgia, is it possible to change it?
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    send me or @MrUKHackz a message please so we can have a look into it for you
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    Hmmmm maybe NostrADAMus can help
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    What exactly did adam get for his money he sent you?
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    They emptied Rosh stake accounts to facebook poker account. I dont think Eddie would ruin the operation they have going on with some shady stuff. They make too much money at this point + kick is growing so fast and they would ruin that as well. But I guess you never know what kind of stuff people are doing behind the scenes. People ruin much better operations for stupid shit.
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    Nice tickle DFN and cool return for the outlay!
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    Had a couple of decent returns from todays racing, everything that got placed lost by a nose as well, including the 50/1 shot.
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    Craig is a good lad, he likes to have a rant now and again but it’s all banter I wouldn’t take what he says seriously. Craig doesn’t stream often but when he does they are comedy gold.
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    Here is my view of all this, gambling has changed for the UK punter due to the restrictions placed by the UKGC and along with that the fact that most games are being built purely towards bonus buys and super bonus buys particularly to get the big wins. The odds of landing a natural super bonus is so slow that UK players are immediately on the back foot. This all forces them to go down the crypto route. I dont like crypto casinos, I hate the lack of regulation, the wild west landscape, the ability to bonus buy etc. I have always said bonus buys should be banned, they are not affordable or sustainable and if you don't have discipline will be the ruin of many gamblers. This leads to the situation we are in now where it is all just a mess. On to the streaming aspect, I think people should be able to stream where they want so they can gamble how they want (a la Rolla). But then it gets murkier depending on how they want to align and promote these casinos and push for sign ups (a la Bandit aka mercenary gimp). Some people might disagree but I think streamers have a duty of care with what they promote and how they promote it. For instance I think bandit is a bottom feeding parasite who disappeared for a year or two and then reappeared when there was a new income opportunity and is shamelessly whoring crypto to get that affiliation revenue. Every video he prompts viewers to his website where they can learn how to do VPNs etc, I despise it. A lot of streamers have jumped on the crypto band wagon because every single gambler will be a potential new sign up whereas previously it the UK market was pretty much saturated and all signed up. It really is only about the money. In regards to Rolla, I'm disappointed as you always held certain views and seem to have gone against them. I know you say its so you can gamble how you want to etc and I do appreciate you getting a fixed fee for just making content but I'm dubious as to whether you will end up going down the sign up route soon, you've taken the first step. Jury is out. I haven't seen a You Tube stream in forever but I will give you the videos you're putting out do align mostly with your style of gambling, even with bonus buys you're super degen. So that's why i think people are streaming/promoting crypto. My big gripe though is then responsible gambling. I think it is somewhat hypocritical for any website promoting crypto casinos in their current unregulated for to also advertise responsible gambling, at present crypto casinos are about the least responsible thing on the market, you can't have it both ways. If you're promoting crypto casinos, gamstop is basically null and void. Even a disclaimer page on a website highlighting the dangers of crypto casinos, stating they are unregulated etc would at least be something but I doubt many would since it may lead to less sign ups. So gambling is fucked in the UK and streamers are mostly mercenary. The last thing I'd say is that with the saturation of crypto casinos and bonus buys, most gambling videos are extremely boring and repetitive now. Just half an hour or an hour of bonus buy after bonus buy, then a new video the next day or two repeating it again. I used to enjoy watching Rollas live streams for the highs and lots, the comebacks or blow ups on roulette or blackjack, the random £50 bonuses or the highstakes bonus hunts, when 1000x was a big win and a double ronza. This applies to many streamers now, there is no journey to the videos. I never expected I would but I actually watch fruity slots now as they seem to play pretty similar to how Rolla used to (without the tables) with the addition of the odd bonus buy. Overall its a pretty shite landscape. Gambling is fucked, punters aren't protected and are being exposed to risks by mercenary streamers, 90% of streams and videos are boring and bandit is still getting sucked off by his followers for every shit video he puts out. Oh a bandit video, Sundays don't get better than this, fucking gimps. Things will get worse, the UKGC won't realise it because its not going through UKGC casinos and eventually the government or someone will finally do something when everyone is broke from bonus buys and crypto casinos, then and just then they might get regulated.
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    Had a nice result today. Small beans ew bet on the extra place races I like doing
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    He will soon become a millionaire from gambling. From rags to riches one pragmatic at the time.
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    lovely day in Godstone Surrey --- diet going well !!
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