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    Happy 2019 to everyone on The Gambling Community, I hope that you, your families and loved ones, all have a stellar year Big shout out, to some of the regulars and also to some of those that have made TGC a great place to be a part of, so wave goodbye to 2018 and say hello to a big bacon, pork filled, ham stuffed 2019, the "Year of the Pig" profit for us all!! @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz @Jakefraser94 @RichieFC @Crunchienut @centipede @Blampy @1pstaker @o0ORyaanO0o @Jessr @Kinkerbells @Echovoice @h0tsh0t87 @Rachyleww @Solario333 @therealwintersoldier @Nicola @4houghts @Snapdragon @Miller26 @Freddy from the hood @Denman @Brownman24 @howfin @david1111 @CherryPi @MikeysSlots @ShawSlots @jessethome @themagics92 @TheBandit @Markymark @Lighty45 @crazyrightmeow @Hackney @Marky147 @thewweEDGEHAD @phattykyle @Sirbetsalot @Player1173 @Chair Slots @Jok3st3r @Mad Slasher McGurk @Taruli @Rubyslippers @pillzandskillz @PieGamble @Roger_aka_Roger @PATTY1974 @VillaLad @Bangers + anyone who I may have forgotten! * even though I have mentioned @Rocknrolla in this piggy post, to make it fair and meat free, he has his own vegan year coming up soon.. 2067 "Year of the Radish"
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    Can't say thankyou enough, was shocked when I learnt a bit more about the glasses FUDGING LOVE EM!!!!
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    First Christmas for TGC. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Love this forum.
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    As 1018 draws to a close id like to thank you all on here for making me part of the community. my personal highlights were in no particular order: the Cheltenham competition pauls Irish classic poker win England’s run to the semis £2 stake reduction gamstop 4thoughts tipping the national winner id also like to thank paul for starting this community and hackz for keeping it together. also some people who I’ve had the most banter with crunchienut, centipede, hackz , David, blampy, poker , denman , hotshots, howfin , markymark , sirbetsalot, Lucy , spursman, 1pstaker, Richie, kinks , 4thoughts, bangers , solario, jessr,villalalad , madslasher and Paul . Sorry if I’ve missed anyone off . Special mention to markymark for attempting to explain to me how to tag people on twitch and for Lucy in showing me how to do the above . I wish you all a winning new year
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    Christmas is upon us once again, happy for some, not so much for others. Im somewhere in between. Just wanted to wish all TGC members a happy Christmas and hopefully profitable new year. I dont want to sound to sentimental, but this community has been great for me over the past year. The opportunity to chat, moan, laugh and generally have someone to interact with has been brilliant for me. Not something i get the chance to do outside TGC. As gamblers we stick together as we understand each other which non gamblers do not. I'll leave it there All the best to all
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    I would like to take the opportunity to wish all members of the Gambling Community a wonderful and Prosperous Christmas, and a Brilliant New Year. The forum has united together a diverse and intelligent group of people from all walks of Life , who commonly share the love of Gambling , and of risk , and all have experience of Loss: so all in all this band of Brothers and Sisters share a unique perspective which may develop and grow in 2019. I for one have enjoyed all the banter,and posts, and look forward to plenty of good humour in the Future... Salut, Bottoms up, chin chin , and may all your Christmas Dreams come true...... and of course, Jessr, there is a Father Christmas....
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    Happy New Year to all at TGC, its been a great 2018 and will be forever known as the year this place was born, let's all have a cracking 2019 and thanks to all of you for making TGC what it is
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    My biggest win ever on a slot in terms of money won and multiplier! Please give me a like and a follow if you like what you see! 4159x Jammin Jars crazy win!
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    2.25 Ascot - JLT Hurdle West Approach back over hurdles at 33-1 is huge, well worth a small punt each way gunna be hard at the weights and tends to cruise in his races and not find much at the end when it matters but that has been fences most recently over hurdles he is: Runs: 13 Wins: 1 2nd: 2 3rd: 3 nearly 50% strike rate its also non runner money back so if it doesn't run you don't loose your money good luck if backing.
