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    Today we hit 100k posts!!! Thankyou to everyone for posting, reading, contributing in anyway, I've really enjoyed reading all of them and getting to know you all a bit more! Much Love!!
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    I almost had a full screen of sticky wilds after 3 of 8 free spins It might not be 1000x but it's the biggest payout I've ever had. I just wish it was a £2 stake I was playing until about 10 spins before!
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    got the actual numbers and done a pie chart mate
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    well as you can all probably tell ive not been around much in the past few months , this is down to a new job and mainly falling out of love with all the streams and forums etc, and now its time i hang my gloves up and say goodbye to it all . ill always have a place in my heart for paul and for what he has done for me in the past and ill be forever gratefull , majority of people on this forum dont realise how lucky they are with becoming close to paul , theres a difference with him and the other streamers and channels , he dosnt see you as a number he sees you as a friend , remember that . peace and love TGC take care of yourselfs!
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    Finally got the elusive full screen harps paid 5568x but it was with freespins lol, Need a lil luck with the 40k wager.
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    Hello guys and dolls - I haven’t been in the community much, been trying to avoid gambling related stuff then rolling back in to it and losing so much etc. So for the past few months I’ve been practicing with my art again (won’t bore you with the deets) but my usual Fridays are full of me spinning money away but not this Friday- this is what I did instead. It’s by no means perfect but I saved myself £500+ So win win.
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    Ok I dunno whether any of you lot would be Interested or not but I'd like to share with you all my new project. Some of you are aware I'm poorly so I'm trying to as much as I can while I can. My garden is my escapism I look after it and take massive pride in it. I am creating a fairy garden for the girls (and me) and I am on day 2 of it's journey. I will upload pictures as I do certain things. At the moment it's just a bit of area full of mud. I've had my shed moved and this is the space I'm left with.its gonna be hard work but once I have my mind set on something I won't be stopped. So the next step from here is either putting a ground sheet down and putting bark on it or laying fake grass like Astro turf grass. If anyone is in the trade and can get this cheap please message me . I hope you enjoy the journey. Thank you for reading. Xx
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    21Casino as a gesture for reaching the 100,000 posts landmark have kindly offered 50 cash spins on Dead or Alive 2 to our forum members. Anyone who wants to participate just post your 21 username and you'll be credited with 50 cash spins on Dead or Alive 2. To qualify you need a funded account (no need to deposit for this, just needs to have been funded at some stage) and age verified account on 21 casino. Value of the spins will be £0.09 or currency equivalent, no max cash out cap, winnings into cash balance with no restrictions, offer expires 10:00 GMT 13/05/2019. Spins will be credited shortly after, one set of 50 cash spins per player. Also if anyone wants to post their total wins from the 50 cash spins highest win gets £200 (or currency equivalent) and the lowest also £200!!
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    just thought I’d share with you my hit, always play BOD 5 lines, on 50p/£1 stakes, had a re trigger and won roughly £50...last spin...this rolls in for over 1k! Just thought I’d share with you all, can’t believe My eyes! 
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    FINAL RESULTS FOR THE TGC SPORTING DECATHLON @1pstaker, @david1111, @Solario333, @o0ORyaanO0o, @Lighty45, @MrUKHackz, @Rubyslippers, @Roger_aka_Roger, @Blampy, @Brownman24, @Markymark, @h0tsh0t87, @Dalebrawn, @Kinkerbells, @TheKP, @McSplooger, @Kev40, @4houghts, @Luke_B_123, @philinvicta, @therealwintersoldier, @adamuk, @DIJACKFROST, @Hacko 1, @RichieFC, @lucy_tgc, @Trashj077, @Denman and @Mad Slasher McGurk I think in the end only a couple of people failed to complete the full 10 events.Congrats everyone. I assume you guys thought it different, if nothing else, to the mainstay footy or horse racing comps, I know who Kipchoge is now if nothing else. Jokester is going to put up the full tables when she gets home tonight, but I'm going to announce the podium finishers and all those that 'Beat the Rolla'. The competition was mega tight at the top throughout and only won on the last event after he had 2 of the semi-finalists and scored a massive 101 points, leaving the rest of us snooker loopy. So, without further ado..... First, and TGC Decathlon Gold medallist, representing England...... @Markymark 476 points @Crunchienut 431 points @Rubyslippers 422 points 4th @Mad Slasher McGurk with 414 points 5th @Rocknrolla 412 points CONGRATULATIONS Marky, you won a well deserved spin on the Giant Prize wheel, you done the NFL crowd amongst us proud. There was meant to be a 'Beat The Rolla' competition for all those, other than Marky to enter, sort of lucky losers contest, but it's smaller than I expected Big Boss man done well, and could have been even better! I'll have to come up with something tho I guess. Otherwise I may just run the promised 'mystery' comp as a normal one and open it up to everyone. We'll see. Cheers all for playing, and give a shoutout to @Jok3st3r for doing an immense job with the scoring. A woman that obviously loves her job as she's ready to go for the next one. So any ideas let me know. ADIOS AMIGOS
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    This is what I've done today. And I'm letting you all know I have no help. This is all me. I done my decking 3 years ago on my own. I won't let anyone help. My dad moved my shed as I'm not fucking Superman but I will do the rest all on my own.
