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    Right, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and board the gamstop bus, something I’ve been debating for a while now, this decision coming fresh from being shafted on bonanza. Even if Colchester and Grimsby come back and win for £1200, I’ll be cutting ties with online gambling, something I’m excited to do! I’ve got things I need to save for and I’m aiming to do just that now. Ive had a brief look into it but I’d appreciate a few words and a push in the right direction from someone with a bit of knowledge
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    THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT 4PM (UK) ON FRIDAY THE 8TH OF MARCH So this will be the same structure as last time except I'm not giving away any cash game action as I'm not aiming to do much. Its a super six structure with the six games being - Celtic vs Aberdeen Manchester City vs Watford Sheffield United vs Rotherham Huddersfield vs Bournemouth Southampton vs Tottenham Wimbledon vs Doncaster 1pt for a correct result and 3pts for the correct score. 1st place gets 7.5%, 2nd & 3rd get 2.5% each of any cashouts I get during the main event and side events in Barcelona. If the likely event happens and I don't get any cashouts then you'll each win a prize wheel spin.
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    I'm going to be sticking a copy of all my Cheltenham bets in here so I can keep track myself, these are not tips there mearly my selections and as Iv historically never ever lost at this Festival, Im sure I'm due a losing year........ nah fudge that, I'm gonna win as always, Keeeeemon!!! First bets put on are all at Skybet taking advantage of there money back as cash up to £20 on the first race everyday.
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    If anyone notices any error with their selections then please message a moderator, these things do happen but hopefully everything is ok!
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    @david1111 Nice one my man! Boom! Really nice to see you win it, considering how much you contribute to the forum. Pleased for you mate @MrUKHackz Thanks for the voucher bro! Will spend it on sexy undies for the babysitter girlfriend
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    Day 1 Supreme Fakir D'Oudairies 10 win Arkle Glen Forsa 20 win Ultima Give Me A Copper 20 win Champion Hurdle Buveur Dair 10 Win Mares Benie Des Dieux 10 Win National Hunt Chase OK Corral 10 Win Close Bros A Plus Tard 20 Win Good Luck All
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    Supreme  - Angels breath 10pts win Arkle - Knocknanuss 10pts win Ultima - Mr Whitaker 10pts win Champion Hurdle - melon 10pts ew Mares - Lady buttons 10pts win National Hunt Chase - Red indian 10pts ew Close Bros - Whisper in the breeze 10pts ew
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    Race 1 - Klassical Dream 5 E/w Race 2 - Knocknanuss 5 E/w Race 3 - Crucial Role 5 E/w Race 4 - Laurina 20 E/w Race 5 - Stormy Ireland 5 E/w Race 6 - A Plus Tard 5 E/w Race 7 - Ballyward 5 E/w Good Luck Everyone!
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    Cheltenham Selections Race 1 . Supreme Novices -------Itchy Feet 5 e/w Race 2. The Ankle -------- Glen Forsa 10 WIN Race 3 Ultima -------- Nobel Endevour 5 e/w Race 4 Champion Hurdle -------- Apples Jade 30 WIN Race 5 Mares Hurdle ------- Benie die dieoux 20 WIN Race 6 Novices chase ------ Tower Bridge 5 e/w Race 7 NH Chase ----- Ballyward 10 WIN
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    Cheltenham Day #1 1330 Sky Bet Supreme Novices' Hurdle Felix Desjy 10 EW 1410 Racing Post Arkle Challenge Trophy Us And Them 10 EW 1450 Ultima Handicap Chase Lake View Lad 5 EW 1530 Unibet Champion Hurdle Challenge Trophy Silver Streak 5 EW 1610 OLBG Mares' Hurdle Roksana 10 EW 1650 Close Brothers Novices' Handicap Chase Movewiththetimes 5 EW 1730 National Hunt Challenge Cup Discorama 5 EW
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    Right, heres the latest prize wheel spin and the results are as follows......... @david1111, @McSplooger @Kinkerbells
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    Cheltenham Selections Tuesday 12 th Race 1 . Supreme Novices ------- Fakir D'Ouderies 10 pts win Race 2. The Ankle -------- Hardline 10 pts win Race 3 Ultima -------- Crucial Role 10pts EW Race 4 Champion Hurdle -------- Buveur D'air Nap 20pts NAP Race 5 Mares Hurdle ------- Benie des dieux 10pts Race 6 Novices chase ------ Riders On The Storm . 10pts EW Race 7 NH Chase ----- OK Coral . 10 pts
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    @1pstaker these are @Kinkerbells selections for Tuesday via telepathy Supreme  - ANGELS BREATH 10pts win Arkle - PALOMA BLUE 10pts win Ultima - SINGLEFARMPAYMENT 10pts EW Champion Hurdle - LAURINA 20pnts win Mares - ROKSANA 10pts EW National Hunt Chase - MOVEWITHTHETIMES 10pts win Close Bros - CHEF DES OBEAUX 10pts win GOOD LUCK SEXY MOFO'S xxxxx ( I Think that's how she would have put it?)