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    Sorry I’m quite new here, I read a lot but don’t post much. For years I’ve gambled a big % of my wages every month (ALWAYS BLACKJACK) and I decided to take a trip to the casino yesterday. the start of the evening was awesome, I took 250 and at one point I was up to 1400ish, 2 hours later it was gone followed by my last 300 from my current account and the last 650 on my credit cards. i felt so ill driving home and so emotional and I’ve said as much as I love blackjack, now is the time to give up for good and start to save my money. from yesterday and forever I will never go to a casino, play online slots, blackjack or roulette and never play a FOBT. I’ve washed my hands with this for good and I’m going to enjoy my money the way I want to. No more saying “I can’t afford that” then losing 2x as much online. It’s over. il try keep this updated for everyone to see how I get on. Wish me luck
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    Hey guys i just hit my craziest win ever on 20p on genie Jackpots megaways im in shock i dont get to gamble much as im unemployed and look after my ill dad but i deposited £8.88 on william hills last nigh and after winning upto £200 i decided to buy the bonus and this happened
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    just popped in to say happy new year. I'm currently sat in a working man's club freezing my nips off. Starting the shots now so should warm up. Feel free to post your new year Eve selfie's. Happy New year I hope you're all surrounded by love, happiness and good luck .xxx
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    I have made the decision tonight to close the 3 sites I use for my slotting. I have not done it due to major losses or debt, I think I control my gambling quite well. I have done it simply becasue I am not getting the enjoyment out of it I once did. My gambling will now be limited to the betting shop at weekends if I am off work, or if the wife will put the bets on for me, and my occasional visits to Sandown races or Crayford dogs. Im sure I will miss the slots for the first few weeks it isnt there as slotting is my 'escape' of an evening for a couple of hours but Im sure i will find something else to put my time to evenually
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    Few nice hits from this rollercoaster session. Made a 30€ deposit and made a cashout at the end for 450€. Merry christmas everyone.
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    not epic but hey its money
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    Last 12 spins where a flop, but hey I’m not complaining! It even retriggered when maxed out
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    This just rolled in the base game, this is the screen you want with 50x multiplier for a 10,000x max win, forgot I was on auto play so only got a rubbish screen shot but if you squint you can see, it paid 400x
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    Not had much time lately to read or comment, So just want to wish you all a fab Xmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. All the best TRW.
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    Are you looking for a horse racing tipster?
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    Ascot 13:50 Magic Saint 14:25 Call Me Lord (NAP) 15:00 Favorito Buck's 15:35 Fiesole Haydock 14:05 Ballymoy (NB) 14:40 Whoshotwho Good Luck Everyone!
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    20p spins £10 feature and wow it hit big!! I recorded it as well
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    Hello there fellow forum users, Having been here a couple of weeks i thought it was time i introduced myself to you all. I am Lighty45 also known as Warren, i am 47 from Royal Tunbridge Wells although originally hail from West Sussex, with stops in both Manchester and Wales. I am a small stakes gambler 20/40p spins on the slots and £5 4/5folds on the football, on the rare times i dabble in the horse racing its usually £2.50 e/way trebles for me as this was a fav bet of my late father. I am an ex groundworker among many other jobs although for the past 7/8 years i have been signed of sick due to mental health reasons, suffering from PTSD, EUPD, Anxiety and Severe depression, in its worse cases i self harm and have been known on 2 occasions to overdose. Touch wood all that has been ok for the last 18 months. I am single, live alone and have one gorgeous 22yr old daughter. No pets. Love watching all sports, the biggest being football and a massive fan of Spurs, though not been to a game for a long long time, mainly due to costs as being registered disabled does not pay that well. Use to play poker a fair bit but only to pub level. Well thats it for me and hello. look forward to interacting with you all.
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    No wagering just a £20 deposit, £1 spins 3 spins in....
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    "Thank you for choosing to fly with RollaAir today, your hostess with the moistness is Paul" #sorted