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    ASCOT14:15 Sextant14:50 Barsanti15:25 Bella Ragazza16:00 SanaadhHAYDOCK PARK15:10 Le PatrioteLINGFIELD13:55 Frankellina (NAP) 14:30 Anthony Van Dyck15:40 Perfection (NB) 
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    Thought I’d post this win on here, got this on first day game was released (high volatility bonus). I believe so far this is the biggest posted yet? All this from 50 free spins at 9p stake on Calzone no deposit, which I won £3 ish from. Very little wagering required ended up cashing out £992 free money.
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    @Kinkerbells Looking good and great idea!! If I had known we could have put it on the wheel, @MrUKHackz will send you £50 across as TGC celebrate magic and sorry your bets didnt come in
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    So had a little win on roulette today and decided to cashout the majority and then kept putting footie bets on then running it back up on roulette and placing more bets (7 in total). Without really realising it they pretty much all need Barca to win (2-1 would be ideal), I don't really like doing so many bets with one result having a huge bearing on all of them but its on! I'd actually want Liverpool to win if I wasn't betting on Barca so I really have no idea for the backing except I think there is this vague memory of Barca owing me and have never come good so hopefully tonight is the night!! I've also covered a little on a draw
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    ASCOT 14:15 Setting Sail (NB) 14:50 Barsanti 15:25 Adorable 16:00 Kynren HAYDOCK PARK 15:10 Christopher Wood LINGFIELD 13:55 Cape Islay 14:30 Severence 15:40 Pretty Baby (NAP) Good Luck Everyone!
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    Good topic I was happy for a couple of minutes when i hit just under 1000x on fish party. Seriously though, your children are the best thing in life. Nothing comes close
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    days since I've had a bet... 7 Some days are harder than others, but found it relatively easy so far but only because I can be a right stubborn bastard when i want to be, and with what happened it put me in that 'fuck you' mindset towards gambling. It will get harder when that mindset wears off no doubt, but hopefully with a decent amount of time between the two I will have started losing some of the major urges to gamble. got as telephone appointment on monday evening with some company the gamcare website put me onto, that covers Cornwall
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    First time a Spin and Go pays of
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    Hi everyone I go by the username ballsdeep (thought it was a adequate name for gambling related terms) I here this is the place to be for for people who like to share their opinions on bets (95% will lose no doubt) Give advice where needed, and general chit chat. So fuck book face, twatter, snapcrack, instabollocks, this is the place to be for social media lol.
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    Thanks, nice to get a post like this as feel pretty poo this morning. Offstream if I lost in this manner last night I wake up this morning feeling positive from the profit over the last couple of days but losing like that with people watching heightens that loss feeling a 1000%!! Still it was my choice and I can't change the way I gamble too much especially as its done me ok recently. Still looking to do one more stream in the next few days as a backdated special for 50k subs
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    See you all in June guys and Gals, in advance well done to the winner of the Decathlon Competion and thanks for the stella effort of the dynamic duo of Crunchie and Joker.
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    This is my last night in Benidorm and I'm sitting here with a fucking twisted knee the size of Rollas head, I can hardly fucking stand. What sympathy do I get from the missus... fuck all that's what! I've been moaning about it for hours hoping I can lie back in bed and watch the high stakes session that may be happening. Instead she has me walking a fucking mile to watch a shaking Stevens tribute act of all things. I didn't even like the fucker back I the 80's. I know I'm a newbie here but any sympathy is welcome
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