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    13.30 Angels Breath - 15 WIN 14.10 Hardline - 10 WIN 14.50 Magic Of Light 5 EW 15.30 Buveur D'Air - 35 WIN 16.10 Mias Storm - 5 EW 16.50 Quamino - 5 EW 17.30 Le Bruil - 5 EW Best of luck to everybody taking part
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    Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around but I'm ok and still around. As I have a lot of free time on my hands due to reasons out of my control I got very bored,and decided to play my own game and write all my horses down like in the Saturday comp. I actually brought a paper for the first time in my whole entire life and done my selections through that and write ups from different trainers and riders. I will be putting bets on but I have to find someone to put bets on for me but it's not a big problem. So here you are. I'm so sorry if you can't read it I done my best with what I had. Massive good luck to you all. My the horse be with you.....xx
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    TGC Comp Cheltenham Day 1 13:30 Supreme Novice's Hurdle - Mister Fisher 10 e/w 14:10 Arkle Challenge Trophy - Kalashnikov 10 win 14:50 Ultima Handicap Chase - Beware The Bear 5 e/w 15:30 Champion Hurdle - Laurina 10 win 16:10 Mare's Hurdle - Mia's Storm 10 e/w 16:50 National Hunt Challenge Cup - Roaring Bull 10 e/w 17:30 Close Brothers Novices' Chase - Le Breuil 10 win
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    Race 1 - Felix Desjy 5 E/w Race 2 - Us And Them 5 E/w Race 3 - Magic of Light 5 E/w Race 4 - Laurina 40 Win Race 5 - Mia's Storm 5 E/w Race 6 - Roaring Bull 5 E/w Race 7 - Le Breuil 5 E/w
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    Cheltenham Selections Tuesday 12 th..... Race 1 . Supreme Novices ------- Aramon 10 pst Race 2. The Ankle -------- Clondaw Castle 20pts Race 3 Ultima -------- Royal Vacation 10pts Race 4 Champion Hurdle -------- Sharjah 20pts Race 5 Mares Hurdle ------- Good Thyme Tara 10pts Race 6 Novices chase ------ Ben Dundee 10pts. Race 7 NH Chase ----- Discorama . 20 pts I think I have done that correctly ? 
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    I always hoped this day wouldn't come mate, when i read you were back gambling again i was a bit disappointed because i feared it would only be a matter of time before weakness took control from you and that journey only has one destination, the last stop, bust town. Many of us know bust town very well, many of us live here ''including me'' some of us are too far gone and fit for repair but you are not, you are a young guy and if you look back at yourself just now in the mirror and take a dam good look you can RIGHT this WRONG and fix things. PLEASE take this advice when i say STOP GAMBLING NOW! The choice really is in your very own hands, You can acknowledge now you have made another mistake but you are in a small hole that can be filled, keep gambling like some of us on TGC and that hole gets bigger and bigger. We are obviously here for you and this is the place for talking or getting advice, PLEASE man, get off the ride NOW, if you don't you will only look back as you age and have regrets. Keep the chin up ok, this situation can change, only you can decide when.
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    Day one 13.30 Grand Sandy 10ew 14.10 Paloma Blue 10ew 14.50 Give me a Copper 10win 15.30 Buveur D'air 10win 16.10 Jester Jet 10ew 16.50 Riders on the Storm 5ew 17.30 Ok Corral 10win Good luck everyone
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    Day 1 Supreme Summerville Boy 10pts ew Arkle Saint Calvados 10pts win Ultima Corgy 10pts ew Champion Hurdle Buveur D Air 20pts win Mares Apple Jade 10pts win National Hunt Chase Mossback 10pts win Close Bros Mister Whitaker 10pts win Good luck everyone.
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    Day 1 Supreme- Elixir du Nuts 10 points win Arkle- ornua 10 points win Ultima - Singlefarmpayment 10 points win Champion Hurdle- Brain power 10 points win Mares- good Tyne Tara 20 points Ew Brown advisory - Shady Operator 10 points win National Hunt - Impulsive Star 10 points win
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    Draw for the Cheltenham Festival 2019 Knockout Cup A Massive shoutout to @Rocknrolla who has confirmed, that, not only is there will be a spin on the prize wheel for the winner of this little side competition. As its the Big Racing comp of the Year Paul is kindly giving out spins for second and third in the main overall competition, with the Prize for the winner being a spin on the progressive wheel ie. £100 minimum. 1. @Jessr VS @Markymark 2. @jollyman77 VS @boom185 3. @MrUKHackz VS @howfin 4. @Nomad Red 7 VS @Kev40 5. @Bangers VS @therealwintersoldier VS @Marky147 6. @Blampy VS @Dave VS @4houghts 7. @philinvicta VS @TheBingoKingx 8. @Kinkerbells VS @Player1173 9. @Crunchienut VS @DIJACKFROST 10. @adamuk VS @Hacko 1 11. @Mad Slasher McGurk VS @Just Nathan 12. @Roger_aka_Roger VS @RichieFC VS @Solario333 13. @Jok3st3r VS @david1111 VS @spursman 14. @Frankie VS @VillaLad 15. @Poker VS @groundiskey 16. @Lighty45 VS @1pstaker The eagle eyed amongst you would have spotted 3 in some ties. They will be moved from their 3 balls if someone is a no show to act as a reserve. (28) Solario will be first to go in the lowest numbered available game, then Marky147, then Spursman, then 4houghts last (sorry). Only way I could get everyone into a fair draw. On Wednesday there is no re-draw, just as usual, winner of match 1 plays winner of match 2 etc. After Thursdays racing we should have 4 people left to battle it out against each other for the title. There are no extra picks, your scores from the main comp are used. As far as I know only @Kev40 and @Hacko 1 have been brave enough to join us from The Bandits BIAMo, but maybe a few more may join in the main comp, but can't win the prizes. Good Luck guys OK thats me done till Tuesday, please get your entries in as early as you can on the days so @1pstaker can crack on compiling what he needs to score. Please take time time to thank him for doing this task and Thank Rolla for his awesome generosity. Top Man. LADIES & GENTLEMEN............GAME ON !!!
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    Wow, thats amazing and right now a god send!