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    Couldn't sleep thought DoA2 would help, it didn't because this happened.... brilliant hit but gutting too as I had 14 spin chances to hit the bottom middle for a wildline.... didn't happen. Oh and this is the first time I have played this since my holy shitballs thread!!! This game
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    Was bored shitless so played this and deposited £50. I don’t gamble often, once every 6 months or so. I will take this win and treat friends on our night out
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    Enjoy and a massive Thanks to @MrUKHackz for allowing me to use his Channel
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    I would like to welcome you all to the NON GAMBLERS LOUNGE , where all are able to freely discuss any topic, gabling or non gambling related without having to read through the other threads. You may use the lounge to keep in touch with members who no longer Gamble .....and @david1111 has consented to regulate the chatter and generally oversee the daily content so that people are happy and made welcome . Any members of the site are free to contribute , but of course we expect non Gamblers to have a good presence here !!
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    I never play games really as im more of a football and horses person. But I decided I'll give it a go and got this nice little bonus. I went for mystery choice...... I got 5 free spins and 1x but got 5 extra free spins in the bonus and it actually paid not bad.
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    For the first time in about four years, I'll have some money set aside to spend on family at Christmas time I've been selfish for so many years. Everytime for the same reason due to my addiction This time will be different and grateful for that Much love!
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    Think this is the best place for this post, so have decided to take a break until 30th November. Haven't done my bollocks in, but just feel like I need to regain my focus with other things. Been betting on everything going recently and it's doing my head in. Lost a bit this weekend. Feel like I've cheated as have a couple of ante post bets on the snooker though. Hopefully can last till 30th November.
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    Wincanton 13:50 - Aimee De Sivola 14:25 - If You Say Run 15:00 - Christopher Wood NB 15:35 - Give Me A Copper Aintree 13:30 - Solar Impulse 14:05 - The Russian Doyen NAP 14:40 - Diomede Des Mottes
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    Wincanton 13:50 - Litterale Ci (E/W) 14:25 - Reserve Tank 15:00 - Fusil Raffles 15:35 - Present Man (NB) Aintree 13:30 - The Last Day 14:05 - Cepage (NAP) 14:40 - Rosy World Good luck
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    Wincanton 13:50 - Danse Idol 14:25 - Solomon Grey 15:00 - Fusil Raffles 15:35 - White Moon Aintree 13:30 - The last day 14:05 - Cepage NAP 14:40 - Skandiburg
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    Saturday 9th November 2019 Wincanton 13:50 - Kalahari Queen (E/W) 14:25 - Reserve Tank 15:00 - Fusil Raffles 15:35 - The Young Master (NAP) Aintree 13:30 - The Last Day 14:05 - Duke Street (E/W) 14:40 - Vive Le Roi (NB)
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    Nov 9 - 13:50 Kalahari Queen 14:25 Reserve Tank 15:00 Fusil Raffles 15:35 Present Man --nb-- Aintree 13:30 Charmant 14:05 Cepage --NAP-- 14:40 Potters Corner Thanks Crunchie 1ps and jok3 gla
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    So we got this wee fella today, had some great suggestion for names like Bandit, Rolla, Japan, BK to name a few, but we settled on Baxter. Here he is....
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    Congratulations @Crunchienut the first to hit 10,000 reputation points. This cannot go unrecognised. Fully deserved with all the hard work you put in. You are the back bone of TGC. Maybe a complimentary wheel spin in order @MrUKHackz ?
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    Nov 9 - 13:50 Misty Bloom EW 14:25 If you say run NAP 15:00 Grand Sancy NB 15:35 Royal Vacation EW Aintree 13:30 Solar Impulse 14:05 The west's awake EW 14:40 Rosy World Good Luck All
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    Wincanton 13:50 - Danse Idol - NAP 14:25 - If You Say Run 15:00 - Grand Sancy 15:35 - Present Man - NB Aintree 13:30 - Charmant 14:05 - Duke Street 14:40 - Diomede Des Mottes I fancy a good day for Nichols and also Brian Hughes.
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    1:20 WETHERBY - Manwell 1:35 ASCOT - Cervaro Mix NAP 1:55 WETHERBY - Aweeminit NB 2:10 ASCOT- Diego Du Charmil 2:25 DOWN ROYAL - Delta Work 2:45 ASCOT- Denmead 3:05 WETHERBY - Ballyandy 3:20 ASCOT - Larry 3:40 WETHERBY - Definitly Red Best of luck fellow TGC'ers!
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    haha cheers @david1111 I would like to thank..... no,no seriously you and miller are the founding fathers of TGC and it is you pair who made the forum what it is. I just keep things ticking over with the help of lots of others whether it be 1p, Jokey, Adam, TRWS, Richie and solario doing comps and then the tens of guys who contribute to make em work and make the forum work. I look at all the other gambling/slot related forums and they just seem to be vehicles for further advertising to get subs or posts of big wins. Yeah, we got that and so much more with some laughs on top. I don't know if many will read this but Im sure the powers that be are always looking for ideas to keep the forum live...... anyway I have one idea to start. @MrUKHackz may need to give him help.... but as Paul isn't streaming and still gambling, people wonder wtf is he up to,. Do you think @Rocknrolla could write a little diary of his off stream gambling. Just a few lines every few days? what he is up to, even a vegan a recipe or two.... whatever floats his boat. No vlogs that take up time, just a few lines of text will do. Similar to the way @Antonin and @david1111 have been sharing their non gambling experiences. It is your guys forum after all. Laterz guys, lunchtime over........ and David you'll be at 10000 next month. GTFIT
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    150 days (5 months) gamble free
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    120 oak vintage 135 darling maltaix 155 indefatigable 210 Diego du. Charmil 225 clan des obeaux 245 red force one 305 the world's end 320 go conquer nap 340 la vague au roi nb
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    1.20 - Just don't ask 1.35 - Pingshou NAP 1.55 - Aweeminit ew 2.10 - Cap St Vincent 2.25 - Alpha Des Obeaux ew 2.45 - Song for Someone ew 3.05 - BallyAndy 3.20 - Mister Malarkey 3.40 - Top Ville Ben Good luck all....
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    TV Horse Races ITV Saturday 2nd November,2019. 1:20 West To The Bridge-- NAP-- 1:35 On The Slopes 1:55 Vision Du Puy 2:10 Cap St Vincent 2:25 Snow Falcon 2:45 Lisp 3:05 The Worlds End 3:20 Relentless Dreamer 3:40 Definitly Red Thanks 1p and all other gla
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    I've made a short video on addiction, I might delete it as I feel it needs more content and discussion. Please feel free to watch it.
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    Sat 19 - Ascot 13.35 Khadeem 14.10 Stradivarius 14.45 Sun Maiden 15.20 Happy Power NAP 16.00 Regal Royalty NB 16.40 Biometric Best of luck fellow TGC'ers!